How to remove wrinkles on the face: the most effective methods of

Wrinkles in the sight of the many signs of aging on the skin. The representatives of the beautiful half of mankind, have been an incessant struggle for the preservation of the smoothness and beauty of your skin. In this struggle, the question of "How to remove wrinkles on my face?" it becomes more and more important with the age of the woman.

the wrinkles on his face

Prior to the discovery of how to remove wrinkles on the face, and you'll understand why they are occurring

Wrinkles can also occur as a result of the skin folds. They appear on the surface of the skin on the face, neck, hands, and other parts of the body. From their appearance, are to be cancelled, and the loss of the body's connective elastic fibers of collagen and elastin, which are two of the main components of the human skin.

The natural processes that occur in the body, will inevitably contribute to the onset of age-related wrinkles. This leads to a loss of elasticity in the skin's ability to retain moisture, the violation of its metabolic processes, which results in a total change in the surface layers of the skin. Also, there are large and small lines.

Environmental influences and poor lifestyle (Smoking, alcohol), too, cannot be discounted. Also, in the layers of the skin there are muscles. They are naturally disproportionate to the muscles of the hands or feet, for example, but the situation of this group affects our skin. Because of the collagen produced by the cells, build a frame for the muscles that run through it from the inside. Therefore, it is very difficult to answer the question: "How do I remove wrinkles on my face?", no matter what the main reasons are:

Wrinkles occur due to a variety of person's lifestyle. Such as the wrinkles on the forehead, squint the eyes (usually the sun), a kind of the employee should be allowed - for example, some people have a tendency of a sudden decrease in the all the muscles of the face for a while for a laugh. If the on-time correction of a person's lifestyle, for you to smooth out or remove wrinkles on the face.

An incorrect head position during sleep, can also contribute to premature wrinkles. For example, in the neck, and a chin - high and the position of the head on the pillow, which was leaning on the chest during sleep. Accordingly, it is possible to remove some of the wrinkles on the face, with the use of the correct position during sleep.

The intensive weight loss promote the formation of wrinkles, since the stretching of the skin does not have the time for it to become the norm, and are beginning to swell, covered with wrinkles. Therefore, in order not to wonder, "How to remove wrinkles on my face?", it is enough for you to lose weight.

A large number of the disease category communicable, chronic, disorders of the nervous and endocrine systems, female, gastrointestinal, has contributed to a weakening of the body's resistance, reduces the elasticity of the skin, which leads to poverty reduction.

The natural factors are the cause of wrinkles is prolonged exposure to the sun and rain, temperature fluctuations in the environment, its excessive dryness and humidity. The stuffy and smoke-filled rooms lead to passive Smoking, which affects the skin.

Abuse of decorative cosmetics. Excessive washing and dusting his face will ruin it in any skin, not even the pros. Since both of these procedures are, for example, has led to the drying out of the skin, and hence wrinkles.

The age factor in the appearance of wrinkles. The natural age-related to aging of the skin starts from the third in the last ten lives. Between 30 and 40 years of age, and their numbers are increasing continuously, and their maximum number was observed in the 55-60 years of age. The loss of density and elasticity of the skin in the old age causes a thinning of the subcutaneous adipose tissue, degeneration and destruction of elastic fibers, which further leads to its elongation, and release. The next item is the sharp protrusion of the cheek bones, the distinct identification of the nasolabial folds, increasing the size of your chin, your neck and your head.

the wrinkles on the face mask.

How to remove wrinkles on the face folk remedies

The basic cosmetic care, it is highly recommended to complement the traditional medicine, so you can remove the wrinkles on the face at home. And the care of your skin, you have to start early as possible, thereby retaining their freshness and youthfulness for a longer period of time.

Of course, the traditional medicines are not subjected to the complete annihilation of the lines. To return to the cellular structure, and normalize the diet, and oxidative processes, and to tighten skin that may have contributed. In his time, and the regular use will help to smooth and reduce facial wrinkles. Available to the procedure, it is, of course, is inefficient.

