Laser facial skin rejuvenation

If there are external signs of aging, laser facial rejuvenation is a great solution. What is this process? How is it done? Are there any contraindications? Read the article.

What is this technique?

Aging is a natural process. No one can avoid it. As a result, many are looking for ways to slow down the growth of external signs. With age, the skin becomes smooth, damaged, blood vessels become noticeable, hyperpigmentation occurs. Laser facial skin rejuvenation eliminates all these problems. This does not require surgery.

The cosmetologist must first examine the skin, evaluating its condition. After identifying problem areas, it is decided the feasibility and implementation of such a process. The laser exposure time is determined in each case separately. It all depends on the existing problems with the skin.

Laser facial skin rejuvenation

There are different types of grinding. It is deep, superficial and moderate. When choosing a surface, you should not rely on eliminating serious defects. Only the upper layer is affected, it is considered a mildly sensitive effect. No preliminary anesthesia is required. The duration of the procedure is from 20 to 40 minutes. As a result, it is possible to improve the skin and make it even. Small mimic wrinkles are eliminated. The skin becomes lighter. You will look younger.

The intermediate technique includes the epidermal and basal layers. This procedure should be repeated once every 3-6 months. The result is maintained throughout the year. The process takes from 20 minutes to 1 hour. As a result, not only the color of the face improves, but also pigment spots, the circles under the eyes are removed.

The deep variety is indicated in the presence of more serious problems: intense wrinkles, loss of collagen fibers associated with age. This technique is most often performed under anesthesia. Both local and general anesthesia can be used. As a result, collagen production is accelerated, relief is leveled, the skin becomes smooth and glowing. The technique provides a lifting effect. Rejuvenates and tightens the skin. Eliminates wrinkles by promoting natural regeneration.

Indications and contraindications

This technique is recommended for those who want:

  • correct the contour of the face.
  • Make the skin taut.
  • become visually several years younger.
  • elimination of expression wrinkles.
  • uniform skin, giving it a healthy look.
  • remove the unwanted relief.
  • give stability and elasticity.
  • shrink resources.
  • remove stretch marks regardless of their cause.
Laser facial rejuvenation procedure

A technique such as laser facial rejuvenation also has contraindications. These include:

  • pregnancy?
  • blood diseases?
  • infections?
  • diabetes?
  • mental disorders?
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system?
  • herpes?
  • hypertension or hypotension.

Do you need to prepare for the process?

According to cosmetologists, no special preparation is required for such a procedure. However, there are some tips you need to follow to get the desired result:

  • Do not visit the tanning salon for several days.
  • Use a cream or spray with UV protection.
  • Cleanse your skin.
  • To avoid painful sensations, apply anesthetic to the area.


Made of a special device. On its surface there are elements that facilitate the penetration of light rays under the skin. The tissues are heated but remain intact. The depth of penetration is regulated and selected individually depending on the pathology.

A session lasts up to 1 hour. During the procedure, the laser must be constantly moved to avoid damage to the skin. Treatment zones are formed. Regeneration is stimulated. Finally, apply a soothing cream.

Technique for laser rejuvenation

The number of procedures depends on the original problem. If you follow all the recommendations of the cosmetologist, you will be able to achieve the best result and prolong the result for a long time.

Differences from drug rejuvenation

Which is better - using medication or laser facial rejuvenation? A group of special preparations is used for contour plastics. You can use them to correct the shape and size of the lips, as well as to model the correct oval of the face. The preparations contain an increased concentration of hyaluronic acid. However, this technique is characterized by the presence of many contraindications and possible side effects. Therefore, those seeking to find a milder technique should consider a technique using a laser.

Laser facial rejuvenation - Price

The cost depends on the treatment area and the initial problem. A cheap option is hand therapy. If you treat the whole face with this technology, be prepared to spend more.

Laser facial skin rejuvenation - reviews

See the impressions of girls and women who have restored their skin using this method. Maybe their views will influence your decision.

Review # 1

I read such a technique as laser facial rejuvenation - the reviews were positive. The pigmentation is gone, the condition of the skin has improved. In addition, even the capillary network has disappeared. I suggest!!

Review # 2

This facelift is an important breakthrough in cosmetology. I was always skeptical about such methods, but I decided to have a laser treatment. During the process of using the device, he feels slight discomfort. But you can close your eyes to him, because the result is worth it.

Review # 3

Laser module used. Facial skin smoothes and whitens. As a result, even the largest acne disappeared. I am very happy to have discovered this technology for myself.