The impact of, and take into consideration the use of Botox against wrinkles. Contraindications

What procedures and methods are not all women, just to be clear, the person of those hated wrinkles. Each woman wants to look younger no matter what age she was. Today, we are going to talk about one of the most radical means of getting rid of wrinkles – Botox.

the procedure of Botox

What is Botox the wrinkles, what are the consequences of this, check-ups, and the contraindications of this procedure?

What in common parlance is referred to as Botox is a botulinum toxin protein is produced by certain types of bacteria.

The skin on the face is directly connected to the muscles, and, if the result of the application of Botox muscles of the face are blocked, the recovery of skin elasticity, wrinkles.

After the injection of the drug, the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscles stop, I feel relaxed, but the muscle atrophy does not occur because the blood supply is fully operational.

This drug has another name – Dysport. But it is, in fact, be one and the same, just different manufacturers (for Botox — an American company, Dysport is a French brand), and a small difference in the amount of the substance in the bottle.

In which Botox?

The first mention of it, it was like a poison, which caused paralysis from the infection occurred in the consumption of sausage, a toxin called botulinum, in the translation of the Latin word for "sausage poison"). Later, however, the essence of which is refined by the researchers, and the improvement of the chemical properties with the change of the concentration.

In this form, the toxin had been applied for medical purposes for the treatment of patients with neurological status, it can eliminate the muscle spasms and cramps, and then, in ophthalmology for strabismus correction, and getting rid of the ticks. It was then I noticed that the injection site, the skin was smooth, and botulinum toxin (Botox) is the result of its application in cosmetics as a remedy against wrinkles.

However, as with any drug, it has certain implications for the application (there is, by the way, and the negative feedback) and the contraindications.

The basic restrictions are prior to the procedure of using Botox:

  1. A day or two to prohibit the use of alcohol, causing the appearance of a bruise.
  2. It is recommended to cancel the reception of antibiotics or blood-thinners – they may be able to cause a bruise.
  3. I do not advise to perform an act or a procedure by which the manager is going to take a long time to move (massages, cleaning, Ironing) because of the circulation of the blood in the area of the face will increase, there is a risk that the drug will be distributed differently.

Before you can log in to boteks wrinkles, it is important to clarify the potential consequences. Reviews and contraindications to this method of rejuvenation, it is also necessary to learn about it in advance.

how is the procedure

How is the procedure

The patient lies in a reclining chair. The treatment is carried out at a skin antiseptic. Then, under the skin or into a muscle (depending on where it is administered) syringe with a fine needle injected drugs.

The injections are fine needles, and therefore, the amount of the toxin is considered to be the number of units (on the syringe graduations per unit).

The dosage of the drug to sex, and the age of the person, and also depends on the thickness of the skin and the area where the injection will be done by the power of the signal to the muscle. The men were more concentrated doses than women because of muscle mass, and they become more and more difficult. Patients with thick skin, also, it injects a larger quantity of Botox by those who are thin-skinned.

The dose of botulinum toxin into the eye is less than the area of the forehead, or the area between the eyebrows due to the proximity to the eye, and the less the muscular force.

The duration of the procedure lasts for 3 to 5 minutes. After the injections the skin, overlaid with the ice in about 15-20 minutes.

The effects of the use of Botox against wrinkles

The pain

When you get rid of wrinkles Botox anesthesia, as a rule, do not apply. However, the pain threshold is different, and at the request of the patients ' use of pain is topically: applied to the skin of a cream with anesthetic.

Soon after the completion of the procedure, it may be a slight discomfort – a feeling of loss of a muscle. These sensations pass within a time period of 1-2 hours.

What I did not, immediately after the injection

In any case, can not touch the injection site, and mash them up.

Some of the time, it's impossible to be in a horizontal position, the drill. In the course of the week, you will need to be eliminated from the diet of alcohol and the effects on the body hot treatments (sauna, steam bath).

What is not allowed after the injection

You can't control the car and is it safe to go to work.

In order to ensure that the outcome will not bring him disappointment, over the course of the day, you need to tone up the muscles of the face.

