Facial wrinkles: causes of occurrence and methods of struggle

Leather, as you know, the business card of the person, so that people a hundred years ago were trying to come up with ways to rejuvenate the face and get rid of the wrinkles. The small wrinkles around the eyes or lips, not only deprive your skin visual appeal, they also reflect on the life that man has had since birth. The stress and negative emotions, a poor diet and the natural aging process — this could not be avoided. However, in the park, cosmetologists today have a large number of ways of dealing with a a variety of wrinkles, and tips on how to make them less noticeable.What is a wrinkle

the wrinkles on his face

Wrinkles are a variety of visible creases on the skin which is found among the men of the face, neck, and hands, if you are over-expressed on the face or in the tone of your hair and skin.

The age of the wrinkles on the outer skin of the manifestations of the aging process, are usually seen in people over the age of 30 years. The appearance of these wrinkles is a natural process, associated with a disturbance of the metabolic processes in the body.

Types of wrinkles

The behavior of all of the wrinkles are divided into two types:

  • static — visible at rest, that is, with a neutral expression on her face;
  • the dynamic just appeared to be during the time of the active job of the muscles.

In addition to that, wrinkles are distinguishable by the location, depth, and root causes.

The causes of wrinkles

The most common reason for the onset of creases in the skin is a natural process of aging. Most of the people at the first signs of aging, you may have noticed already, in the 25-30 years of age. The wrinkles on your face less noticeable, but it is different in different parts of the skin has lost its previous muscle tone and gradually reduces the amount of water.

Among the causes for premature aging are:

  • unhealthy eating habits (alcohol, Smoking, and insufficient physical activity;
  • stress, insomnia, chronic fatigue;
  • a person the same ability to wrinkle the forehead often laugh, blink);
  • improper diet (excessive consumption of salt and sugar, smoked and greasy);
  • a result of the low consumption of water;
  • illiterate care of your skin (the use of low-cost cosmetics, the poor, the thinning of the Horny layer of the skin);
  • bad environmental conditions (dust, wind, dry air, sun, cold);
  • individual characteristics (dry or oily);
  • heredity.

Rapid weight loss due to strict dieting not only leads to health problems, but also, at the beginning of the formation of wrinkles. So exercise and eat a balanced and varied do not just look at it, but you can be healthy!

The types of skin and aging

Because everyone who is affected by a variety of external and internal negative factors, it can be seen that almost all people age differently. The formation of a particular kinds of loss, among other things, the influence of the type of the skin.

Beauticians, there are four main types of leather:

  • normal — a little bit more sensitive, the pores are almost invisible, and protects against a variety of mechanical factors, the wrinkles appear later on;
  • dry, thin and sensitive, quickly irritated pores almost invisible, and prone to early appearance of wrinkles;
  • greasy — protects from irritants, pores are visible, it is often popping up of pimples and blackheads, wrinkles appear later on;
  • the combined (mixed) — includes an oily T-zone and cheekbones — normal or dry, is the least of the problem.

The type of skin depends on the choice of the decorative, skin care and anti-aging cosmetics. Use only those tools that are designed specifically for your type in order to avoid problems with the skin, and early appearance of wrinkles.

how to get rid of wrinkles

How to get rid of: a review of the cost-effective ways

Today, there are a lot of tools that you can use to create a smoother and firmer skin.

Pharmacy and cosmetics

These include a variety of anti-aging creams, gels, ointments, and medicines (vitamins), which are not always specifically designed to deal with the wrinkles.

Before buying any of at a pharmacy so it is necessary to examine the structure and make sure that it suits your skin.

The most popular drugs:

  • Heparin ointment reduces swelling, heals bruising, contusions, and abrasions, it is a popular way to combat bags and dark circles under the eyes. Gently apply to the skin around the eye area 2-3 times a day for 10-14 days.
  • Zinc ointment is an inexpensive and popular remedy for various skin diseases and damage, which is good, and fine lines. The zinc will protect the skin from UV rays and premature aging. Suitable for people with normal to oily skin, as it dries the skin a little bit, some of the dry skin you can mix the oil with the moisturizing cream. Apply to problem areas with a thin layer 3 times a day, avoiding contact with eyes.
  • Vitamins a, E And F capsules — nourish, moisturize, regenerate the skin, relieve irritation. Use no more than 7-10 days, the interval between courses of 2-3 months.