The natural oils of peach, olive, sesame, apricot, almond, flax, etc. they are a natural smoothing of assets. There is the drive with the fingers of the remedy for fifteen minutes on the skin. This will help you to remove facial wrinkles at home. The paper towel soak up the rest of the oil. Also, the oils are great for liners and covers.

Carrot juice, stir in the sour cream and the pulp of the grapefruit, take 1 tsp, mix it and put it on the problem areas. After twenty minutes, rinse with warm boiled water, then wipe the skin with a cube of ice. The sour cream and the pulp of the grapefruit can be replaced with cottage cheese and sour cream.

One more effective recipe from the pulp, one-fourth of the grapefruit is mixed with a teaspoons of carrot juice, stir in the sour cream, and shredded in the grinder of Fig. Mix and apply on problem areas. After thirty minutes, rinse and wipe the skin with the juice of a grapefruit.

Puree the cooked beans, connect with the pulp and a well ripe banana and add a little bit of the juice from the lemon. Then apply on problem areas. After thirty minutes, rinse well. We recommend that you repeat it 2 times a week. Thanks to this cover, you can remove the wrinkles on the face of the home and to enhance it's color during the course of the month.

You may also be able to remove the wrinkles on the face at home, especially under the eyes, in addition to your night cream a couple of drops of castor oil. It is used only 2 times a week.

The bit is heated in a spoon dipping it in olive oil, and then the convex side and gently massage your skin. In particular, to pay attention to the problem areas along the lines of the least stretching of the skin is in the center of the forehead down to the temples, from the wings of the nose to the corners of the eyes, in the center of the chin to the ears. No less than 15 minutes to complete. In the end, wipe the skin with a decoction of mint, or sage. In this way, it is possible to effectively remove wrinkles on the face at home.

To get rid of the wrinkles on the forehead, effectively helping one of the following screens:

  • paraffin;
  • paraffin oil (7 g, spermaceti - 3 g, oil-greens - 10 g, peach butter - 10 g);
  • spermaceti (Spermaceti - 6 g, paraffin - 6 g lanolin 30 g, glycerin 10 ml, vitamin B - 3 g castor oil - 70ml, apricot seed oil - 40 ml.);
  • wax (beeswax, paraffin, and lanolin, in equal amounts).

The components are melt in a water bath. Wetted a bandage or gauze, pre-folded in several layers, with the mixture. Gently squeeze and apply on the forehead. When the mask hardens, carefully remove the bandage and wash our face with warm water. To effectively remove wrinkles on the face at home, do this procedure not more than 2 times a week.

paraffin mask.

In order to remove facial wrinkles at home by using the paraffin mask, configure it as follows. Heat 50 g of paraffin wax to 50 degrees, with the aid of a water bath, adding a teaspoon of cocoa butter and the same quantity of wax. Mix thoroughly with a wooden spoon. Combine one tablespoon of the olive oil with half a tablespoon of grape seed oil, a little heat and generously grease the face. Of course, before you clean it. It refers to the top of the oil surface with a special brush and several layers of molten paraffin mixture. Then I put them on top of plastic wrap and a towel. After 15 minutes, remove it, wipe the tonic of the skin lubricated with moisturizing cream. To effectively remove wrinkles on the face at home by means of treatment with the paraffin, it is necessary that 2 times in a week to carry out this procedure in 10 to 12 sessions.

Smooth out the wrinkles on the forehead, it is possible to use a mixture of two tablespoons of any natural vegetable oil, egg yolk and a tablespoon of crushed oat flakes. Apply to the forehead and after about 15 minutes and wash it off with warm water.

To effectively remove wrinkles on the face at home, it will also help you on the next cover. Put it in a plastic bag with two tablespoons of sour cream, a tablespoon of brewer's yeast and the boiled potatoes (a small tuber). All of this is put on the forehead as a compress and hold it for 20 minutes.

