How to get rid of wrinkles on the forehead

The first wrinkles on the forehead of fair sex can happen in young people. It depends not only on the skin, but the person's habits, for example, surprised to raise your eyebrows or move them. Often quite deep wrinkles on the forehead, located vertically over the nose, which can be a consequence of ill-chosen glasses or contact lenses and the constant exposure to the sun.

The transverse wrinkles in the young women usually are shallow, but with age, they become more visible and make a tangible contribution to the external aging of the face.

Due to the prevalence of the problems many women (and men) who are interested in how to get rid of wrinkles on the forehead. To succeed, it is best to consult with a qualified beautician. He will assess your skin and offer a variety of ways, which help to reduce wrinkles.

Depending on the severity of the external changes can be used as methods for dealing with them:

Wrinkles on the forehead,
  • the use of the assets for anti-aging care, massages, exercises for the face;
  • introduction the derivatives of the botulinum toxin;
  • lifting using threads;
  • mesotherapy and biorevitalization;
  • hardware techniques (removal of facial wrinkles with a laser, ultrasound smas-lifting, RF-lifting);
  • surgery.

Anti-aging care

Every woman is already 30 years old, if she has wrinkles appear on the forehead, you need to think about using creams and masks with anti-aging effect. It is best to buy these products in the pharmacy or salon, since the major manufacturers distribute their products through special networks.

With the help of some cosmetic products to smooth out wrinkles on the forehead:

  • cream with collagen which is produced in Russia;
  • cream with almond oil for smoothing of facial wrinkles;
  • serum for correction of wrinkles;
  • fluid with the smoothing effect;
  • cream against the first wrinkles;
  • remedy for wrinkles on forehead;
  • corrective filler serum;
  • Israeli serum;
  • any cream with Botox effect against wrinkles on the basis of Argireline.

The effectiveness of these funds (except for funds with a Botox-like effect) is about the same, at home they only help with constant use. You need to choose anti-aging creams on the basis of their financial capabilities and individual tolerance.

Creams with Botox-effect of the best at the age of 45 years, then they become less effective. They are contraindicated in pregnancy and breastfeeding, tendency to edema of the face. You need to use two times a day for 3 months, the effect lasts for six months.

Mask of wrinkles on the forehead need to be used once a week. You can purchase one of the following options:

  • alginate mask the Russian production is directed by the leveling of wrinkles, even deep;
  • the mask is placed on the forehead and helps to remove wrinkles using the extract of stem cells;
  • an effective and cheap mask with Botox effect on the Russian manufacturer.

Massage and gymnastics

Massage and exercises for the face can begin in 20-25 years. At this time the skin young, taut, and regular exercise can help to keep her in this state. Them better to hold, causing the skin of essential oil to facilitate the massage movements, for example, almond.

Gymnastics from wrinkles on a forehead:

  • raised eyebrows and widely open eyes 5 times;
  • the pads of the index and middle fingers are placed on the forehead, unmarked – just above the eyebrows. Trying to raise the eyebrows, mixed with the fingers;
  • without lifting the fingers, move the skin on the forehead to the side, up, down 5 times.
  • draw the forehead skin with your fingers eights, zeroes, and friction of the skin;
  • after the massage, apply an anti-aging agent.

Exercises from wrinkles on the forehead, it is necessary to meet at least 1 time per week constantly.


Botox to correct and prevent wrinkles on the forehead it is recommended to use after 35 years. However, it is too early to start the injection is not worth it. The age at which you begin botulinotherapy, individual. Before the implementation of such injections should consult a doctor who will conduct the procedure, and listen to their opinion.

That prick in the forehead wrinkles? Most beauty salons use botulinum toxin type A, which when injected into muscles, blocks the release of acetylcholine. This substance is needed to transmit nerve impulses in the muscle cells to reduce them. Introduction botulinum toxin is accompanied by constant muscle relaxation and smooth facial wrinkles.

Powder of botulinum toxin is diluted with saline to a concentration of 200 U/ml. reconstituted product may be stored in the refrigerator up to 8 hours. Injections are performed with insulin syringe.

To smooth wrinkles on the forehead between the eyebrows, the medicinal product is conducted in 5 points: one above the nose, two above each eyebrow. In Russia often used the introduction of only 3 points: over the bridge and over the inner edges of the eyebrows. The total dose is usually 50 units. The most common adverse events – headache, redness and pain at the injection site for several days after application. When you appear, you can take regular painkillers.

In some patients have ptosis (drooping) of the upper eyelid. To prevent this, the doctor should observe the dose and the site of the injection. The situation is changing on its own, without any treatment within a few weeks.

The introduction of botulinum toxin helps to get rid of vertical wrinkles on the forehead for a period of up to six months. Then the introduction must be repeated. The effect of the toxin decreases with facial massage, frequent visits to the bath or sauna, Solarium.

To get rid of the horizontal wrinkles on the forehead you can also use the therapy. It is a safe and effective method, often used with injections in the glabellar region. The drug is administered at 4-6 points in the form of a bow, 4-5 cm above the eyebrows. This avoids such rare and passing yourself complications like ptosis (drooping) of the eyebrow. The total dose of botulinum toxin does not exceed 60 units. In some cases, a multifocal administration of the drug is 10-14 points, to achieve a more uniform effect and to reduce the likelihood of complications.

Correction of wrinkles on the forehead, botulinum toxin is only effective when the person changes. In the other cases need a more serious intervention.



This procedure involves the injection under the skin fine threads, which are straighten the wrinkles and keep the skin, preventing it to SAG. The procedure is performed through 2 weeks after injection of botulinum toxin. It is recommended that this procedure is women 35-55 years. In older age the effect may be unsatisfactory.