The basic rule of thumb for the care of the skin on the face is the regularity of the proceedings. It gives a good result in the fight against all wrinkle

Test for allergies before using the product: apply a subtle area of the skin, a small amount of the drug, and leave for 24 hours. If irritation does appear, you can start to use it. Also, don't forget to consult with a specialist that will help you to get rid of the allergies, and to provide individual recommendations to fight wrinkles.

Folk remedies

The most popular recipes popular because of its accessibility, in terms of safety and efficacy. The control of the composition and the quantity of the ingredients, you are able to protect against allergies.

A popular folk remedies from wrinkles:

  • Mask with a yolk for the smoothing of the wrinkles. Ingredients: egg yolk, olive oil, and honey. It is recommended to apply 2 to 3 layers for 20 minutes, then rinse and moisturize the skin cream.
  • The mask of oatmeal for gentle cleansing and smoothing the skin. Ingredients: oat flakes, or oat flour, and stir in the sour cream. Mix and wait for 15 minutes, until swollen, and then apply and leave for 20 minutes. It is not necessary to resort to the cleansing of the face, such as the scrubs more than once a week.
  • The mixture of the potatoes and the eggs, the darkness and wrinkles around the eye area. Ingredients: grated potatoes, eggs and sour cream. Apply and hold 15 minutes. Requires at least 10 sessions to get visible results.
  • A tool, a loaf of bread from the lines. Ingredients: crumb of a white loaf of bread, warm vegetable oil. Apply to eyes for up to 20 minutes to complete.
  • A banana from wrinkles on a forehead. Ingredients: chopped banana, the cream, the flour of the potato. Apply a couple of coats, wait 30 minutes. The procedure is carried out for 10 days, every day, and you can repeat it two months later.
  • The use of ice has a soothing effect on the skin. Using ice cubes to massage the face, the narrowing of the blood vessels due to the decrease of the surface temperature.

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types of skin

Beauty treatments

There are a lot of different ways for you to get rid of the wrinkles at the salon.

Procedures we offer to cosmetologists:

  1. Botox is the most popular tool. Botox injections relax the facial muscles and smooth wrinkles. They are absolutely safe and can also be used as a prevention. This type of treatment is recommended for women with deep wrinkles and very fine lines, and wrinkles.
  2. Mesotherapy is the method of injection involves the treatment of an epidermis level with the injections of a variety of components that can help in the early stages, the appearance of wrinkles, as it allows you to slow down the process of aging of the skin. Entered: hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, substances which stimulate the circulation of the blood, and the Composition and removes excess of moisture and nourishes the skin. The procedure is carried out for 6-12 times.
  3. Ozone therapy is a method of fuel injection, as the treatment of gaseous mixtures. It is considered to be a very simple and cost effective way of transforming your skin. To help you to get rid of pimples and acne, smoothes wrinkles, accelerates regeneration, promotes rejuvenation of the skin.
  4. Microcurrent therapy is a good option for those who are afraid of injections, as well as the procedure it involves surgery and it is painless. A small electric current pulses affect the skin, lymph and blood vessels, which allows to saturate the cells with oxygen, and the regeneration of the skin at different levels.
  5. Peeling is a cleansing of the upper layers of the skin, which stimulates the cell regeneration and the circulation of the blood. The skin becomes smooth and soft, it is a small epithelial lines.
  6. Salon, massage — involves the mechanical impact on the problem areas of the skin, stimulate the circulation of the blood, which is the faster our cells with oxygen. They, on the other hand, regenerate quickly, and the skin becomes more toned and smooth, the complexion is more homogeneous.
  7. Hirudotherapy in cosmetology is a method of self-healing and rejuvenation with the help of leeches, which belong to the type of the annelids, and, in general, are parasites.

