How to remove deep wrinkles

Each and every woman's dream for many years to be beautiful and young, regardless of their biological age. In the pursuit of young women have resorted to various tricks. However, in spite of this, it is a fact that the wrinkles on your face each and every year there are more and more muscles and the skin to lose its firmness and elasticity. What are the ways to get rid of those nasty signs of aging?


Independent Problem-Solving

To eliminate the small wrinkles on the face, it is not necessary to seek the assistance of a plastic surgeon, or expose your body to the introduction of the injection. In the first battle with this skin defect will have to use the "at home" means.

Professional anti-wrinkle cream

One of the most well-known helpers in the struggle with the treacherous folds, is a cream. The effectiveness of such resources by the wrinkles on the face, it depends to a great extent on the content of the active components. So, what are the ingredients that can improve wrinkles, you have to include the cream?

  • The antioxidant vitamin a and neutralise the causes of wrinkling and loss of skin cells of free radicals;
  • Hydroxyl acids. In fact, they are the agents whose action is directed to the removal of the outer layer of old, dead epidermis and stimulate the growth of new, healthy smooth skin;
  • Coenzyme Q10. This essential nutrient contributes to the regulation that are taking place in the body's cells to produce energy. Studies have demonstrated its effectiveness in the reduction of deep wrinkles;
  • The copper peptides. These substances enhance the effects of antioxidants and stimulate the production of collagen;
  • Of tea extracts. Green and black tea, contain in their composition the anti-inflammatory ingredients and antioxidants. It is no wonder, are one of the most popular parts of the best creams from wrinkles is the considered to the green tea extract.

In modern times, the anti-wrinkle cream is likely to have in the handbag for any woman, and it is an essential tool for the care of the skin on the face.

Being aware of what components you need to include a high quality moisturizer, and a careful reading of the packaging, you can purchase a really effective tool.

A recipe for a homemade cream

Some of the women, instead of professional cosmetics, I want a home, but also because of the anti-wrinkle cream for the face is prepared on the basis of the most popular recipes.

Also, a cream of a wrinkle on the face:

Butter (1 tablespoon) must be mix with the egg yolk and add the crushed rose petals (1 tablespoon), pistils and stamens of the flowers with the pollen (half a teaspoon). All this stir well and place in a glass jar. To keep the product needs to be refrigerated, and not more than 7 days.

Apply the cream you need prior to going to bed, in the problem areas of the face and do not rinse. The cream will help to reduce existing wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new wrinkles.

Ice as a cure for wrinkles

The ice, coupled with the fact that it is a good tool for refreshing the skin and is a powerful toning is also a great way of smoothing shallow wrinkles.

Beauty in the ice of the folds on the face may be made of a variety of components, such as, for example:

  • Ice from the infusion of seeds of flax. Infusions and decoctions of flaxseed, as you know, by themselves, are of excellent smoothing and nourishing properties, and combined with the rejuvenating effect of ice, you can make an amazing effect. To prepare the soup, you need to take 2 teaspoons of flax seeds pour 250 ml of boiling water, then cover tightly with a lid and leave for 5 hours to infuse. With the passage of time, the broth should drain and pour it into the moulds and place in the freezer;
  • In the ice cream. The milk should be diluted 1:1 with clean water, and a little bit hot on the stove, and then pour it into the molds and set it in the freezer;
  • The ice from the juice. You just need to freeze the fresh squeezed juice from one of the following fruits and berries: plum, apricot, tangerine, water melon, melon, banana, sweet ripe gooseberry, avocado, persimmon and sea buckthorn.
The clay as a cure for wrinkles

Apply the ice against wrinkles it is recommended in the morning (as an alternative to the conventional washing with water from a water fountain, or use a tonic or in the evening after cleansing. On the day, it is sufficient to perform a single action.

Ice, you have to quickly move to his face, not stopping on any one part of it. This procedure is contraindicated in ulcers, and sores, all skin diseases, and rosacea.

The clay as a cure for wrinkles

The clay, due to the fact that there are a number of useful properties, it is often used in cosmetic purposes, in particular as it helps to remove the ugly wrinkles on the face.

It is considered that since a huge number of masks for the face from premature wrinkles, the most effective are those one component of which is a cosmetic clay.

