Botox injections can eliminate wrinkles on the face

You have tried hundreds of creams which the manufacturers promise that wrinkles will not go away, but you still see them on your face? You will need a more serious action, but this time, you can do is to be patient and careful to learn all the features and contraindications, so as not to get to a new part of the frustration!

A beautician

Botox is a medication based on botulinum toxin type a with the addition of albumin human plasma, and sodium chloride. A tool developed by the American company, and there are some high-quality co-workers. Botulinum toxin causes a temporary paralysis of the muscle fibers. Because of this effect, treat the torticollis, strabismus, blepharospasm.

Application in cosmetology

In cosmetic use Botox to smooth wrinkles. The neurotoxin blocks the nerve impulses that cause muscles to contract. As a result of the "freezing" of the skin over them is relaxed and remains stable during the course of an emotional conversation, laughing, crying. This is the function of the mimic allows you to align the creases to help prevent the appearance of new wrinkles.

Botox smoothes wrinkles on the forehead, at the eyebrows, at the corners of his eyes. In the lower part of the face, reduces the nasolabial folds, spreading her, and understand that issues in the vicinity of the lip.

The drug is in a position to smooth out some spots on my chin, neck, decollete. It softens the hard angles of the jaw, it reduces sweating in the armpits.

The pros and cons of the method

As sweating and facial wrinkles Botox is a term. The client does not need a long time to prepare for the procedure, severely limited themselves by doing so. A thin needle from the syringe and in an instant the feeling of numbness it can be done without anesthesia. And the scars do not appear, even when it comes to the delicate skin around the eye area.

The main drawback of Botox procedures, the wrinkles are considered to be temporary. Already after 7-8 months, the drug is completely excreted from the body. After that, repeated injections are necessary. Age-related changes in the skin are not subject to the correction of the neuro-toxin.

The tool is not able to eliminate the static creases, age spots, sagging of the skin. The disadvantages also include the price of the policy. The average price of fuel – up to 300 rubles per unit.

Temporary or absolute prohibition

The correction of facial wrinkles with botulinum toxin is safe for a healthy body. For the common cold, exacerbation of chronic diseases, the critical days, you have to delay the procedure. For cosmetic purposes, sessions are held for children up to 18 years of age. After 65 years, the efficacy of the drug will be reduced.

Absolute contraindications include the following:

  • diabetes mellitus;
  • oncological diseases;
  • mental health disorders;
  • getting pregnant;
  • lactation.

The doctor postpones the session until the complete disappearance of the scars, scratches, pimples, rashes on the skin. The injections were not placed in an area with moles of all shapes and sizes.

The various steps in the process

In the preliminary consultation, the physician examines the skin and muscles of the face to determine the depth of expression wrinkles. It indicates the client's exposure to Botox, talks about the results, debunks the myths about drug abuse. In addition, as of the date of the procedure. At the time, it is forbidden to take alcohol, medicines to thin the blood.

At the meeting, the client is in the chair. The esthetician rubs the skin with an antiseptic solution, said point injections. He then diluted the drug with saline. For the wrinkles on the forehead is a need for 30 units of the asset at the brows – the 25-unit, below the eyebrows – on the 5th of the units in the outer corners of the eyes, of the 12 units in each direction. The injections were performed with a syringe with a thin needle. The other tools required.

The rules are the consolidated results of

The session lasts for 15-40 minutes. Immediately after the injection, the clients feel a little numbness on the face. But in the end the result will appear in just about 5-6 days after the procedure. At this point, it is assigned to the second consultation. The doctor examines the skin, and if necessary, we introduce an additional unit of the asset.

In the course of these few days, it is forbidden to make any sudden head movements, particularly during the first hours). Do not RUB your face with your hands, apply the mask to burn the acne. Two more weeks and will remain restricted:

  • in-depth massage of the face and neck;
  • a visit to the baths and saunas;
  • dance classes, sports;
  • steaming of the skin, the muscle toning;
  • mechanical and chemical peeling.
Before and after the injection

The acceptance of anabolic steroids has significantly reduced the time of exposure to the botulinum toxin.

Possible complications

Botox is also popular to eliminate and prevent wrinkles due to its mild impacts. At the session, the client feels only a slight tingling sensation, a burning, dryness. This reaction is considered normal. It passes by itself within 2 to 3 days.

Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of the infertility, he or she can introduce infection under the skin. This complication is pain at the injection site, fever, a condition of General weakness. The treatment of the medication.

Botox wrinkles, it can cause some unwanted side effects. An intake and an ill-chosen point of injection, leading to hematoma, edema, seal under the skin. Sometimes there is a mask effect, and the asymmetry of the face. However, such complications can not be corrected. The client will have to wait until the toxin do not exist independently.