How to remove wrinkles under the eyes: all the contemporary methods

Below are the descriptions of all modern assets and from the cosmetic to the hardware - which can be used to remove wrinkles under eyes. Ways enough that each woman can choose care according to their needs.

how to remove wrinkles under eyes

For a start try to answer the very exciting question: "is it Possible to reduce wrinkles under eyes?"

To remove such disadvantages, it is actually easier than the age wrinkles, because the mechanism of their occurrence is different. Wrinkles appear due to the contraction of the muscles. Elimination of the emotions, do not frown an eyebrow, and not the narrow eyes and the skin is once again smooth and even. Age wrinkles are organic changes of the skin, of collagen fibers and elastin. Another issue is that the wrinkles over time "fixed". The skin gradually loses its ability to restore and "breaks" in places of the greatest stress. So any creases on the skin, which appear as a result of strong expressions, should be seen as a forecast for the future, and therefore, we must begin to act. For the correction of wrinkles, you can use any of these methods.

How to remove wrinkles under eyes folk remedies

The most popular home treatments is the of masks and compresses. The recipes are many, among them it is possible to find your own, are the ones that suit your skin. The most effective ingredients against wrinkles, which you can include in homemade masks, honey, egg yolk, oil (olive, apricot) and the juice of the aloe Vera. They are all, in fact, represent a natural cocktail of vitamins and active nutrients that nourishes the skin, making it more dense. Powerful natural antioxidant is spinach, cinnamon stimulates blood circulation, non-acidic fruits and vegetables (bananas, peaches, cucumbers) – perfectly moisturize, and parsley and raw potato provides good drainage and to reduce circles around the eyes. Folk remedies can be very effective, the main thing – do not be lazy to do the procedure regularly, to free time for the preparation of masks, which, of course, is not suitable for all modern women.

How to remove wrinkles under eyes with makeup

It should be understood that to remove the wrinkles (or reduce existing) with make-up is very difficult. More chances of success among those that are in the direction of prevention of such changes and begins to care for the skin age not later than 21 years of age. And that is what is offered by the professionals:

  1. Creams, serums, gels. Although these cosmetics and vary in texture, their main task is the same: they play a major role in the care of the skin around the eyelids. Their effectiveness depends on the active substances, so when choosing a cream the most important thing is to read them, and not an advertisement or description. Components that deal with wrinkles, this hyaluronic acid, micro collagen, retinol, vitamins a, E and C, natural analogue of Botox, which freezes in the folds of the epidermis.
  2. Mask. Manufacturers not often offer mask for the skin around the eyes (after all, it is the privilege of home care, where they can quickly make and use). However, in the ranks of the professional cosmetics you can find such a product, and it is very expensive.
  3. Gel spots on the skin around the eyes – they moisturize, relax, tone, make the skin stronger and more elastic, and, although to help eliminate existing deep wrinkles quite effectively to prevent the emergence of a new, and at the same time is able to smooth out fine facial wrinkles.
  4. Lotions, tonics and lotions. They usually are designed to remove make-up, but considering the fact that creams should only be applied to well prepared clean skin, you can apply and to prepare the eyelids for further cosmetic procedures.
how to remove wrinkles with exercise

How to remove wrinkles under eyes? Exercises

With exercise you can not only simulate the shape of the face, but also to prevent the occurrence of wrinkles, one of the reasons for the appearance which is the loss of epidermis skin tone and elasticity. Exercises contribute to creating a strong "skeleton" of the surface layers of the skin, make for the strengthening of the muscles of the upper and lower eyelids, reducing of crow's feet and the longitudinal wrinkles under the eyes, increase the tone of the upper eyelids. All the exercises involve the clip the designated area with your fingers, and then the movement of the eyebrows or eyelids. For example, to get rid of "crow's feet" need to be held down gently with your fingers on the skin of the upper eyelid (the edge of the eye socket), while to close my eyes and hold them in that position for some time.

How to reduce wrinkles under eyes massage

This is an effective method for persevering women, ready to carry out the daily work. The advantage of the procedure is that it has absolutely no contraindications and can be performed while applying the cream, previously as follows: preparing the skin (cleaning, applying a light gel for a better gliding). You can do the basic moves as pats and strokes, and it is possible to resort to the Japanese shiatsu massage, which affect the acupuncture points. Also, a very useful eye massage with cold water.

How to remove wrinkles under eyes in the salons of beauty

Beauty salon treatments include surgical methods, systems, hardware.

Refers to surgical blepharoplasty.

Injection methods:

  1. Botox injections. The neurotoxin has no effect directly on the skin, but allows the circular muscles around the eyes to relax. This method allows you to erase the already existing wrinkles around the eyes.
  2. Mesotherapy under the skin the thinnest needles are introduced specifically created contain vitamins, hyaluronic acid, collagen. Dose microscopic. The peculiarity of this procedure is that the active substances in the problem area.
  3. Fractional mesotherapy – injection technology of injection under the skin, with multiple microscopic punctures. Last small that the procedure is almost painless and can be performed without local anesthesia.
  4. Contour. Under the skin are special preparations fillers (usually hyaluronic acid), which seemed to fill the area under the skin. This method is intended for very Mature skin.
  5. Biorevitalization – injection of hyaluronic acid. From mesotherapy this method differs only in the composition of the drugs.

Hardware methods of removal of wrinkles around the eyes are microdamages of the skin, which will allow you to run the regeneration and growth of new young cells. Today, salons offer the following services:

the salon for beauty treatments
  1. Chemical peeling – skin exposure to the acids. In fact, the skin is the burn, after which the epidermis extensively updated. For the delicate area around the eyes there are special formulas.
  2. Myostimulation – is the impact of skin current which forces the muscles to work and starts the metabolic processes. The apparatus for myostimulation can be bought for home use.
  3. Photorejuvenation – skin pulsed light. In the under-eye this procedure is not available, but it is characterized by a complex effect, so that the wrinkles under eyes after the procedure reduced.
  4. Laser skin rejuvenation – effects of the epidermis by a network of laser beams of microscopic thickness. This triggers the regenerative processes of the skin, stimulates the production of collagen.

The only method, which does not include damage to the skin is a hardware massage. Massagers that stimulate blood circulation in the eyes, promotes lymph flow, strengthening and toning the delicate skin around the eyes, it is available for use at home.

Also, mention of oxygen-ozone therapy, which is widely used in cosmetics, including and can be used to restore the skin around the eyes. In the problem area is introduced the oxygen-ozone mixture, which improves blood circulation, eliminates puffiness and under-eye circles.

As you can see, the methods that are used in beauty salons, are operating (albeit with low invasiveness), and physiotherapy. The first risks. Before resorting to injecting methods of correction, should be to weigh all the good.

Of course, these methods can and should be properly combined depending on the existing problems. For example, botulinum toxin injections should not be performed if the skin around the eyes swollen. First, it is necessary to prepare with the help of hardware massage and mesotherapy that improve blood circulation in this area and will help to avoid complications after the administration of Botox. In addition, there are many hues, such as after Botox can occur compensatory wrinkles in the corner of the eye and the nose (because of the circular muscle of the eye is blocked in one place, it begins to collect in the other). These also need to be considered, therefore, to choose the optimum program of salon treatments can only a qualified specialist after a thorough examination.