In order to remove the wrinkles on your face, you need to determine the most appropriate type of clay. Also, the red clay is recommended for sensitive and dry skin, and is yellow when it fades away, and the aging of the skin.

For problem or oily skin more of a green, blue, and white clay. Pink clay which is a mixture of white and red clay, they are best suited for combination to normal skin.

In order to prepare an effective clay mask for anti-wrinkle will need: 2 teaspoons of sage, lime flower, chamomile, and lavender.

It should be diluted with boiled water (50ml.) and infuse for about 10 minutes, until the pasty mass. Then add the blue clay (3 tablespoons) and mix the two ingredients until the consistency of sour cream.

Next, I will divide the composition into two parts, one of which is that it is necessary to heat it in a water bath, and the other to cool down in the fridge.

The two parts need to be spread on gauze and apply on the face, alternately for 5 minutes at the most, with an eye to protect you soaked in an infusion of lime flower with a cotton swab.

It is sufficient to carry out the procedure once a week or more, and very soon the result will be felt, because the clay mask is a magical remedy against wrinkles on the face.

Oil against wrinkles

Oil against wrinkles

To get rid of facial wrinkles or reduce them, it will help the natural oils. The method of its application is quite simple. The oil is applied morning and evening on the area of skin where deep wrinkles or fine lines.

The oil is often used instead of face creams due to the fact that it has almost the same effect.

  • The oil deep down in a timely manner. You have to mix jojoba oil, avocado oil and wheat germ oil (any oil, take 1 tbsp. with a spoon). Add the mixture to the essential oil of rosewood (4 drops) and frankincense (3 drops). Mix it and apply it on wrinkled areas at night and two times during the course of the day;
  • Peach oil. In practice the oil (2 tbsp), add the essential oil of ylang-ylang (3 drops) and lemon oil (2 drops). By using this combination, we can eliminate the shallow mimic wrinkles on the face. Apply 3-4 times a day;
  • A light blend of oils. On the internet, rosehip oil, (1 tbsp) and sesame oil (1 tbsp). You have done a great part in the fight against wrinkles on the chin, and align the other to the shallow wrinkles on the face.

The cab method

The most effective interior treatments for skin rejuvenation are:

  • biorevitalization;
  • contour;
  • The RF and the vector to raise;
  • botulinum toxin a treatment;
  • the different types of shells.

Each of the methods has its own advantages and disadvantages, which are widely used in particular indication for you to respond to the deficiencies.

Biorevitalization is referred to as a course of injections of hyaluronic acid. The procedure is not only nourishes the skin with an active substance, but it also improves metabolic processes, stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid,, helps correct deep wrinkles, has a positive effect on the overall condition of the skin.

With the aid of mesotherapy you can get rid of nasolabial wrinkles, remove wrinkles on the forehead, around the mouth.

The contour – effect on the skin through injections. This technique is effective against deep wrinkles on the eyelids, removes wrinkles above the upper lip, around the eyes, in their corners, it helps to significantly reduce the nasolabial lines.

Vector lifting is a one of a kind contour. The technique involves the use of a special filler, for the injection, which is also called wrinkle filler. The procedure allows you to remove deep wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes especially under the eye area.

After the vector facelift restores the elasticity and hydration of the skin, significantly reducing its allocation.


Radio frequency lifting is one of the latest developments in the beauty industry. The performance is on a par with non surgical facelifts. The procedure is much more gentle and safe.

The effect of the radio waves eliminate the mechanical damage to the skin, so that the person has not left a scar or scars. In addition to the wrinkle removal, radio frequency facelift would solve a lot of problems with the skin: remove the spider, it reduces pigmentation, helps with enlarged pores.

Botulinum toxin therapy experts, recommend that in the event that you need to remove the wrinkles around the eye area. This is a method of smoothing the surface of the skin, it is used in cosmetics for over 30 years, and it still has not lost its importance.

The different types of peels to help with the small mimic wrinkles, however, if you regularly undergo, can be reduced, and the lower ones.

In the fight against wrinkles, you need to know is that the wrinkles on the skin, it can occur not only due to aging but due to other factors as well. This can be, and the redistribution of subcutaneous fat deposits, decreased muscle tone, and even changes to the bone tissue of the skull.

Therefore, in order to select a set of actions, you need to consult a specialist in order to determine the reasons for the formation of wrinkles.