The best anti-aging treatments for the skin around the eyes

Looking at the variety of approaches and correction methods offered to solve the problems of dark circles and bags under the eyes, I want to believe that removing these imperfections is easy and simple.

Let's take a closer look at all the methods offered to patients.

First, suppose dark circles and bags under the eyes are slightly different problems, the causes of which are different. Although the correction methods overlap in part.

Thus, for the correction of bags and circles under the eyes, you can offer:

  1. Creams and ointments
  2. Masks
  3. Repairs
  4. Bio-rejuvenation
  5. Laser bio-rejuvenation
  6. Mesotherapy
  7. Laser peeling, or reappearance or fractional rejuvenation
  8. RF Elevation
  9. IPL Procedures
  10. Cryolysis
  11. Massage
  12. Filling injections
  13. Eyelid surgery

Honestly, we do not consider cosmetics, although creams and ointments should be attributed.

Did you find a sentence that is not on this list? Let us know !!!

First, let us briefly note the reasons for the formation of problems under the eyes.

Protect your skin from a young age!

The first bruises, puffiness or wrinkles around the eyes are a sign that it is time to act and act immediately! Problems in the eye area start at a young age, from about 25-30 years old and become even more with age. Typically, these are: - bruises under the eyes, which occur as a result of venous stasis or the close proximity of blood vessels to the surface of the skin. - dry skin, causing the first wrinkles, which occurs due to lack of subcutaneous fat. - mimics the wrinkles or, so to speak, the crow's feet, in the corners of the eyes, characteristic of almost all women after 30-35 years. From the age of 35, the problems described above are added: - Thinning hanging skin around the eyes, as a result of prolonged dry skin. - rosacea (vascular plexus) under the eyes, followed by seemingly harmless bruises under the eyes. - palpeobromal and nasolacrimal grooves - signs of aging that give aging and create the result of tired eyes.

Remember!The skin around the eyes needs special care! It is important to choose the right cream, make nourishing masks, use oils and, if necessary, contact a beautician who can offer one of the many possible procedures.

Today, cosmetologists are ready to offer women not one, but several ways to maintain or rejuvenate the skin around the eyes.

eye patches

Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery is performed on the lower and upper eyelid up to the margin of the actinium. For this, special narrow (7 mm) nozzles are used. The procedure is often used to treat crow's feet, wrinkles of the lower eyelids and tightening of the upper eyelids.

Eyelid surgery renews human skin and rids it of all imperfections. A thin laser beam forms thousands of micro-zones of influence on every inch of the skin, in which old and defective collagen is destroyed. At the same time, many viable cells remain around each microzone of influence, which are activated under the influence of heat. During this process, which can take from several hours to several days, flawless skin appears at the site of each microzone.

After the fractional laser rejuvenation procedure, the structure of the skin itself changes. It becomes smoother, more hydrated, elastic, less prone to inflammation and rashes. In this case, the surface of the skin is not injured.

Among other things, Fraxel solves the problem of dark circles under the eyes. The principle of action of the Fraxel laser on age spots and hyperpigmentation areas differs from all common methods. The laser does not affect melanin, but the cells that synthesize and accumulate this pigment. Thus, old cells, which are affected by melanin formation, are replaced with new ones. At the site of the hyperpigmentation area, a naturally colored skin forms.

Material or RF lift

Lifting light or radiofrequency is the most popular procedure for rejuvenating the skin, including around the eyes. By the way, lifting the peripheral area (ie around the eyes) is often called non-surgical eyelid surgery.

The essence of the method lies in the thermal effect on the skin, as a result of which the production of collagen and elastin is activated. After a single procedure, the skin becomes taut, smooth, glowing, elastic. We have already written about what the action of rf-lifting is based on and what results the beautician can achieve. RF lifting is believed to be one of the most effective non-injection rejuvenation methods. During the process, the radio waves heat the deep layers of the skin, stimulate the growth and division of fibroblasts, which in turn lead to the synthesis of collagen fibers.

Regarding the rejuvenation of the skin around the eyes, the results will be visible after the first procedure: - the wrinkled mesh and the so-called crow's feet will disappear. - you will forget the bags and the bruises under the eyes. - the upper and lower eyelids will be strengthened and tightened. - the skin will be strengthened and rejuvenated. - will look 10-15 years younger.

It is worth noting that the procedure itself is painless, requires no special preparation, practically does not interrupt daily activities, does not require the use of anesthetics and can be performed at any time of the year.

