Adapalene wrinkles - rules for use, contraindications, and the opinion of cosmetologists

Adapalene is an active component in the composition of the medication of acne. But, it turns out that it can be used not only for its intended purpose. Cosmetologists assign adapalene patients with skin problems, noticed an unusual "side effect". The drug acts as exfoliation and helps to smooth wrinkles! That is, it can be used to solve the problems of the aging of the skin.

Adapalen from wrinkles

While experts warn that treat need drug with caution. Abuse of a powerful substance can cause serious irritation and other unpleasant consequences.

Description of the drug

Adapalene is in the form of preparations for external use of creams and gels. In addition to the main component of these products contain a number of excipients. They include:

  • propylene glycol;
  • sodium hydroxide;
  • karbomer;
  • disodium edetate;
  • methylparaben;
  • Phenoxyethanol;
  • poloxamer 188;
  • water.

Drugs on the basis of adapalene represent the essence of the white color, which is produced in the small tubes (30 or 15 g). The concentration of the active substance in gels and creams, and 0.1 %. There are medications and a higher content of the main component is 0.3%. But we have such gels are not for sale.

In pure form, adapalene look like a light powder. This synthetic substance is an analogue of retinoic acid and has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. After contact with skin, it quickly opens the pores and eliminates the infections.

Pharmacological action

Adapalene not only reduces the inflammation. Refers to a deeper level, modulating the two very important processes. We are talking about the keratinization and differentiation of cells. Keratinization is the deposition in the epidermis of keratin and fat. And these substances are known to be essential for maintaining the elasticity and firmness of the tissues.

The correct differentiation of cells - a necessary condition for a successful regeneration of the skin. Local use adapalene useful for this process and prevents the formation of micro-comedones.

As we have said, adapalene is an analogue of vitamin A, But the mechanism of action has its own characteristics. Substance works with the retinoic acid receptor, does not interact with its binding proteins. Due to this selective connection, adapalene prevents the adhesion of the keratinocytes with follicles and skin faster updated. But, the irritation in this case, as a rule, does not arise.

Vitamin A

It is important to know! Adapalene temporarily reduces the protective capacity of the skin, and it becomes sensitive to UV light!

That shows a drug?

Creams that contain adapalene relieve the inflammation and to prevent clogged pores. The skin is thus highly dried, it can be useful only when acne. This is a problem and is the only medical indication for the use of adapalene.

The anti-aging effect of the substance is not proven, so decide for yourself, is to use it to fight against wrinkles or not. Many women speak positively about the cream, so you can try. The main thing – to obey the rules of application of the medicinal product and to take into account the characteristics of the skin.


From the use of this drug should be discontinued in such cases:

  • pregnancy (at any time);
  • the breast-feeding period;
  • damage to the skin, even minor (cracks, sores, scratches);
  • disorders of the skin;
  • intolerance of separate components of the cream.

The above are absolute contraindications. In addition, there are diseases in which to use the drug, but only after consultation with your doctor. First of all, we are talking about the problems of dermatological nature – eczema, seborrhea, dermatitis.

Be careful! The use of ointments and gels, with adapalene may cause unpleasant side effects. If you felt itching and burning, and the skin had red spots, so that does not suit you. So do not risk your health and not use drugs again.

Features of use

The product can be used in different ways. The method of application will depend on the problem you need to solve. To get rid of acne, it is not necessary to treat the whole person. It is enough to apply the cream only on problem areas.

If you decide to implement a procedure of rejuvenation, you must act thus:

  1. thoroughly wash the skin without soap;
  2. dry face with a soft towel;
  3. apply a thick layer of the product;
  4. wait a few hours;
  5. substance rinse with warm water.

Two days later adapalena the treated skin will start to peel off. In this period it is necessary to use the healing ointment. To remove particles, not in your hands!

Because the cream increases the sensitivity of the ultraviolet light for a few days it is advisable to look at the sun. In addition, it is important to eliminate the tonal cosmetics and skin alcohol-based.

One treatment to achieve the visible results will not be enough. It is necessary to conduct 2-3 sessions with a frequency of once a month.


How it works gel?

For achieving a therapeutic effect adapalene usually requires at least two weeks. And the strong improvement comes about 2 months. Body from the skin of the active substance is practically not absorbed. The blood test allows to determine only in traces. Therefore, the risk of side effects are minimal.

When the drug was tested on rats, it was found that it can cause cancer. The animals that are on the tool inside, developed tumors of the adrenal glands and the thyroid gland. But, it is, in all probability, is connected with the high-dose adapalene (his dose is a few times higher than the maximum tolerable value for a person). With regard to external use, in this case, overdose is unlikely. Therefore, the carcinogenic effects should not be afraid.

Adapalene and other drugs

During adapalene have to be careful to use other medical means. Some of them treatment gel is combined well (antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, Clindamycin).

But, medications that dry out the skin, at the same time adapalene to apply very desirable. It is also impossible to combine the drug with salicylic acid, sulfur and resorcinol.

To reduce the chance of irritation during therapy adapalene is desirable to be delivered from the spirits, abrasive or medicated Soaps, substances that contain ethanol.


Medical experts do not confirm the effectiveness of the gel against wrinkles. According to dermatologists, the drug can be used only for its intended purpose – for the treatment of acne.

Analogues of the drugs are products that contain isotretinoin. The most popular of these fat. In addition to the active substance contains additional components:

  • emulsion wax;
  • glycerin;
  • dibunol;
  • mineral oils;
  • ethyl alcohol;
  • butiloksianizol;
  • water.

The ointment has keratolytic, dermato-protective, anti-seborrheic action, and well relieves inflammation. In fact, this drug is a concentrated vitamin A, which promotes the terminal differentiation of the cells. The use of fat reduces sebum, and the person shall be deleted from the sites of infection.

Thanks to these characteristics of the fat gives a good effect in the treatment of various types of acne and helps with dermatitis around the mouth and the manifestations of seborrhea.

There are other drugs with similar action. If you decide to use one of these tools to rejuvenate, do not forget about safety precautions. Initially, the drugs are intended for completely other tasks – the treatment of acne. So read the instructions carefully and be sure to read the list of contraindications. While high hopes-the place of adapalene is not worth it. He can help a little bit when mild wrinkles. And when the age-related changes went too far, the only way – special cosmetics and professional treatments in salons.