Massage the face with spoons

At any age woman wants to look younger than your biological age. For this purpose, in the life of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity uses the most unexpected beauty methods. The striking evidence is confirmed by the fact that it can be used as a facial massage with the spoons of the home – a method that is in today and enjoy incredible success with women.

Massage the face with spoons

This is the original method does not require the time and expense, but it gives great results. By the way, the beauty is shown that the introduction of this technique into the program, the provider is able to enhance the prestige of their institutions. To find out about the massage technique's easy. Therefore, it is necessary that you get familiar with this unusual technique, which will help to preserve the freshness and firmness of the skin even at a Mature age.

Massage the face with spoons

Based on a technique of massage on the face with spoons by the famous German cosmetologist Renee Koch. As well as all of the girls he had in childhood, it often fell over, smashing my knee. In order to facilitate the son's condition and for the relief of pain, the mother of a famous person, apply to the bruised places a spoon. And, really, this is a simple method and it worked – the pain immediately receded and the swelling disappeared. Koch has decided this is the home method can be used in the beauty industry. I have to say that the first practice was very successful, and the unusual method of a rejuvenation has begun to rapidly gain in popularity.

Today, it is widely used not only for the rejuvenation of the skin, but also in the fight against cellulite. By the way, the massage it's perfect for a casual home environment.

Of massage with the use of the spoons

Hard to find a simpler procedure than a massage it's. To improve their techniques, you may be at home. It is not enough to view videos with detailed instructions for the manipulation. However, the procedure for the preparation of an organization – the regular's.

Experts believe that the result would be more impressive if there was a set of spoons made from silver. After all, the school is, of course, it is well-known as a beneficial for the precious metals to health care. So, for the sake of beauty, you are able to donate a substantial amount of money to buy a nice spoon. In addition to this handy tool, you can also purchase the essential oils. Massage it's can be of three types:

Facial massage it's at home
  1. The cold appliances. So you will need: ice, water, and a couple of large tablespoons, warmed oil (any vegetable). To maintain the desired temperature of the water, you need to be able to add a couple of ice cubes.
  2. The hot method. Required room for this kind of procedure: the hot water, the butter and just one tablespoon.
  3. The combined method involves a modification of the described techniques. Therefore, for such a complex procedure, you will need to draw double the capacity.

Of course, you are the judge of whether it helps or not, massage it's a one or the other, it is possible that only after a hands-on experience. After all, every woman is an individual. So, for some ladies it will be the best, for example, the first option, while for others it will help to improve the condition of your skin is a combination of two main forms.

Facial massage it's: the comments and the score

Massage the face with the spoons they have on the sensitive fabric of the entire set of positive actions:

  • it stimulates peripheral circulation;
  • it encourages the excretion of excess fluid;
  • smooths wrinkles in the most sensitive areas around the eyes, on the forehead, in the area of nasolabial triangle;
  • refreshes the complexion;
  • to eliminate the "bruising" under the eyes;
  • it helps you recover a clear form of a person;
  • to improve the elastic properties of the skin.

For the half, if every day you spend just 10 minutes to carry out useful procedures, the changes will not keep itself waiting. Just take a look at the before and after photos of the two Sunday during the massage, the treatments, with a spoon, in order to ensure the effectiveness of this technique.

To improve the results, to be used as the basis of a natural fatty cream. The cosmetic product can replace the vegetable oil, as discussed above.

Now, after a review of the characteristics of each individual and the type of massage it with a spoon , you can start with a study of the methods of their implementation.

Spoon facial massage

Facial massage it's at home

Facial massage with a hot spoon: tech

It is highly recommended that you work on the problem areas of the face and neck. This is especially useful for the person, massage of the, with the spoons, after 40 years of age, because this age is clearly manifest in the skin an age-related change: a network of wrinkles, wrinkles, the appearance of a double chin. To perform massage you need to prepare 100 grams of butter (it is better to take the olive product, and then add a 2 to 3 in the air, rose, lavender, mint or any other herbal extract.

At the preparatory stage, you can start to execute the procedure:

  1. A spoon must be dipped in warm water to warm up.
  2. Then quickly wipe it dry.
  3. The convex portion of the Cutlery is necessary to take a dip at the base of the oil.
  4. A massage of the face, it is advisable in the direction of movement-clockwise. First of all, the exposure to the at on his forehead, his cheeks, and then at the end – in the places where there have been no side creases.
  5. Extreme caution needs to perform the massage movements of the eyes, which is very much delicate skin.
  6. To end a session is a massage of the neck, not forgetting about the a way to perform the movements.