Very effective for bee venom to eliminate facial wrinkles. It smoothes the skin and increases the blood flow to the skin and in the tissues of the face and neck, which helps to effectively remove wrinkles on the face at home. It also gives the skin a velvety texture and nourishes it with moisture, improves the complexion. However, there are contraindications, therefore, to use only the given quantities in the form of dosage forms. Of the ointment on the basis of bee venom, is a restriction on the use of not more than 1 times a day, preferably before going to bed.

How to quickly remove wrinkles on the face of the current methods: the safety, beauty and security

In addition to household methods of fight against face wrinkles is a professional service provided by beauty salons. So, the question is, "How do I remove the "deep" wrinkles," you can safely set it to the cosmetologist, who carefully examine the condition of Your skin and pick up all the necessary procedures in place. This is the approach of the specialists of the beauty salon "Veronica Herba". A summary of the study the present procedures for facial rejuvenation. We should note in advance that any such treatment will give excellent results for years to come only with an integrated approach.

Laser facial rejuvenation

Fractional laser beam on the human skin is the basis of this method. In the process, there is a division of the laser bandwidth in a variety of subtle rays of light acting on the microscopic parts of the skin. These sites are located at a predetermined depth. Rays to vaporise them, and with the encouragement of an active, intact cells, they begin to actively produce collagen and elastin. In this way, it is possible not only to remove wrinkles on the face, and improve skin color, remove bags under the eyes and tighten the oval of the face. Recovery time is minimal. This method is a big plus after a plastic surgery or laser skin resurfacing.


By using this method, you will be able to remove the wrinkles on the face, and improve its color. The essence of the method is the introduction of a special hyaluronic acid with the help of the original equipment in some parts of the skin. Then came the treatments, mesotherapy and biorevitalization. However, apart from these invasive methods, is not invasive – it is hyaluronectin, to the person, such as a homeowners association. It often gives better results than the injections, so the procedure is, there is no fear of the client in front of the needle. In addition to this, there is no trace after the injections, and the skin just glows.

Botox for facial wrinkles

This is a protein preparation from the office of the plastic surgery has migrated with success to the beautician. It can also be used to remove wrinkles on the face, both a surface and a deep face. But here's your warning: for the nasolabial folds, and the folds of the chin, it is ineffective. This is because the Botox blocks the transmission of nerve impulses to the muscle fibers, as if relaxing them.

Botox for the face

We also combine Botox with hyaluronic acid, and in this way it is possible to remove deep wrinkles on the face. This effect continued for up to six months. This type of procedure, it is best to let the cosmetologist with a medical degree, which you can pick up cosmetics at a small mimic wrinkles.

The service

This process helps you to recover up to the amount of hyaluronic acid to restore the natural processes of internal regeneration of the skin. Even a single session, it improves the skin's appearance and overall, of course, you can also remove the wrinkles on the face and restore youthful appearance.

The method is based on the microinjection, with the implementation of specific medicines, which include hyaluronic acid, vitamins, proteins and amino acids. Due to the large number of components in a treated area, it creates the necessary amount of the skin that is absorbed into the blood stream over a long period of time (longer than 14 days, which gives rise to the natural regeneration processes in the dermis.


Thanks to mesotherapy we can remove facial wrinkles in a safe method is the use of injections of hyaluronic acid. This procedure improves the condition of your skin, such as the face and other parts of the body. For example, the upper part of the chest, forearms, and so on. Biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid makes the skin supple and restores a healthy colour.


The procedure is based on the introduction of specific drugs which can be used to remove deep wrinkles on the face. This is due to the rejuvenation and renewal of the skin from the inside out with injections, so another name for this procedure is the injection of the redermalization.

In practice, it is a well-known efficacy and minimal side effects, and is also widely used in modern aesthetic medicine. By using it you can remove facial wrinkles in a safe method. This is due to the content of the preparation of the well-known hyaluronic acid and sodium succinate is a derivative of succinic acid, which can enter the Krebs cycle. They are promoting the metabolism, improving cell respiration and gas exchange, and an increase in the formation of energy. Is a natural antioxidants.