The juice of aloe Vera for face wrinkles – reviews, recipes, useful information

With the passage of time, our skin loses the collagen and elastin production, decreased production of hyaluronic acid. As a result of the lack of moisture begin to form wrinkles. In order to prevent premature aging and make you look younger, it is very important to the daily skin care both internally and externally. In this role, the along with the healthy diet and is a great moisturizer, you can use a natural product. That possess rejuvenating and antioxidant properties. With such a large aloe Vera.


Aloe beneficial properties for the face wrinkles

Now, this plant is enjoying an unprecedented popularity in the beauty industry. The secret benefit is that aloe Vera promotes fast regeneration of the cells, and accelerate the metabolic processes in the skin.

Thanks to the allantoin component of the green wizard prevents the formation of wrinkles. Aloe contains more than 200 compounds, minerals, and trace elements. It is made up of amino acids, the salicylic acid (a common ingredient in acne treatments), vitamins of the groups A, B, C, D. In addition to the fact that it is a green plant contains nutrients such as lignin, enzymes, saponins, and ful of sugar.

Unlike other natural products, the juice can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, and deliver all of the essential nutrients and vitamins. Thus, it is necessary in order to prevent the dryness of skin and premature wrinkles. Who would have known beneficial properties of aloe Vera extended so far? It means that I don't love the aloe:

  • smoothes wrinkles;
  • a natural antioxidant;
  • regulates the water balance in the tissues;
  • it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.
  • it prevents the appearance of wrinkles in the skin;
  • protect from UV exposure and subsequent photo-aging of the skin;
  • it lightens the dark spots;
  • acts as an healing elixir for the risk;
  • helps to control on diabetes;
  • it improves the digestion of your food.

Most of the pulp of the plant-produced lotions, tonics, masks. However, the benefits are not just for outdoor use. Contained in the plant, iodine, zinc, iron, sodium, have a beneficial impact "from the inside".

Dermatology Seoul National University in Korea, have proven that the daily consumption of ¼ teaspoon of juice of the aloe Vera increases the skin's elasticity and increase the production of collagen.

The experiment involved women over the age of 45 years. Within a period of three months, the women each took a quarter of a teaspoon of aloe (about 1,200 mg). The results surprised the physicians: the number of wrinkles is reduced, skin began to produce more collagen and enhanced features. I agree that this is an objective reason to believe in the extraordinary properties of the Aloe Vera!

It is really a wonder-drug in its natural form. You can also grow your own aloe Vera directly on the box. And do you have "on hand" for this elixir. So, it's no wonder this plant was known even 5000 years ago.

The juice of aloe Vera

Precautions and contraindications

In this section, you will be without the passionate praise and warn against the excessive use of aloe. It has a number of contraindications. Can be taken orally, as a pharmacy and a fresh juice of:

  • hypertension and heart disease;
  • a serious allergic reaction;
  • disorders of blood clotting;
  • diseases of the kidney, liver, gall bladder;
  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • tumours;
  • is strictly forbidden during the menstrual period and pregnant, because it has an abortive effect.

Health care and support are aloe Vera (agave), and Aloe Vera. The juice of the lime to be used for external use only. So, before you can use it on the plants, and to find out what type has the features that your window sill.

When it is applied locally, the juice has no contraindications. Most of it is derived from a variety of Barbadenis. It is a large broad-leafs, and a lot of the pulp. It can be applied in a diluted and a concentrated form, and even in the skin around the eye area. Before you can use it, you have to be careful for those who have allergies and problems with dry skin.

How to prepare the juice of aloe Vera

Buy, the quality of the finished potion at the chemist. It is sold in capsules, with no additives. At home, you can't just get in the way of the plants, and as you use it. The following recipe will allow you to get the maximum benefit:

  1. The plant should not be older than three (3) years.
  2. You can also use just the leaves.
  3. Before you cut the leaves need to be wiped, but not washed.
  4. Each sheet is wrapped in a towel, or a towel, and put it in the 14 days in the refrigerator. In these terms and conditions of the store, and they are starting to produce biostimulants.
  5. After 2 weeks, the leaves should be crushed and squeeze the juice through cheesecloth.

A useful liquid to use it right away. If you are going to store the juice for a long time in the fridge, and then dilute it with the alcohol at a rate of 4:1.

How to use aloe Vera for wrinkles

For rubdowns, compresses, or ice at home, grab a fresh juice or a diluted 1:1 with water. And about 15 minutes later, the miracle solution is to wash it off and apply a moisturizer. Even though a lot of the resources of the writing does not wash off. However, I've come to you on the skin contains salicylic acid in aloe. In the morning, the going rate is periodically wiping the ice with scarlet. I wrote about this in an article on the ice for the person from wrinkles.