To achieve maximum results, you will need about 4 sessions, about once every 2-3 weeks. The effects of skin rejuvenation, including those around the eyes, last up to 5 years! For best results, the RF lift can be repeated twice a year, one process at a time.

well-groomed skin

Causes of occurrence

Characteristics of skin structure

The crows' rays and legs form around the eyes because the skin in this area is more vulnerable than in others. What makes her so sensitive?

The skin of the eyelids is about 6 times thinner than the skin on the cheeks, so they are more prone to stretching and wrinkles.

The subcutaneous layer of fat in this area is insignificant.

The number of sebaceous glands decreases, so the protective hydrolipid film is thinner.

Active facial expressions

we express emotions (smile, frown).

we do about 20 flashes every minute.

This giant load can only affect the appearance of the skin around the eyes.

Age-related changes


The harmful effects of rays on the skin (wrinkle formation, pigmentation) are known to everyone. But if earlier dermatologists believed that only sunglasses could protect the skin of the eyelids from ultraviolet radiation, now they have begun to produce special sunscreens for the area around the eyes.

Bad habits

Without exaggeration, this is the skin's number one enemy. When inhaled tobacco smoke, capillary spasms and are in good condition for about 2 hours. About this time is a break between two cigarettes, that is, all day the smoker's skin is in a state of stress and oxygen starvation. And do not forget the toxicity of tobacco.

On the one hand, it is claimed that a glass of red wine a day is good for your health, as grapes contain polyphenols, an antioxidant. On the other hand, alcohol, along with tobacco, is one of the culprits of skin deterioration. Two extra glasses of wine daily can lead to dehydration around the eyes and redness of the skin in this area.

Vision problems

Biorejuvenation or mesotherapy of the skin around the eyes

Both methods involve injecting the area around the eyes. In the case of bio-rejuvenation, hyaluronic acid is injected under the skin and in the case of mesotherapy - a cocktail that also contains hyaluronic acid and a complex of micro- and macronutrients necessary for nourishing and rejuvenating the skin.

It is believed that mesotherapy can be done from the age of 30 and bio-rejuvenation a little later - from the age of 35-40. During the procedure, the doctor injects problem areas with drugs that help get rid of bruises, swelling andsmall wrinkles in the eye area, which, as described above, are due to lack of moisture and nutrients.

Important!Hyaluronic acid is a unique ingredient found in every cell of our skin. It is the one that retains moisture and, therefore, provides a healthy and well-groomed appearance of the skin. With age, the content of hyaluronic acid in the cells decreases, which leads to dryness and abundance of the skin.

In the case of mesotherapy, in addition to hyaluronic acid, cocktails contain ingredients that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin (placental hydrolysis, plant extracts, vitamins and minerals). This leads to a prolonged effect of the process and they darken and wrinkles in the eye area disappear. The results of the rejuvenation will be visible after the first procedure and the complete rejuvenation will require several sessions.

The effect after mesotherapy and bio-resuscitation lasts on average about 6 months. To save the results, the process must be repeated periodically.

Photorejuvenation method

In addition to home methods of treating facial wrinkles, there are professional services provided by beauty salons. Therefore, the question "How to remove deep wrinkles" can be safely asked to a beautician who carefully examines the condition of your skin and selects all the necessary procedures.

So, not only can you remove wrinkles on the face, but also improve skin color, remove bags under the eyes and tighten the oval of the face. The recovery period is minimal. This method is a great addition after plastic surgery or laser skin reappearance.

method of photorejuvenation

Thanks to this method, you can remove wrinkles on the face and improve its color. The essence of the method lies in the introduction of special hyaluronic acid using an original technique in certain layers of the skin. This is how mesotherapy and bio-resuscitation procedures are performed. However, in addition to these invasive methods, there are non-invasive - this is facial hyaluroplasty, an example of hardware technique.

This protein preparation has been successfully relocated from the office of a plastic surgeon to the office of a cosmetologist. With its help, you can remove wrinkles on the face, both superficial and deep imitation. But there is a nuance here: it is ineffective for nasolabial folds and creases in the chin. This is because botox blocks the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscle fibers, as if relaxing them.

Botox is also combined with hyaluronic acid to remove deep wrinkles on the face. This effect lasts up to six months. It is best to entrust such a procedure to a cosmetologist with a medical degree, who can choose medical cosmetics for small mimic wrinkles.


The method is based on intradermal microinjection with the introduction of certain preparations containing hyaluronic acid, vitamins, proteins and amino acids. Due to the complex nature of the treatment area, the necessary reserve is created for the skin, which is absorbed into the blood for a long time - more than 14 days, which causes natural regeneration processes in the skin.


Thanks to bio-rejuvenation, it is possible to remove wrinkles on the face with a safe method using hyaluronic acid injections. This procedure improves the condition of the skin - both the face and other parts of the body. For example, in the neckline, forearms etc. Bio-rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid makes the skin supple, firm and restores a healthy color.


