Laser rejuvenation of fractional facial skin

The world of cosmetology does not stop, more and more new ways of maintaining an attractive appearance or correct imperfections are constantly appearing. Fractional lasers for skin rejuvenation are no exception. The process will help solve many problems at once:

  • the effects of acne?
  • excessive resource expansion.
  • skin pigmentation?
  • mimics wrinkles.
How is the process of fractional laser rejuvenation done

How the process works

It is known that over time, some cells die and some "go into inactivation", stopping working for the good of the body. These processes lead to reduced production of elastin and collagen, which is why skin defects appear: wrinkles, dryness and abundance. Under the influence of a laser beam, the weak cells eventually disappear, but most of them wake up and begin to actively divide to repair the area disturbed by the laser. To perform the rejuvenation process, a special device has been developed and a special anesthetic gel is applied before the skin treatment.

What results are expected

  1. Many blemishes disappear, but the skin only affects the mimic wrinkles, the deeper chances of them remaining the same.
  2. Most likely, the procedure will have to be performed several times to get rid of the scars.
  3. The skin needs 14 days to heal, during which the skin must be lubricated with special creams.
  4. The procedure is painful, not even affected by the pain threshold and anesthetic treatment.
  5. Acne on the skin is a contraindication to the procedure.

Recommendations before the procedure

Fractional laser rejuvenation is recommended for patients over 30 years of age. When examining the condition of the skin, a specialist may advise you to perform the cleansing process first, so that the laser beams process the required area more accurately. Under no circumstances should laser rejuvenation be performed in case of inflammation or skin conditions, a painful condition and an increase in body temperature are also contraindicated.

Fractional laser facial rejuvenation affects all layers of the skin, so it has a unique long-lasting effect. Modern technologies and competent specialists allow you to choose a course that provides the best result with a minimum duration of the recovery period. The unique method of rejuvenation does not require surgery and is popular with many Hollywood stars. The procedure is completely safe, it is more effective than plastic surgery methods and at the same time it is available to a middle-income woman.