For the lifting of the theme that is used is compatible with human tissue material. Young patients are recommended topic in the forehead absorbable materials, 40 years old women – threads from non-absorbable material that supports the skin. Effect after the procedure lasts from 2 to 5 years. Such topics are notches, nodules that hook for the tissue, and strengthen them. Previously used gold thread, now from their application refused.

Manipulation is performed under local anesthesia. We must remember that the lifting of the forehead is only effective in combination with injections of botulinum toxin, because of a person's movements can nullify the restraining action of the threads.

In the recovery period after the procedure takes up to 2 weeks. In that time it is impossible to touch his forehead, to wash, to sleep on your side or on the stomach – all these activities can lead to displacement of the topics. The effect of the facelift is clearly visible in the one month after the completion of the procedure.

The threads are inserted under the skin of the forehead is contraindicated in bleeding diseases, allergic diseases, malignant tumors, pregnancy and breastfeeding, diseases of the skin.

Mesotherapy and biorevitalization

Lifting of the forehead is often not the best choice for this area, it is more suitable for the oval face, the cheeks. How to remove wrinkles on the forehead using other methods? In many cases, it is better to mesotherapy. This is the intradermal injection of a mixture of nutrients. The composition of the cocktail contains hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants, collagen and elastin, and many other biologically active substances that improve the flow of blood in the tissue and activates the process of regeneration, which is a self-rejuvenation. In the end, the skin is smoothed, becomes more elastic, its color improves, the pores are reduced, the formation of a lifting effect.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. With a syringe, the doctor inserts a skin therapeutic mixture. After the introduction of 1-2 hours possible reddening of the skin. After 1 day in the places of the injections may appear small bruises, needle marks, such as the introduction of botulinum toxin. In Principle, the procedure is well tolerated and has virtually no contraindications.

Biorevitalization – introduction into the skin of hyaluronic acid. Its components – the Foundation of the skin that has water in it. After injection the skin becomes smoother, improves its color, reduced laxity and the severity of the wrinkles. Use a cream with anesthetic effect, the rehabilitation time is 2-3 days. Required course of 3-4 procedures with an interval in 2 weeks. The effect lasts up to 1 year.

Hardware techniques

How to deal with deeper wrinkles associated not only with facial expressions, but also with structural changes of the skin? Come to the help of hardware cosmetology.

Laser treatment

The alignment of the skin with the laser is performed under local anesthesia. Using directional beam, the doctor performs the evaporation of the deep layer of the epidermis, resulting in the remaining cells densely adjoin to a smooth basis of the basal membrane. This evaporation is repeated several times until the skin does not appear small drops of blood. This suggests that the necessary depth of impact is achieved.

After the procedure the skin remains small scabs and swelling and redness. These effects disappear for about a week. Contraindications for this procedure are almost there, except for diseases of the skin of the forehead.


Ultrasound SMAS-lifting is the most suitable for women with thin skin. It is based on the elasticity of the layer is located between the skin and the muscles. In addition, under the influence of ultrasound is the process of formation of new elastic fibers. This method is more suitable for the correction of ptosis of the tissues of the eyelids, cheeks, chin. However, in combination with other methods for the correction of wrinkles on the forehead (biorevitalization, injections of botulinum toxin, and others) this kind of intervention is a strong anti-aging effect.

The procedure uses local anesthesia, requires only 1 visit to the doctor. Rehabilitation is rarely necessary, only for a few days, it is not recommended to visit a sauna, sunbathe, play sports. Ultrasound SMAS-lifting is best carried out on women under 50 years 1 time during the year. The maximum effect develops after 3-4 months after the procedure.


RF-lifting is based on a property of the electromagnetic radiation to start the process of natural rejuvenation of the skin. To fight against wrinkles good to be combined with mesotherapy or biorevitalization. To achieve the effect you need several treatments with an interval of 2 weeks. The effect lasts up to 2 years, and the younger the patient, so it lasts longer.

For the procedure of RF-lifting has contraindications:

  • tumor;
  • systemic diseases;
  • diseases of the skin;
  • severe diabetes, thyroid disease, thrombophlebitis.

Plastic surgery

What if the woman already for 50, and her forehead wrinkles? In this case, it is necessary to think about surgery.


Tightening of the skin on your forehead allows you to smooth out horizontal and vertical wrinkles, lift drooping eyebrows. Often at the same time makes blepharoplasty – correcting the shape of eyelids and lifting of facial contours, cheeks, correction of bags under the eyes and other imperfections. Such interference is shown at the age from 40 to 60 years.

The work can be carried out with the application of the long incision over the hair or using endoscopic techniques when incision is very short. Using special instruments, the doctor will remove excess tissue, and then to impose invisible seams.

After the surgery, according to the classic method (with reduction) within 2 weeks the patient can be bothered by swelling and redness of the face, loss of sensation, discomfort in the area of the incision. During the endoscopic procedure, the pain is practically no rehabilitation period is shortened to weeks. Within one month after the intervention, it is impossible to sharply bend over, exercise or physical work, overheating the person to drink alcohol.

In addition to the facelift using the traditional SMAS-lifting – lifting of the layer between the skin and muscle from the surgical approach. Any plastic surgery is performed under General anesthesia, in this respect, there are limits to its implementation, for example, heavy diseases of internal organs.

The effect of surgical intervention may last for several years, then the work can be repeated. Plastic intervention, it is important to find a good clinic and surgeon that you can trust their appearance. If done efficiently, the raising of the forehead and other parts of the face gives a long lasting visible anti-aging effect.