The renewal is based on the intradermal injection of a special preparation, which can be used to remove deep wrinkles on the face. This is due to the rejuvenation and repair of the skin from the inside with the help of injections, so another name for this procedure is the renewal of the injection.

In practice, it is known for its effectiveness, minimal penetration and minimal side effects, due to which it is widely used in modern aesthetic medicine. With this, you can remove wrinkles on the face safely. This is due to the content of known hyaluronic acids and sodium succinate, a succinic acid derivative, in the preparations.

If your forehead is covered with wrinkles, the photorejuvenation method is right for you. The elimination of facial wrinkles using this method is possible due to the activation of skin tissue repair and the start of elastin and collagen production, which are considered to be the basis of skin elasticity and freshness. The principle of this method is a combination of light pulses and radio frequencies.

Tissues at a certain level are heated intensively, so the old structures are renewed and new ones are formed. New technologies make it possible to rejuvenate the skin from the inside and rejuvenate the subcutaneous tissue without surgery. If you are wondering how much it costs to use such cosmetic procedures, then you can be sure that it will be cheaper than surgical lifting.

Hyaluronic acid based supplements

Supplements, ie soft gel based on hyaluronic acid - is considered the most effective way to get rid of wrinkles, tears and bruises in the eye area. Fillers, like mesotherapy, are hyaluronic acid-based preparations, enriched with a complex of vitamins and amino acids.

The fundamental difference between mesotherapy and fillers is the density of the drug. Fillers are a soft gel, so it not only rejuvenates the skin by stimulating the production of peeling, but also fills in wrinkles and eye sockets. And if mesotherapy can be practiced from 25-28 years, then fillers, from about 40, but in this case it all depends on the individual characteristics of the skin and the decision of the cosmetologist.

During the procedure, the filler is inserted into the orbit of the eye, thereby softening wrinkles, bruises, tear grooves and the effect of sunken eyes. The drug is evenly distributed throughout the mucosa and the effect of rejuvenation lasts up to one and a half years.

Everything would be fine, but hyaluronic fillers are characterized by the so-called Tyndall effect. This means that hyaluronic acid, which is colorless in nature, is refracted under the influence of light rays and the skin acquires blue or purple stripes. To be fair, it should be noted that they are only visible on very thin and sensitive skin. The effect disappears only when the gel dissolves completely, ie after about six months. In addition, according to some women reviews, imported fillers, especially in the beginning, create the effect of swollen eyelids.

Important!Before you decide to inject fillers, as well as any other anti-aging procedure, find a good cosmetologist who will assess the condition of your skin and suggest the best anti-aging procedure.

Hairdressing treatments to reduce nasal folds

Beauty salons offer a range of treatments that rejuvenate the skin and remove nasolabial folds. The main advantage of these techniques is the ability to quickly correct the skin of the face and long-term maintenance of the obtained result. A wide range of procedures allows you to choose the most appropriate method for each specific case.


The procedure involves injecting into the skin a cocktail containing a complex of vitamins, nucleic acids, trace elements and other nutrients. For its implementation, a special device with microdondyls is used.

In this way, you can provide the skin with the inner layer of nutrition, improve blood circulation and lymph outflow, speed up metabolism and provide cells with adequate moisture. The wellness course can consist of 5-10 sessions.

Advantages of the method include the use of minimal doses - from 2 ml to a few drops of meso-cocktail, the non-toxicity of drugs used for the body, the absence of contraindications and age restrictions.

Disadvantages: with injections, pain can be felt, bruising at the injection site, complications in the form of an allergic reaction with redness of the skin at the injection site are not ruled out.


During liposuction, fat taken from another part of the patient's body is injected along the line of the nasolabial fold. Uses local anesthesia. The operation lasts 30-60 minutes.

Advantages of liposuction: low probability of rejection of the transplanted material from the body or occurrence of allergic manifestations, absence of postoperative sutures, in many cases the result obtained lasts a long time.

Disadvantages of this method:

  • part of the fat injected during the postoperative period is absorbed, therefore a larger volume of adipose tissue is required.
  • sometimes, due to the accelerated absorption of the material, additional procedures become necessary.
  • may have bruising and slight swelling, numbness or pain at the injection site, but this discomfort disappears within a week.

The mechanism for smoothing the nasolabial folds using contour plastics is based on the introduction of gel-like substances - fillers into the skin cavity. Translated from English, this name translates as "placeholder".

The most commonly used fillers are preparations containing hyaluronic acid, a polysaccharide that binds to water and increases the volume at the injection site.

