How to look 10 years younger: facial gymnastics from wrinkles

Facial gymnastics is a unique exercise that helps to maintain facial muscle tone. The creator of that charge is considered to be a plastic surgeon from Germany – Reinhold Benz. And to continue his work, an American Carol Maggio, who invented the particular "aerobics for persons". If we are given 20-25 minutes of these exercises, it is possible to prevent aging, eliminate wrinkles and double chin. It is believed that the effectiveness of such an exercise, one can replace the popular plastic surgery procedure is the facelift. Also, you do not need to do Botox and other treatments. Another plus – the classes of facial gymnastics, you can arrange for a home.

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Facial gymnastics-home – 5 of the rules of

Before you start to exercise the muscles of your face, you need to learn the five Golden rules of facial gymnastics. Without them, it would be difficult to achieve the desired result.

The perfect age to begin training – only 25 years old. After 30 years of gymnastics you have to become a compulsory part of the face. The exercises need to be practiced each and every day. This is the best that can be done in the morning hours. In gymnastics, the main role is played by the regular and efficient method. Prior to the start of classes, select the appropriate item from the renowned coach steadily, and to follow the rules. You do not need the first days to give a heavy load on the muscles of the face. It is better for you to gradually move from a smaller to a larger scope of practice. Face gymnastics should be performed with clean hands. The skin at the start of your workout you need to be cleaned with a mild tonic.

The effect of the order will not be noticeable after the first session. The shape of the face, with a 15-20 days from the date of the day of the program. The wrinkles will start to disappear no sooner than 2 to 3 months. Then, the person will be able to obtain a beautiful color and a healthy glow, cheeks will become more and more flexible.

At home exercises for facial wrinkles, or the Like, in the 50's to have a look at the 35 before and after photos

A proven strong anti-aging effect on the facial gymnastics. A lot of anti-aging techniques. This is an anti-aging exercise is being done in phases. The different parts of the face to gradually warm up and are in good shape.

  1. Ever. The toes are closed in the area of the eyebrows. A located on the outer edge of the eye. It turns out the tour in the form of a bonus. Once you need to have a solid end. Then, the index fingers between the eyebrows are raised up. A great deal is also being moved, but in the direction of the ears. The exercise should be done around 40 seconds. The result: the disappearance, swollen areas around the eyes, the tone of the upper and the lower eyelid is increased, and rejuvenates the skin, removes signs of fatigue.
  2. His forehead. Thumbs are recorded under the cheekbones. The other fingers of the palm are placed over the upper curve of the eyebrows. The eyebrows have to be raised, and the fingers drop down, forming a resistance. Such a provision is recorded for 30 seconds, and then the muscles in his face relax. The result: an effective prevention against wrinkles in the forehead, disappearing the short lines between the eyebrows, and the longitudinal folds, the overhang of the upper eyelids.
  3. On the lower eyelids. The index fingers are placed under the lower eyelids, at the lash line. Then, you have to squint and look up as high as possible. The person is pulled forward and your shoulders pulled back. You can also check the resistance. Hold this position for 30 seconds. The result: the gradual disappearing the dark circles and bags under the eyes.
  4. Cheeks. The index fingers, press on the protruding part of the cheeks, in the center. The lip flush is Packed to the teeth. Now, we need to show the interjection "Ugh!", that is to say, when speaking of a thing unpleasant. Thus, it is necessary to smile, but it is only in the middle part of the lip, trying not to make a connection. Your fingers need to feel the movement of his cheeks. Can I do the same thing 20 times. The result is a supple, taut cheeks.
  5. Of the nose. Often we need to understand the index finger and the thumb. The index finger of the second hand, the tip of the nose to be raised. The upper lip should be pulled down, and hold the tension for a few seconds. If the practice of the nose 40 times. The result: the nose is in good shape, did not increase as a result of old age (the fact that the nose grows your whole life – it's a proven fact).
  6. The corners of his lips. Lips tightly clenched, and their parts to pull it up. Index fingers to massage the skin upwards and downwards, without lifting them from the corners of his lips. A massage for 40 seconds. And then, almost without opening his lips, to exhale air, and to relax the muscles. The result: One of the hallmarks of age – at the corners of the lips are unfortunately down. This deficiency is easy to prevent and eliminate it with this simple exercise.
  7. The volume of the lips. Forefinger to tighten the outer edge of the lip, under the the internal. Fingers to repair the "twisted" lip in the centre, and carefully flatten it from both sides. The result: your lips are voluminous, smooth, and elastic, without the use of special fillers.
  8. The nasolabial folds. His lips pressed as well as it is possible to have gum disease, and it is presented in the form of an oval or elongated "O" letters. The fingers are applied to the corners of the mouth. Then the fingers move to the nose, the wings, and to fall back. Signature move – nasolabial folds. The result: the removal of even deep creases between the nose and the mouth.
  9. The shape of the face. Open the mouth, the upper and the lower lip is pressed tightly to the teeth and wrapped in the inside. In this position, there is a need for five times, slowly open and close his jaw. Then hold her mouth closed a little bit to go on your chin up. To fix it, for a few seconds in this position, you relax the muscles. The result: a clear outline of the oval face jaw line to get rid of a double chin.
  10. The neck and the chin. One side is to be put on the neck and a bit of a push for the other to lean against the wall. You raise your head up and smile. In this language, the reach of the tip of the nose, and push off from the wall. Repeat the movement 30 times, keeping it in exactly the same position. To do the exercise for a further 30 times, turning his head to the left and 30 times to get it right. Effect: improvement of the shape of the chin, jaw and neck, with the neck and the disappearing double chin. The before and after photos, you can persuade even the most inveterate skeptics, that facial gymnastics is not just a waste of time, and is an effective anti-ageing exercises for the face.
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Gymnastics, the person with It; (B) – 13 exercises against wrinkles

All of these techniques and provides training to It; (B) It is called the unit the "Super-person". It involves the exercise of 13. By the time they were only 8 minutes twice a day. In the end, in 16 minutes, which will make your face young, beautiful and fit.

After 2 to 3 months to be the most effective anti-aging technique, will exist, or rather – on the face. Wrinkles will begin to fade, the skin of the face and neck will be smooth, with no folds, facial contours will catch up. The eyes, the lips, the cheekbones are even more pronounced, disappear the the signs of rosacea. In the video of It – detailed instructions on how to make an anti-aging exercise face.

The techniques of face gymnastics is. Designed them well-known coaches, and they are very popular with anyone who wants to save the youth and freshness of your skin. It's so easy – 20-minute exercises for anyone, and without the Botox.