The extract is perfectly cope with the mimic wrinkles under the eyes. To confirm the effectiveness of aloe from wrinkles round eyes responses of women from all over the world. Simply apply the juice on the delicate skin, or attach to parts of the plant. The dark circles and the swelling, it will not save you.

The juice of the aloe Vera

To ingest the juice from a aloe Vera in a pure form, it is possible for the 1st time on a day-to-0.5 tsp 20 mins before meals. Diluted in half a glass of water. The doctors advice should be limited to 15-30 days and then take a break. Keep in mind that the tool, while at the same time it improves the immune system, cleanses the body, and can act like a laxative.

Don't forget that the skin on the face and neck no less in need of delicate care, we are reminded of the experts and presenters in their videos. You've probably heard about the benefits of facial exercises that will quickly and permanently eliminate the signs of aging and fatigue.

The time-tested recipes from the covers of the juice from a aloe

Each face a mask of aloe wrinkles it is also suitable for dehydrated skin.

Universal anti-aging.

You will need egg yolk of one egg, 1 spoon of low fat sour cream and 1 tsp. at the pharmacy, or the cooked juice. Cotton pad apply the mixture on the layers of the skin. One dry, apply the next one.

After about 15 minutes it goes to rinse it with hot water + moisturize your favorite leather good anti-aging cream.

Cover your hair with a butter

You have to mix it with the juice, in its pure form, the oil (olive, almond, peach, apricot) 2:1. A cotton swab apply on the face. After 30 minutes, rinse well. Balances oil on skin, DAB a paper towel.

The honey cream mask.

It is recommended for the face and neck to prevent wrinkles. Take 2 tsp of liquid honey. If it is thickened, then lightly heat it. A lot of the honey can be heated (max 40 degrees). Next, mix it with the juice, glycerine and boiled water in equal proportions. That is, it's 2 teaspoons. To add a mix to 1 teaspoonful of the flour of the oats. Apply evenly to the face and neck. After about 15 minutes the mask rinse well.

With a cucumber

One of the most effective is a combination of a mixture of aloe + cucumber. This vegetable contains vitamins a, C and E, which are perfect for smoothing wrinkles and rejuvenation of the skin. In a blender, mix 100 g of juice of the aloe, and cucumber. To obtain a homogeneous mass, add mineral water without gas. It is sufficient to place the mask for 15-20 minutes. Then wash with warm water, and the removal of debris from the cloth and use your usual cream.

Fresh lemon

A great combination of power antioxidant aloe Vera with anti-aging properties of lemon. This citrus fruit contains high amounts of vitamin C, and eat in our dermis. 100 grams of pulp extract from the aloe leaf, load it into the blender. Squeeze the fresh juice of a lemon, about 2 teaspoons. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of clean water to drink. Make the puree. If the mixture is not sufficiently homogeneous consistency, add a little more water. The resulting mixture is applied to the face in a circular motion. The residue is spread on the neck and chest to smooth the wrinkles in these areas. Wait for about 20 minutes. Wash it with warm water and you're done!

Aloe Vera juice from the "crow's feet"

This tool is suitable to prevent the appearance of new wrinkles and the bags under his eyes. The fresh leaf pulp extract of aloe apply directly into "crows feet". Or, you can apply a ready-made gel with a cotton pad. To refresh the skin around your eyes with the cotton pads were placed for 10 minutes in the freezer and then apply to the eyelids. Enough, about 10-15 minutes.

Lotion aloe

Tonic lotion with aloe

A tonic lotion for the face and neck will cope with its task, as well as the acquisition of the assets. It is prepared as follows:

  1. 50 gr. hidden in the refrigerator of leaves pour 0.5 liters of cold water.
  2. After 2 hours, put the infusion on a low heat and remove from heat for about 5 minutes, until boiling.
  3. Cool the liquid, strain, and store in the fridge.

Tips for fighting wrinkles

Remember that the use of aloe Vera helps to moisturize the skin and prevent premature aging. It is just that it is necessary to observe a number of basic procedures for the care of the skin.

  • The thinning of the skin, a daily basis, so suitable for your skin type. For example, a mild cleanser;
  • Watch your diet to include foods high in vitamin C and antioxidants;
  • Drink two litres of water a day;
  • Avoid sharp and sudden changes in the body weight, it causes a loss of elasticity in the skin;
  • Protect your skin from the sun, using creams with a high protection factor;
  • Avoid unhealthy habits such as Smoking and alcohol use;
  • Do not over-use of artificial ULTRAVIOLET radiation;
  • Buy a special cream for the face wrinkles and the eyes.