The safety and effectiveness of hyaluronic injections in combating nasal folds is due to the fact that the acid used for them is a natural component of the skin. It is biologically compatible with the human body, after a while it dissolves and it becomes necessary to repeat the process.

If there are contraindications to the introduction of hyaluronic acid, it is replaced with a filler, which uses a synthetic substance, which is absorbed into the body - polycaprolactone.

The effect of hyaluronic injections lasts at least 6 months, in some cases up to 2 years. The procedure can be performed at any age. Contraindications to its use are pregnancy, skin diseases, pathologies of internal organs.

nasal aspects

Contains botulinum toxin - a poisonous substance that blocks the flow of nerve impulses to the facial muscles. Under the influence of the neurotoxin, they relax and the area of skin that forms the nasolabial fold is flattened.

With the right calculation and administration of a dose of Botox, increased muscle tone can be removed without disturbing the natural expressions of the face. The result obtained lasts 4-12 months.

The advantage of the procedure is that it avoids plastic surgery and is an alternative to other types of cosmetic surgery.

Disadvantages: in case of drug overdose, side effects can occur in the form of a significant reduction in facial muscle activity, soft tissue prolapse, facial asymmetry. But these effects are temporary and pass after the drug is eliminated from the body.

Wrinklectomy is a radical method of removing the nasolabial folds to remove wrinkles and make your face look younger. During the operation, the hanging skin is stretched, the excess is cut off.

Plastic surgery has developed many facelift methods, if necessary, it can be combined with the installation of facial implants, complemented by a bio-resuscitation procedure.

The result achieved as a result of ratitectomy lasts 10 years. A similar surgery is used in patients over 40 years of age.

The advantage of this method is that it gives good results with considerable depth of aspect, which is difficult to remove in other ways.

The disadvantage is the high cost, the recovery period is longer than with other methods. Complications are possible in the form of noticeable scars, bruises, numbness of a part of the face.

Today, many women wonder how to get rid of facial wrinkles. Cosmetologists offer a range of material procedures and infusion techniques at various costs that eliminate the signs of aging on the face. Among these, the following methods are popular:

  • botox;
  • hyaluronic acid fillers?
  • laser reappearance?
  • photorejuvenation?
  • peeling.
ways to rejuvenate the skin of the eyelids and face

Gentle mechanical exfoliation is a method of microdermabrasion. This process smoothes the surface of the skin and smoothes wrinkles. The combination of vacuum massage with this method activates the outflow of lymph, eliminates swelling and poisoning of the skin. Blood circulation is normalized and the deep epidermal layers are saturated with useful ingredients. As a result, the skin is cleansed from the outside as well as from the inside, it gets more oxygen and looks younger.

A tablespoon of chopped parsley, boiled in half a glass of boiling water and infused for 15 minutes will help you remove wrinkles on the face, more specifically around the eyes, at home. After a tablespoon of grated potatoes, combine with two tablespoons of parsley infusion and a tablespoon of olive or other vegetable oil. Transfer to a gauze cloth and apply to the eye area for 15 minutes. Do not rinse. Perform this procedure every day.

A small raw potato, finely chopped on a fine grater, also helps to effectively remove wrinkles on the face at home. Then take two tablespoons of potato mass and combine with the same amount of wheat flour and boiling milk. Mix everything well, forming a homogeneous mass. Then apply it on the area under the eyes and leave it for ten minutes. Then rinse everything with warm water.

Olive oil-based compress helps effectively remove facial wrinkles at home. To do this, mix two tablespoons of olive oil with vitamin E (one ampoule) or five drops of lemon juice. Then apply this compress to the area under the eyes for 10 minutes. When finished, rinse or soil with a paper towel. And at the end of the procedure, do a light massage.

You can also remove wrinkles on your face at home by rubbing a protein with a tablespoon of liquid honey by adding a tablespoon of chopped oatmeal. Apply this mixture to the area under the eyes and let it dry completely. Then rinse with warm boiling water. Aloe vera juice applied to the skin at night will help prevent the appearance of expression wrinkles.

To effectively remove facial wrinkles at home, you can use another mask made by mixing a tablespoon of castor oil and a teaspoon of vitamin E. In the evening, lubricate the area around the eyeswith the resulting composition, preheated in a water bath. Soak for 15-30 minutes, supplementing with a light massage. Then smear the excess with paper towels. Store this oil mixture in the refrigerator.

An excellent prevention of mimic wrinkles is the thorough hydration of the skin. Do not let it dry, do not get carried away by tanning in the open sun, solarium and decorative cosmetics less, become a fan of an active lifestyle. Use cleansers with care and care and then lubricate your skin with nourishing creams.