Gymnastics and self-massage

Facial gymnastics and self — massage - the necessary procedure for girls over the age of 25. Even if you have wrinkles on the face is still visible, the skin tone is already starting to be lost, so that a large number of exercises to strengthen the muscles of the face would be relevant in this age.

Gymnastics better for you to do it in the morning when the muscles are ready for the load, and at least 5 times a week. For each problem area, you should choose 2-4 exercises and perform them regularly.

Gymnastics people have to work on a top-down, from the forehead down to the neck, with a relaxed condition of the muscles of the face.

If the massage prevents the appearance of wrinkles, makes the skin more elastic and toned. This procedure is carried out easily and doesn't require a charge. Some people supplement the anti-stress effect of the external massage, which also has a positive effect on the skin.

Technique of self massage:

  • Use your fingers to swipe from the temples to the chin.
  • After a few repetitions, begin to move from his temples to his nose, swiping her fingers over the wrinkles under her eyes.
  • Put your fingers in your eyes, and gently press it down (8-10 times). The pain is not supposed to be there. Repeat the pressing of the upper and lower eyelids.
  • Easy to pass the fingers of one.
  • The index and middle fingers, pass a few times from the nose to the temples.
  • A phalanx of a finger swipe, from the chin to the temples.
before and after

Methods to combat deep wrinkles

Beat the deep wrinkles can only be integrated through the inside and the outside.

To do this:

  • drink at least two litres of water a day;
  • a review of the food, making it healthier;
  • to play the sport, at least at home;
  • quit Smoking — cigarette Smoking takes away oxygen and slows down the process of cell renewal;
  • consume vitamins;
  • the purchase of a high quality of the creams, masks and lotions for the face and use it constantly;
  • a regular massage, the gymnastics, to be washed;
  • seek the advice of your beautician to advise a procedure that is appropriate for your type of loss.

10 ways to hide your wrinkles with make-up

The make-up doesn't help you to get rid of wrinkles or dark circles, but if you have an important meeting and you want to look young and attractive, using these tips:

  • The owner of dry skin, you should moisturize prior to make-up for you after a certain amount of time, wrinkles appear.
  • Choose a moisturizing cream Foundation and with no oily foundation. Apply it on the cheekbones at first, and then to the T-zone. Do not apply concealer to the nasolabial folds, it can't be hidden, but the outline of them.
  • Use a concealer to visually smooth the skin.
  • Instead of the loose powder on the dark circles under your eyes, apply a light concealer.
  • Tracing with the pencil, only the upper eyelid, lower lashes color.
  • Eyelid you do not see your wrinkles, it is applied to the first a tone and then the shade.
  • Use pastel colors 1-2 shades lighter than your skin.
  • The white pencil, draw the mucosa of the lower eyelid.
  • A light concealer will hide the wrinkles at the corners of his lips.
  • Instead of a heavy lipstick, use a light to Shine.
the methods of fight against wrinkles

The prevention of the signs of old age, nor the person

The best way to prevent wrinkles is a healthy way of life. A proper diet, including proper amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, it is able to keep the skin young and elastic to be 45-55 years of age. And in addition to the hereditary factor in the formation of wrinkles, the regular use of the creams and lotions will protect you from the premature crow's feet, "wrinkles-dolls", etc.

Preventative treatments should start at least 30 years of age when the wrinkles and bruises under the eyes will be noticeable.

If you have previously used alcohol or cigarettes, now is the time to give up on them, as addition, have a negative impact on the health of the skin.

The appearance of puffiness, creases, or scars to the skin is a natural process of aging that cannot be avoided. However, to be feared, it is not necessary, since the prevention and prompt suppression of the first signs of aging, you will help to preserve the freshness and youthfulness of the skin for a long time. If you take the time to anti-aging procedures regularly, the wrinkles will start to disappear, and his face is visibly transformed, that you are under the age of five, or even fifteen years ago.