Wrinkles and their types. The causes of early appearance of wrinkles.

Of course, the main cause of wrinkles is age, the physiological process of aging of the skin. But, there are many external and internal factors that affect the skin and can lead to the fast appearance of wrinkles. Many have noticed that some people wrinkles become visible only 50 – 60 years, while the other creases on the face appear already after 20.


The main causes of early appearance of wrinkles:

1. Way of living:

  • Smoking and other bad habits;
  • stress, lack of sleep, chronic fatigue;
  • rare walks in the fresh air and sedentary way of life;
  • sudden weight loss or weight gain and so on.

2. The tension of the facial muscles responsible for facial expressions:

  • the habit of wrinkle forehead, blink, and "making faces";
  • frequent smiles and laughter;
  • loads of professional speakers, actors, singers, musicians playing wind instruments.

3. The state of the environment:

  • dust;
  • dry air;
  • frequent and prolonged sun exposure, including Solarium;
  • frosty and windy weather.

4. Improper diet:

  • eating large quantities of meat, flour products, salt and sugar;
  • the habit of drinking enough purified water;
  • irregular and unbalanced diet deficiencies of vitamins and minerals;
  • the consumption of "junk food": smoked meat, food preservatives, colors, flavor enhancers and much more.

5. Individual characteristics:

  • dry skin on the face;
  • oily skin;
  • bad elasticity of the skin and genetic predisposition to early wrinkle formation (hereditary).

6. Improper care of the skin:

  • the use of poor quality cosmetics as decorative and caring;
  • - application of decorative cosmetics;
  • insufficient cleaning of skin, and so on.

7. Some of the diseases:

  • atopic dermatitis (atopic dermatitis);
  • ichthyosis;
  • abrasions, acne and other inflammatory skin disease entity;
  • deficient state of the organism (lack of protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals, dehydration, lack of oxygen), including HIV and cancer;
  • disease, accompanied by edema of the face and eyelids;
  • hormonal disturbances (early menopause, removal of ovaries, hormone imbalances of thyroid, adrenal and other);
  • diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous system, the circulation of blood to the muscles and the skin.

How is the leather aging and formation of wrinkles?

With age and under the influence of the negative factors in the skin and in the subcutaneous fat layer various changes occur that lead to sagging skin and wrinkles. The first changes appeared in the last 25 years. The activation of the aging of the skin is poor circulation and nutrition of the skin, subcutaneous fat and muscles.

In order to understand how skin ages, you need to understand how it works.

The structure of the skin

The skin is an organ with a huge area. Its main function is a protective function for the whole organism by the action of the environment and infections. Of the skin, also, participate in the exchange of heat and water.

The skin often displays of health problems, against various diseases, it can change the color, moisture content, oiliness, elasticity, and a rash of it – it is a vivid symptom of many diseases. So the healthy skin can only be healthy person.

The skin consists of three layers:

  • the epidermis is covered with water-the layer of fat;
  • dermis;
  • subcutaneous fat.

The status of each of these layers are shown of the appearance of the skin and formation of wrinkles.

The water-fat layer is the result of the products of the sebaceous and sweat glands located in the dermis. This layer is responsible for skin moisture. But apart from the cosmetic effect, the hydro-lipid layer protects the skin from different factors and infections. Its normal state postpones the appearance of wrinkles.

The epidermis consists of 5 layers of cells. The lowest layer (basal) is composed of basal keratinocytes. These cells form the other epidermal layers to the outer stratum corneum. Horny cells are essentially dead, contain keratin, and are gradually sloughed off, the skin regeneration. Also, in the epidermis are melanocytes cells that form melanin. This pigment is responsible for skin color, including racial, ethnic, presence of blemishes and moles, and under the influence of ultraviolet light stains the skin a dark color – tan.

The main function of epidermis is protection from dehydration of the skin, as well as by the action of a variety of factors. In addition, the epidermis contains immune cells that protect the skin from infections.

Causes of wrinkles

Dermis – this is the real skin. It is from the dermis to a greater extent depends on the elasticity of the skin. In essence this connective tissue which forms the flexible and elastic framework of the skin, which consists of:

  • collagen;
  • elastin;
  • hyaluronic acid.

All these substances are formed by special cells-fibroblasts. A larger number of better quality, more supple skin.

Hyaluronic acid is a opportunity for removal of moisture in the skin, in the form of such a gel, which makes it smooth and supple. This substance also inhibits the skin from toxins.

In addition, in the dermis are blood and lymph vessels, nerve endings, sebaceous and sweat glands. The condition of these structures also depends on the rate of formation of wrinkles.

Subcutaneous fat is composed of fat and connective tissue. Each person has development of this layer differs depending on the "fatness". In the subcutaneous fat layer is also a large number of blood vessels and nerves.

Features of the structure of the eyelid skin around the eyes and lips:

  • the skin around the eyes is very thin, four times thinner than the skin on the face;
  • more delicate hydro-lipid layer due to the smaller number of sebaceous and sweat glands;
  • the dermis contains lesser amount of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid;
  • is missing or is not well-developed subcutaneous fat layer;
  • an abundant supply of blood vessels and nerve endings.
This makes the skin around the eyes and lips, are more vulnerable and require special attention, because the first wrinkles appear in this area.

Skin types

Cosmetologists distinguish four types of skin. The basis of the gradation formed condition of the sebaceous and sweat glands, that is, humidity and oily skin.

