Pillow wrinkles on the face

Every night we go to sleep. And every night in her dream take the same position of the body. This situation is repeated for many years.

Of course, those lines on the face, which once manifested itself during sleep, every night deepened and to become more sustainable and visible.

Why in your sleep giving you wrinkles?

Orthopedic pillow
  • Sleeping on my side. If you often sleep on your side, then wrinkles appear in places where there are more folds. Lying on the cheek, we push the skin, that can not resist and start to wrinkle.
  • Sleeping on your stomach. In the neck are transferred to the skin: stretched on one side and compressed on the other.
  • Sleeping on your back. This is the most successful option in terms of the formation of wrinkles - there is no contact of the cushion with the skin of the person is not under pressure.
  • It is believed that sleeping on the back, the positive affects of the skin. The most important thing here is that minimize the area of the contact face with a pillow whereby there is no pressure and does not form fold lines.
  • Premature wrinkles can appear from the fact that improper pillow from wrinkles.

What is the "pillow wrinkles" and how it works

Women who believe that wrinkles are the only effective interventions in the natural processes of the functioning of the skin, deep into the delusion.

Plastic surgery, Botox or anti-aging treatments will be useless if, in the course of the night, the skin will collect in folds. The wrinkles of the cushion will lead to nothing expensive procedures.

Only sleep on the right pillow will get rid of unwanted wrinkles. Cushion is able to cope with the hate wrinkles for a short time.

It is a lovely cushion?

  • it is done in the form of the letter "H", i.e. has a special form;
  • placed in the special fillers such as buckwheat hulls, pine husk or silk;
  • inside is a thin wire of copper.

Feature of pillow wrinkles

  • The cushion on the basis of buckwheat husk is able to follow the shape of the human head. During sleep, the skin of the face that are exposed to the massage. Husk is a pyramid with sharp edges, which massage the face. In addition, it should be noted a pleasant aroma that soothes. The same is true for pine shells.
  • Silk pillow symbolizes prosperity. But other than that, the material is so delicate that it is not able to harm the skin.
  • Cushion innovative. The invention of this miracle is attributed to the Israeli scientists. The pillow is not only a preventive remedy for wrinkles, but it also can rid the face of these events. Due to the unique form, the skin contact with the cushion is minimal. And copper wire inside helps to stretch the skin. The point is that the skin on the face, the release of copper ions, activates the process of collagen production. But, collagen is known to promotes the preservation of skin elasticity and restrain the formation of wrinkles on the face.

The pillow to sleep comfortable. Folds or even the wrinkles on the forehead from the pillow may gradually disappear.

What are its advantages and virtues?

  • formed the habit during sleep, constantly lying on the back;
  • this will allow you to avoid the appearance and will not grow a double chin, will retain a taut oval face;
  • in the area of the neckline be able to avoid wrinkles and folds;
  • reduced "sleep" formed during sleep on the stomach and sides;
  • the muscles of the neck will cease to be tired, you will form a correct posture and a straight spine.

Due to this effect on the muscles and spine, in addition to wrinkles on the face, the more correct will be "pillow wrinkles".

How to use this innovative cushion

In order to achieve maximum effect, it is necessary to properly use this pillow. If you sleep on the back, the shoulders should rest in the base of the cushion.

For the neck is a special rhythm. The head is placed on the main part of the pillow.

If you sleep on your side, you have the left or right of the notch. The chin rests on the pillow for the neck. The forehead rests on the main part.


After reviewing the information, try to summarize.

To get rid of wrinkles on the face and to the secret of eternal youth is the dream of humanity. Modern medicine can extend this period.

And we can ensure that, as far as possible not to grow old and keep a fresh and young face?

These simple rules will help to achieve success:

  • try to sleep on my back. If it is difficult, and then to change position and roll over;.
  • to care for your skin, make a mask;
  • to use the modern inventions, such as the innovative pillow from wrinkles.

It is real, it is possible and it works!