Laser skin rejuvenation

The indicators of beautiful and healthy skin are known - smooth, silky, firm, with a natural healthy glow and uniform color - they fade and wear out every year. They are replaced by dryness, turbidity, wrinkles. . . These manifestations are accompanied by enlarged pores and vascular networks, age spots appear. . . Fortunately, today all these aesthetic problems that are considered the main signs of aging can be solved quickly and completely - in this laser skin rejuvenation will help.

Laser facial skin rejuvenation effect

Laser facial skin rejuvenation: technology focus

Laser facial skin rejuvenation - reappearance or exfoliation - is perhaps the best of the options for resolving the aging problem "at once". Indeed, with the advent of new models of laser devices, all other methods of treating the symptoms of aging and similar defects available in cosmetology have receded into the background. Lasers in cosmetology are mainly interdisciplinary platforms. Thanks to this quality, the cosmetologist has the opportunity to do a variety of treatments during a procedure. The new devices for laser fractional revolution provide a long-term effect, are quite non-aggressive and can affect almost any area of the body (not just the face). Most importantly, fractional laser re-insertion machines can be used to rejuvenate the skin of any photocopy. Thus, the solution of aesthetic problems with the help of lasers on dark, very dark or tanned skin has become relatively recent. In addition, several types of laser skin rejuvenation are available today.

Laser facial skin rejuvenation: treatment options

State-of-the-art devices allow such types of anti-aging to be performed as fractional skin rejuvenation, superficial or deep laser skin reappearing on the face and whole body. Everything works according to the following principle: under the influence of laser pulses on the skin (epidermis and the outer layer of the skin), the process of photothermolysis takes place - the old cells are destroyed so that new, new ones replace them in the regeneration process. As a result, after recovery, fresh skin (in every sense of the word) grows back on the face or other treatment area.

In laser fractional skin rejuvenation, the beam allows a dosing effect on micro-areas of "old" and problem skin, "evaporates" dead cells, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin proteins and also micro-destroys fat. After the treatment, the natural stimulation of the tissue self-healing processes begins: new and healthy tissue is formed, the color and the relief of the skin are leveled.

Indications of laser skin rejuvenation: strong signs of aging and photoaging, wrinkles, uneven skin texture. small scars, scars (including acne).

Another procedure should be noted separately, which is included in the range of features of the latest device models - carbon laser peeling. This technology combines the action of lasers and light rays (due to which additional photorejuvenation is provided). The color of this process is a special carbon enhancer, a gel mask, which contains carbon dioxide nanoparticles. Nanogel was called carbonic (translated as "carbon"). The cosmetic effect of the nanogel is based on its ability to penetrate deep into the skin, to connect skin cells and also to attract sebum, dust and dirt residues. The carbon nanogel should also prepare the skin for the laser beam, resulting in uniform exfoliation of dead, keratinized skin cells. At the same stage, the inflammatory process is leveled. Carbon laser exfoliation is ideal for treating acne by normalizing the skin's lipid metabolism (sebum regulation).

Indications for carbon laser exfoliation: problem skin prone to inflammatory rashes, acne, comedies, increased oiliness, enlarged pores, uneven skin color, early signs of aging and photoaging, age spots.

As a rule, with laser skin rejuvenation, the aesthetic effect is achieved with minimal discomfort: if the recurrence is superficial, it happens that there is not even a need for preliminary anesthesia. No marks / scars remain, which is especially important when you notice aesthetic defects on the face. With fractional rejuvenation, the selective destruction of uneven areas makes it possible to remove cosmetic defects at a given depth without injuring nearby tissues. The surrounding tissues do not heat up and, as a result, are not damaged.