Types of facial skin:

  • Normal skin – looks good, a little sensitive to the action of environmental factors, the least susceptible to wrinkles.
  • Dry skin is usually tender, it is almost invisible pores. But such skin is prone to irritation quicker and the beginning of the cut (improper care).
  • Oily skin is usually shiny, translucent capillaries, enlarged pores and. It is often formed blackheads and acne. But such skin is less prone to different stimuli, and later wrinkles.
  • Combination skin is the most problematic. Forehead, nose, mouth, and chin of the skin is usually oily, while other areas of the face are normal or dry.

It is the type of selection depends on the skin care anti-aging cosmetics.

How wrinkles happen?

Sagging skin

1. Under the influence of a variety of reasons, at the beginning of the aging, or age is deteriorating nutrition and blood circulation of dermis and subcutaneous fat and the muscles of the face.

2. In the epidermis formed fewer basal keratocytes and increased number of dead horn cells, disrupted their normal exfoliation, the skin becomes rough and scaly, and rougher. It reduces the number of melanocytes, the skin tarnish. The result is a violation of the discharge of sebum, deterioration of the metabolic processes in the skin.

3. Damaged sebaceous and sweat glands, a thin hydro-lipid layer, the skin becomes dry, it is dehydrated.

4. Slowing fibroblasts, as a result of it, the less formed collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, the body's connective tissue loses its original structure. The skin loses its elasticity and easily wrinkled, to form the furrows and wrinkles – wrinkles.

5. The reduction of the skin of hyaluronic acid leads to dehydration of the dermis. Also a stronger negative effect on the skin of various toxins, the deterioration of all the processes of the formation of wrinkles.

6. Thick or thin subcutaneous fat layer , also influences the formation of wrinkles. So, with a lack reduces the elasticity of the whole skin, and its excess is injured from all the metabolic processes of the skin, its withering.

As a result, the skin gradually becomes wrinkled, sagging, dull and dry.

Another important role in the development of wrinkles is the condition of the muscles of the face, in their excitement and laxity develop facial wrinkles and various sagging skin.

Types of wrinkles on the face

In the severity of wrinkles are:

1. The surface , changes occur in greater extent in the epidermis. As wrinkles are often found on your face, young girls and women. The main reason for the appearance of shallow wrinkles is dryness of the skin and tension of the muscles of the face (wrinkles).

2. Deep changes occur in the dermis and subcutaneous fat, lost skin elasticity, becomes flabby, sagging of stretched skin. It is usually age-related wrinkles and they, unfortunately, are almost impossible to flatten a conventional cosmetic procedures.

Also, the severity of the wrinkles, can be divided into dynamic and static. First in the calm state are not visible, visible only under the stress of facial muscles. The second behind the mask of calm to hide it.

The types of wrinkles according to their causes:

1. The expression – occur when the tension in the muscles of the face.

2. Gravity is the result of skin sagging due to poor elasticity.

3. Age – wrinkles, associated with aging, usually cover the entire surface of the face.

The types of wrinkles depending on the localization

Each person is different, and it wrinkles due to the genetic features and different habits. In humans, the appearance of certain types of wrinkles associated with the character and gravity of his past life.

How to get rid of wrinkles?

With the first wrinkles to cope independently, changing the way of life and proper skin care. Come to the aid of different masks for home-made or ready-made products from wrinkles plant-based and innovative components.

If simple methods do not help, you will need to help of a doctor-cosmetologist, who will tell you how to effectively smooth the skin, will prescribe the necessary treatments, including physiotherapy. For the surgeons can be applied when the mask and machine procedures do not help, they will be able to offer injections, laser therapy, and as a radical option – plastic surgery.

Simple rules that must be followed in the fight against wrinkles and prevent their development:

  • Refraining from bad habits, Smoking and alcohol affect especially the look on his face.
  • Get enough sleep and walk on the fresh air.
  • Drink plenty of liquids, focusing on the purified and mineral water.
  • Don't be nervous about without it.
  • Care
  • Strive not with the tan color will inevitably be added the luxurious folds of the face. It is necessary to use sunscreen in the cold without special training is also better to not seem.
  • Properly clean and moisturize the skin in accordance with the characteristics and type of your skin.
  • Proper nutrition – the guarantee of health and beauty, eat more vegetables rich with vitamins, food, do not forget about the vegetable oils in moderation and dairy products.
  • A regular dose of vitamins a and E, will help to maintain youthful skin.
  • Less twitch, it is better to try their facial muscles with the proper exercises and exercises.
  • To lose weight should be gradual, sudden loss of weight leads to sagging skin not only on your waist but on your face. And extra pounds, also will not refresh the complexion.

Great tool for leather - Swiss-wrinkle cream is a unique combination of four active molecules (peptides). This cream is designed to prolong and enhance the effect of the injection of Botox or collagen, as well as for independent use, in case of contraindications for these injections or reluctance of the use of Botox. Cream the skin relieves tension, improves its structure, smoothes the skin, stimulates collagen formation, giving a natural result of rejuvenation, reduces and smoothes wrinkles.

The care of the skin and a skin without wrinkles

To fight against aging of the skin, it is necessary to resort even in his youth, and to approach this need can be fully and correctly, and most importantly – all our efforts should be regular, because the effect is just from the daily effort for them. The right facial care will help to cope not only with the existing fences of the person, but also to prevent the development of new wrinkles and delay aging by then.