You need to pay attention to a particular point. The starting point is between the eyebrows. So begin your facial massage with hot's need to be in this area. It is necessary to move along the length of the line of the forehead towards the temples, reaching the areas of the growth of the hair.

The following important point: the wings of the nose, on the upper part of the ear, chin, earlobes, chin, and again, only to have the bottom of it. You need to move in a defined sequence. All of the manipulations are recommended to be run once.

Hot massage it's to stimulate the flow of blood, which also strengthens the upper layers of the dermis. With the proper and regular fulfilling the procedure on the skin for a short period of time to acquire a velvety appearance and a healthy glow.

Cool facial massage it's: the order of execution

It is well known that the cold has a positive effect on the skin: it stimulates blood flow, tightens the pores, tones. These properties are based on the face massage with cold spoons, to which every woman can perform at home. The sequence of the manipulations is divided into the following stages:

  1. First, you need to thoroughly clean the skin from make-up, then apply the cream.
  2. Next, you will have a good ventilation, the main supportive tool – spoon, in the amount of two units.For this, they need to first disinfect and then place in a bowl of ice water. Experts recommend that for the cooling of the spoon in a mass of finely divided ice.
  3. When the tool has cooled it for a few seconds, it should be applied to the upper eyelid, and the second spoon to the bottom. This is a short-term effect on the area around your eyes will help you to get rid of dark circles and bags.
  4. The cold's massage is performed in the conventional treatment groups, but the first table the tool should be dipped in hot oil. In general, the technique of this massage is exactly the same as when it is exposed to the hot spoons.
  5. This is the first time for about two minutes. Then you need daily to maximize the life cycle of manipulation and at the same time. It has been ten days later, the session duration should be equal to 10 minutes. If the technique is performed correctly, after the first treatment occurs in the feeling of relaxation of the muscles of the face.
A simple and quick massage of the edema, bags under the eyes

An important point! If a tablespoon of a bad slip on the surface of the skin, you need to increase the volume of the oil base.

A combined massage of the face, with spoons: the technique and its outcome

An integrated approach always yields the best results. In this way, at the same time facial massage it's a hot and a cold water-it helps immediately to get rid of a whole array of problems. The combination of the two techniques into a single procedure helps to remove wrinkles and eliminate under eye circles, it relaxes the muscles and increases the elasticity of the dermis.

For this purpose the most suitable Material for food made of silver. However, you can not use regular spoons. It is strongly recommended to commit the matter to the procedure in the morning, as this will help you to reduce the stress and increase the level of good mood. Then, in a pleasant mood, you can go to work and charging it with positive co-workers.

Thus, in contrast to the facial massage silver spoons, is not fundamentally different from previous methods and techniques. It performs the same basic movements: rubbing, stroking, slapping. In this case, a spoonful of the stuff as a hair iron, because it uses the convex part of the instrument. If you systematically take a massage with alternating use of hot and cold spoon, your skin will look younger, literally in tears.

A tablespoon of the hot and cold properties.

Hot table-the item has the following features:

  • it helps to remove the double chin;
  • gets rid of "crow's feet" around the eyes;
  • tightens the skin of the neck;
  • it helps to conform to the contour of the face;
  • gets rid of sagging areas.

A lot of these wonderful capabilities, and you have a cold "antipode", which is a spoon with the ice temperature. Once again I want to stress that silverware, silver has an additional advantage:the

  • has a calming effect;
  • it returns a healthy complexion;
  • it gives the skin a velvety texture and a beautiful matte finish;
  • is the back of the property for youthful skin – elasticity.

In addition to these qualities, the best product on silver, helping you to deal with the irritation and scratching, which often occur after the bites of the insects.


The secret combo massage

Science has proven that the impact of contrasting temperatures rejuvenates the skin. Therefore, the manipulation of the hot and cold metal objects, such as wake up the cells of the skin. They start an intense the flow of metabolic processes and, as a result, the appearance of a woman is changing for the better.

A number of reviews from women who have had time to assess the effectiveness of an unusual type of massage, I believe that the combined procedure is a more and more important. Indeed, under the influence of the opposite temperature, plant extracts, and the creams are quickly absorbed in the skin. Each treatment infuses the dermis, nourishing ingredients, it perfectly moisturizes.

To sum up, that it is to be noted that it is more cost-effective and beneficial to the procedure of a face massage with a spoon against the wrinkles, does not exist today. It is totally secure manipulation, which can be done at home at any convenient time. It leaves no adverse reactions, you are not forced to spend money to buy expensive equipment. Enough to have a couple of regular's to always look perfect.