Laser skin rejuvenation: when the indications match the possibilities

Sometimes rejuvenating and lifting the skin with a laser is not the only task of a cosmetologist. However, laser skin rejuvenation is, first of all, an integrated approach: combating the signs of wilting and at the same time treating dermatological problems. Thanks to new technologies that allow you to control the power and duration of the laser pulse, the cosmetologist can choose the depth of regeneration for each skin phototype and adjust the course of the laser beam to solve another specific, more specific task. The complete set of devices (replaceable nozzles), a wide range of pulse duration, the ability to adjust the size of the beam, the energy density and the depth of penetration of the pulse provide a wide range of therapeutic effects at a high level of process speed. So, having decided on laser skin rejuvenation, you can expect a complex result. Specifically, in many salons it is possible to carry out not only laser skin rejuvenation (reappearance, tightening), but also:

  • to cure or soften the course of acne and after acne,
  • remove "wine stains",
  • get rid of the visible symptoms of rosacea and the clinical manifestations of rosacea,
  • remove different types of age points,
  • reduce the severity of cellulite,
  • reduction of body fat,
  • elimination of scars and gums,
  • remove or correct stretch marks,
  • tattoo removal.
Wrinkles - superficial and mimicry, sagging skin, age spots, telangiectasias, cobwebs, red and blue vascular cobwebs, hemangiomas and telangiectasias, seborrheic keratinosis, smallveins - a laser The beam can treat almost any skin imperfections! Some lasers are also used to treat nails - enhancing the structure of the nail plate and improving its growth. With the help of a laser, a beautician can make high-precision coagulation of vessels of any type and diameter, however, unfortunately, this method does not work for varicose veins. It usually takes several sessions to achieve the final result.

The contraindications for laser facial rejuvenation procedures are also quite extensive. These are malignant and pre-malignant diseases, hematological diseases, severe chronic diseases, infections and signs of dermatological diseases, lesions in the intended treatment area, as well as pregnancy and lactation.

Laser skin rejuvenation: features and disadvantages

Of course, laser skin rejuvenation is not an ideal process 100%: much of the result will depend on the skill and experience of the cosmetologist (for this reason, you should approach his choice as much as possiblecarefully). Accurate, predictable, safe impact at the heart of the problem, computer control from the depth of the effect - a guarantee of an intense and lasting therapeutic effect, as well as a minimum recovery period. Using sufficient power and adjusting the wavelength, an experienced beautician achieves a predictable result, which significantly reduces the likelihood of side effects.

No less careful than a cosmetologist and a clinic, you should choose the time for laser skin rejuvenation: for cloudy autumn days, for example The risk of side effects in the form of hyperpigmentation is significantly lower. In addition, in the cold season, sweating is reduced and this, in turn, reduces the risk of inflammatory reactions.

It is important to know: not all lasers used to rejuvenate the skin of the face or body are equally effective: some types of devices do not have high selectivity. For this reason, for example, the recurrence or selective coagulation of blood vessels is impossible without trauma to the surrounding tissues, when part of the energy is projected on them in the form of heat and burns. It is also difficult to achieve an effective effect on deep vessels. Such complications will not occur if devices of the latest models are used, operating at optimal wavelengths for selective exposure. They provide the ideal combination of parameters required for effective skin rejuvenation: strength, wavelength, pulse duration, beam diameter, color spectrum.

After laser skin rejuvenation, recovery time is required, which varies depending on the depth of regeneration (peeling). So, having decided on this process, it is better to take a break to "sit" inside four walls for some time.

One of the unpleasant disadvantages is the short duration of results after acne treatment: the scars return after a few years - the so-called skin memory is activated, so the gold standard for solving this problem today is stillmore invasive procedure - puncture (resection).

To avoid complications and get the expected result, you need to follow a constructive approach to the task of laser skin rejuvenation - to diagnose, identify the cause of the formation of defects, choose home care cosmetics periodthe procedure. As for the possible complications and side effects, they are mainly related to inadequate care after laser rejuvenation (recurrence or exfoliation).

Side effects and complications

After fractional laser rejuvenation, quite large areas of skin have been damaged to a considerable depth. Of course, after the procedure, there is persistent swelling (lasts several days), inflammation, blood. A deep lesion of the skin surface is fraught with the development of infection, problems with healing, therefore, requires careful attention: the doctor carefully selects medical cosmetics for the recovery period, describes the application regimen and carefully monitors the entire recovery period