Mask of starch: application tips, use the

The mask of the starch is not only a great helper against wrinkles, but a natural remedy nourish and moisturize the skin of the face. To compare the results after the use of this therapeutic composition can be Botox injections.

The mask of the starch

The benefits of the masks:

  1. Frequent use eliminates the wrinkles, crow's feet;
  2. It can be used instead of cream.
  3. Moisturizes dry skin and improves the condition of the person.
  4. Nutrient composition will help you to achieve an effect on the young people.
  5. Tightens the shape of the face.
  6. Damage to the skin.
  7. No allergic reactions to them.
  8. Don't get expensive products.
  9. Easy-to-use.

Please note: the mask is contraindicated for those who have an open wound on his face, a serious disease of the skin.

Apart From The Botox

To compare the effectiveness of traditional methods or of techniques order. The masks used in the home, affecting the upper layer of the epidermis and have a very short validity period. To maintain the rejuvenating results, it is necessary to use the drugs continuously. In the intervals between treatments are recommended to be applied on the skin wrinkle cream.

Botox is a medicine of the injection needle is injected intramuscularly, it is used as a non-surgical method of rejuvenation. The mask and the Botox a variety of effects, but of the same order. Botox slows down the process of nerve signals as a result of this, the skin is smoothed. And the starch is in the direction of the top layer of the epidermis. The main benefit of masks is that, because of the extensive list of nutrients, it is effective and completely safe.

What vitamins are rich in starch:

CHILDREN – to improve the condition of your skin.

C – stop the process of aging.

B4 eliminates the oiliness of your skin.

The k – moisturizes the skin.


The use of starch, instead of Botox, has been evaluated by many. The mask is completely free and suitable for all ages. The effect is noticeable after three to five treatments. With the assistance of, a therapeutic face cleaner, the disadvantages of damage to the skin.

The recipes of masks

A lot of the masks can be easily applied in the day-to-day life. The only difference in the ingredients, but the basis for all of the Odin.

Important: the base of the mask is 1 tablespoon of a starch, and 1/3 Cup of water.

  • One tablespoon of the powder is placed in a container and place it on a small fire;
  • the weight of the starch with a small amount of warm water and wait until dissolved with a whisk;
  • heat to boiling in half a Cup of water and pour into the cooked mixture, constantly stirring;
  • turn off the gas stove, the post of a dense mass.

The: ___________________________ Note: Mixture can be cooked. The destruction of these beneficial components in the starch.

The ready mask is stored in the refrigerator. For the complete therapeutic composition, based on the add up of useful components.

Stir in the sour cream and carrot juice

You will need: heavy cream, carrot juice.

  • Finished in an eye-mask, add 1 tablespoon of sour cream;
  • prepare carrot juice and add 4-6 tablespoons in a bowl;
  • mix all of the ingredients and the mask is completed.
The mask with Botox effect

The mask improves the condition of your skin, eliminate wrinkles, nourishes and moisturizes.

Note: don't forget to clean the face before applying any cosmetics.

A nutritious yolk

Use: egg, any vegetable oil.

  • The cooked starch and add the egg yolk;
  • 1 tablespoon of any vegetable oil;
  • leave the mask on the face for at least 20 minutes and rinse with water.

The mask is used for moisturizing and nourishing dry skin.

Scrub it with salt

Ingredients: milk, salt.

  • Starch and add half a Cup of milk;
  • sprinkle 1 teaspoon of the salt;
  • it is half an hour of gentle massage on the skin along the massage lines.

The mask is also used to improve the appearance of oily skin.

Tea tree oil

Use: the protein, the oil of the tea tree oil.

  • Bring the egg whites until the state foam;
  • use 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil;
  • mix the mixture with the cooked starch;
  • add a product to the problem areas, including wrinkles and dark spots, then rinse after 30 minutes.

Mask for oily skin will get rid of the rash.

The yogurt

You need: protein, yogurt.

  • Starch, is mixed with an equal number of bits (at their discretion);
  • add 1 egg and stir until the condition of the foam;
  • apply it on your skin, remove from the face after 15 minutes.

The mask refreshes the face, reduces the signs of fatigue.

With cherry tomatoes

Ingredients: egg yolk, tomato, sunflower oil.

  • Take the tomato pulp and place in a bowl;
  • add one egg yolk and stir;
  • after all, you'll need a spoon for starches, and sunflower oil.

The mask moisturizes the skin.


Ingredients: banana, cream.

  • Make it in a blender puree of a banana;
  • to add to the bowl with equal parts of starch;
  • after that, use a moisturizer.

Add to the elasticity of the skin and to prevent wrinkles.


Ingredients: milk, butter practice.

  • The starch is mixed in a bowl with an equal share of the milk;
  • add 1 tablespoon of the pulp of the peach.

A mask with a nice smell moisturizes the skin, rejuvenates, refreshes, tones, relieves swelling, improves color, smooths wrinkles.

With the egg protein

A portion of: a protein, a lemon.

  • Add 1 tablespoon of starch;
  • mix 1 protein;
  • in order to improve the effect, add a few drops of lemon.

Suitable for oily skin tightens and reduces swelling of the face, it reduces the number of comedones.