How fast is the visible results

For some people, the result is noticeable on the second, and the third day.

The maximum effect is achieved after two to three weeks.

In situations in which the use of Botox has the greatest effect?

With the use of this medication, you can get rid of:

  • the correction of glabellar lines, lined up vertically,
  • horizontal on his forehead,
  • the wrinkles on the bridge of the nose,
  • the wrinkles at the outer corners of the eyes.

However, in order to get rid of the nasolabial folds, the deep wrinkles in the neck, Botox is not. To solve these problems, you have to get down into the complex.

Suitable for any age, procedure

As a wrinkle corrector, drugs, Botox approved for cosmetic purposes in the age group of 18 to 70 years of age.

However, in order to compensate for the side effects, it is helpful to read the reviews and take into consideration the contraindications, as well as to the good effect of the procedure, the optimal age at which we should start to do these injections used to be considered the age 33-35 years of age when the skin begins to lose its elasticity.

At 55-60 years of age, the procedure needs to be approached very deliberately and with caution as it increases the risk of side effects.

the use of Botox

What is needed is to re-use Botox in the future

Such a need, but in addition to point of view. If, at the beginning of the injection the effect lasts for four to six months, and then, after a long time of the application, last for up to a year and sometimes even longer.

After the abolition of the use of the drug, the effect gradually decreases, and the movement of a muscle to return to normal. The advantage is the fact that the icon disappears, and the habit of frown and move your eyebrows, which leads to the appearance of facial wrinkles.

The effects and side-effects

The procedure with the injections of the drug Botox, effectively gets rid of wrinkles, according to many critics), and the expected complicated as the consequences are not directly related to the drug. They can be found when the wrong injection site or route of administration, and picked up the wrong dose, didn't realize contraindications or failed to comply with the sterility.

The most often complain of:

  • feel the pain and see the fields of drug users (around 1.3%),
  • the pain in the head (5%),
  • the feeling of numbness at the injection site (less than 1%),
  • allergic reaction ( 1%),
  • eyelid swelling (1%).

Rarely complain of nausea. In addition, if the product is introduced in excess, the person appeared to be the effect of a "mask", however, with the passage of time (3-4 months), this is the place.

If there are any contraindications to the injection? Any kind of interference in the human body, even such a simple procedure, such as Botox injections are the wrinkles, there are consequences. Reviews, contraindications, should be considered for the patient.

Thus, contraindications to the procedure:

  1. The procedure does not make a person with a diagnosis of myasthenia gravis (muscle weakness), hemophilia (slow blood clotting).
  2. The procedure is contraindicated for women during pregnancy and lactation.
  3. Once you fall under the ban, patients with skin disorders, chronic pulmonary disease, with renal insufficiency, whether the illness is in a state of decay, as well as the elderly and people who have had problems with the soft tissues.

The cost of the rejuvenation Botox

Often demand injections in the area of the glabellar creases and the outer corners of the eyes.

How effective is Botox in the treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)

Botulinum toxin prevents the formation of an impulse in the muscle, but also in the sweat glands, reducing perspiration process.

After the subcutaneous injection of Botox stops the sweating for 3-days.

the result

The result of the procedure lasts for one year. Thermoregulation of the body is not broken, as well as the use of drugs and even leading to the improvement of the condition of the skin: it becomes more and more hydrated.

From the injections into the palms, feet and armpits are the most painful, then, prior to the procedure, the skin is covered with the painkillers.

Procedure, Botox the wrinkles, and in addition to the effects, reviews, contraindications, is widespread, and the use of it is not only girls and women, but more and more began to resort to injections of beauty and men's. In general, it is the people of the creative professions, and people from the show business, because that person is an indicator of success.

Summing up, it should be noted here that for a successful procedure for getting rid of wrinkles Botox injections, and she had no complaints, and it does not lead to catastrophic consequences, then you only need to visit a licensed and established salons and clinics with a good reputation and reviews, and to be aware of the contraindications for the procedure.

Relying on non-professionals, who might be neglected hygiene, an appropriate dose of a drug), you may deprive yourself of the beauty and health.