Fractional rejuvenation of facial skin with laser

To fly a decade and look more attractive, you do not need to resort to the help of plastic surgeons. Fractional laser skin rejuvenation is an innovative solution, with the help of which your skin is rejuvenated, renewed and glows again with a healthy glow!

The procedure is non-invasive, ie it is performed without injections - it is completely painless and safe. With the help of the Fraxel laser, the cosmetologist eliminates skin imperfections such as pigmentation, tightens it, restores it to a fresh look, elasticity and uniform texture - the face becomes as smooth as porcelain!

Benefits of the process

Thanks to the ability to regulate the power of the laser beam, it is possible to affect the deep layers of the skin, which provide truly shocking results in the treatment of skin diseases (wounds and scars, stretch marks and intense staining). The following factors are also considered the benefits of fractional laser skin rejuvenation:

  • the ability to perform the procedure on any area of the face, including the most sensitive areas of the eyelids and peripheral areas.
  • you do not need to penetrate the skin, which is typical for invasive injections, - this way the integrity of the skin is not damaged and the patient does not have painful sensations.
  • The procedure is effective for patients of any age, due to the deep penetration of the laser beam into all layers of the skin epithelium.
  • safety - again, because the procedure is non-invasive, there is no risk of skin damage.

In addition, let us emphasize the effectiveness of rejuvenation: your face becomes clearer, smoother and looks softer in a few days after the first procedure!

What can be removed with the Fraxel laser?

which skin imperfections can be eliminated using a fractional laser

This service can be used by those customers who wish:

  • to tighten skin pores.
  • to rejuvenate the skin structure and tighten the contour of the face.
  • to tighten the skin and get a healthy complexion.
  • to destroy acne scars, scars left after injuries or surgeries.
  • remove plasma, age spots.
  • softens wrinkles.

How is the process going?

First, the cosmetologist thoroughly cleanses the surface of the face with a light exfoliation, after which a soothing ointment is applied to the skin with an anesthetic effect. After an hour, the ointment is rinsed off and the face is covered with a layer of greasy cream, which guarantees the smooth sliding of the laser. After the skin treatment with the Fraxel laser, a soothing cream is applied to the skin again.

A fractional facial laser rejuvenation session lasts about half an hour. The next number of visits is determined when we discuss with the doctor the problems that need to be solved by the patient, depending on the complexity, skin type and personal feelings of the client. On average, these are four procedures performed with a three-week break. Sometimes, after laser treatment of the skin, it may turn slightly red, but then it becomes bronze, tanned and elastic in appearance.

How to take care of your face after rejuvenation?

For effective skin healing and consolidation of the anti-aging effect, doctors recommend that you follow the following rules:

  1. Do not expose to direct sunlight.
  2. use sunscreen with a high degree of UV protection for the next three months.
  3. regularly apply a doctor-prescribed cream to the treated areas.
  4. skip exfoliation and take antiviral medicines for herpes for a week.