The honey

You will need: salt, milk, and honey.

  • 1 teaspoon of salt mixed with 1 tablespoon of the starch;
  • dilute with the warm milk;
  • in addition to this, you add a tablespoon of honey.

In the fight against wrinkles.

Cream for sensitive skin

Ingredients: butter, milk.

  • One spoon of a starch and cold milk, and add the vegetable oil;
  • bring to a desired consistency;
  • by the use of a mask, use a night cream.
Cover it with starch and yogurt

The mask has a soothing effect on the delicate skin prone to irritation.

Lemon remedy for tightening the skin

The components: the protein, the juice of a lemon.

  • Combine in equal proportions on the mask, and the protein in the salad bowl;
  • add a tablespoon of lemon juice;
  • applying the treatment composition to the face, rinse off after 15 minutes.

Visually, tighten the problem areas.

Whitening cleanser

Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of lemon juice.

  • The starch and juice, mix to avoid lumps;
  • Cover with a mixture face for 20 minutes;
  • rinse with water and apply a soothing cream.

It has a relaxing effect on the muscles of the face, and it lowers the tone.

The combined treatment with the composition

You will need: a little bit of salt and baking soda, 1 tsp of clean it needs to be for your type of a skin), 1 tsp mineral water.

  • Continue to be prepared from a starch-based cleaners and mineral water;
  • after all, the paste of salt and water;
  • apply to face with massaging lines;
  • rinse well with warm water.

The skin will get smooth and supple.

The hydrogen peroxide

  • Mix the starch with half a tablespoon of peroxide;
  • apply to the problem areas on the face;
  • after half an hour, rinse with warm water and the juice of a lemon.

Ideal for normal to oily skin types, cleansing, anti-inflammatory effect, removes the black spots.

Therapeutic use

You will need: ½ tomato pulp, egg yolk, ½ tsp olive oil.

  • The removal of the pulp from the tomatoes.
  • mix the egg yolk and the starch;
  • pour the oil;
  • leave it for about 15 minutes.

Help a sensitive person to feed the epidermis, smoothes wrinkles, skin looks rested.

Wrinkles with whitening effect

Ingredients: banana, equal to the ratio of the starch, and stir in the sour cream (as desired).

  • The mix of the banana and the starch;
  • stir in the warm cream;
  • it is about 15 minutes.

Suitable for the field of a neck and a decollete. After use, the face will be a little easier to get rid of the wrinkles.


Cover it with starch, and lemon

You will need: 1 egg yolk, 1 tomato-pulp, a few drops of vegetable oil.

  • The pulp from the tomatoes turn into a mush;
  • mix together the starch and the egg yolk;
  • add a few drops of a vegetable oil;
  • leave on the skin for about 15 minutes;
  • after washing, use a baby moisturizer.

It is made up of a lot of the beneficial vitamins, and the oil will eliminate the dryness on my face.

To prevent each and every day

Ingredients: 20 grams of sour cream, 1 banana.

  • Bring a banana to pulp;
  • then, add the cream and the starch;
  • apply a couple of layers, such a method is quick-drying;
  • leave the final coat for about half an hour.

The warm aroma will add to the relaxation. And banana helps in restoring the aging skin and add luster.

Rejuvenating effect

In stock: 6 grams of honey and a little salt.

  • Mix the honey and the starch, to obtain a white color;
  • add a chopped salt;
  • please be on the face for about 25 minutes.

This herbal blend uses the Asian women with the skin, it is well-known for its lighter tone. To the ingredients, benefits, you will need to use a wildcard for the at least one Sunday.

Note: If your skin is prickling and a red, the mixture should be remove from the face.

For sensitive and dry skin

Ingredients: a little bit of milk and almond oil.

  • Mix the starch and the almond;
  • add to hot milk;
  • allow the contents of the face for 15-25 minutes.

The skin will get extra food.

For the big

You will need: 25 grams of kefir.

  • Mix the ingredients of the starch, and yogurt;
  • leave the mask on for 30 minutes.

The skin-smoothed wrinkles go away.

Cleaning, cleaning

Ingredients: 1 pinch of salt and soda, mineral water, and a bit of foam to clean up.

  • Mix the starch with the foam;
  • add the mineral water;
  • add the baking soda, and salt.

It will help you to get rid of blackheads and acne.

For you to get eliminate freckles

You will need: 1 teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide.

  • Mix starch with warm water;
  • add one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide;
  • bring it to a thick consistency;
  • leave the mixture on the face for 20 minutes;
  • rinse well with water by adding the juice of a lemon.

Frequent use will help you to get rid of freckles, age spots.

Keep in mind

Covers, cooked at home, and can help to eliminate wrinkles and replace a very expensive area, with unpredictable results.

Cover it with starch, and tomato
  1. Starch mask for the rejuvenation of the skin, their effect is comparable to Botox.
  2. Eliminate crow's feet.
  3. Even the tone of your skin.
  4. Rejuvenate with vitamins.
  5. Apply several coats for the best effect.
  6. Wash only with warm water.
  7. I don't use a mask, if the face, there are scratches.

Choose the right recipe and don't forget about the regularity of their use. Home treatments don't do the damage to the skin, and carefully to eliminate errors.