Wrinkles puppet: what it is, it is, why it is possible for you to get rid of them?

Wrinkles marionette wrinkles – a variety of changes in the skin during the aging process. Often times, this breakdown gives the woman's face a sad or unhappy expression.

The correction of the wrinkles, the designer

What are wrinkles-the dolls are and why they occur

As unusual a name – in analogy with the doll-the doll. The function of these toys is that the chin and mouth area are visually separated.

The problem arises because of the existence of the earth's gravity. With each passing year, the skin, the more it loses its resilience, tone it down. The gravity form, the folds around the mouth, and it is inevitable.

Causes of wrinkles-the dolls below:

  • Smoking. This habit can speed up the process of aging, which cause premature aging, wrinkles, dolls, and other types.
  • Heredity. Women are genetically predisposed to dry and thin the skin around your mouth, you may notice the wrinkles, even in middle age, far from old age.
  • The loss of the tooth. When a person will begin with the imposition of the problems with the teeth, the shape of the jaw, for example, may vary depending on the severity of the disease, and in this way the form of the folds around the mouth.
  • Severe loss of weight. Diets which promise fast loss of weight, is not without problems for the body. By the end of the "test" on the skin, it becomes flabby due to the loss of its elasticity.
  • Weak muscles of a person. If a woman is a person, there is a low tone, the gravity is a lot faster, you will start to go away, your skin down.
  • The continuous operation of the muscles of the mouth. The other topics that are related to their own lives by the work of the mouth is often stretched in this area, which can cause premature wrinkling of grief.
  • The ultraviolet radiation. It quickly dries the skin, causing the appearance of wrinkles-puppets.
How to remove wrinkles around the mouth

Ways to deal with "the wrinkles of sorrow"

Unfortunately, you cannot reverse the process, have a negative impact on the appearance of a woman, it is next to impossible. There are, however, ways in which they can influence the development of the fault and other devices.

As for the skin, in the form of neglect is a difficult and long journey. The wrinkles may not disappear in the blink of an eye, but to the person who will be prepared to fight for his youth and beauty, you will surely achieve your desired.

In getting rid of the wrinkles of sorrow, makes sense tools. The use of the multiple options at the same time, you are able to get results much more quickly.

  • The treatments at the beauty salon. Contouring wrinkles enjoys an impressive popularity among the women and the doctors call it a good alternative to plastic surgery. Faced with a significant turn of the conducted on it, which, as well as the additional you will make the conditions very clear. Beauty salon treatments are able to rejuvenate the woman looks more than ten years ago.
  • The use of traditional medicines. A variety of masks, which consist of the correct combined ingredients – slowly, but surely, the solution to the problem. They are the second most effective method to get rid of wrinkles-puppets.
  • Revitalise. The best way to get rid of the first wrinkles – facial gymnastics. This job will not be waiting for a very pleasant result – strengthening of the muscles of the face and supple skin.
  • A self-massage. This approach to the problem, tone muscles, contribute to the improvement of the circulation of the blood, and stimulate the drainage of the veins, and blood vessels.
  • Plastic surgery. If the wrinkles are deep and very noticeable, the traditional methods may not be impressive to act on the skin. The most drastic way to remove wrinkles – surgery. It is perfect for older women who want to look younger. However, with the proposed option against the it is to be careful about the time of the operation, you may experience an allergic reaction.

How to fight wrinkles-puppets in a variety of age groups

19-30 years of age

Young girls are often very sensitive about their appearance, and even the most minor imperfections are not left without attention. To get rid of a few wrinkles it will help moisturizers and natural masks. Not superfluous will and the power to correct. I have dreamed of the perfect skin of young women, we need to reduce the power consumption:

  • Bakery-products;
  • Alcoholic beverages;
  • Strong drinks, such as coffee or tea);
  • Fatty meats;
  • Sweet soft drinks;
  • Meat and grilled dishes.
The quality of the food

Remember that the key to success is the quality of the food, which includes eating the right amounts of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Your body needs to get the necessary vitamins, your skin is at risk to deteriorate at an early age.

30-50 years of age

"Banish" wrinkles at this age, it is sometimes difficult. You don't have to refuse the repair at a dedicated cab.

There are women who are contraindicated for the fight against wrinkles, because of the special times of their lives. Massages and masks are always relevant, but the procedures in place in terms of a "smoothing" of wrinkles can be contraindications. Among them are:

  • Ad. A virus, disease or any other acute prohibits the correction of the facial profile. So, the eligible clinics to avoid the disappointing results, and the contamination of the staff member;
  • Getting pregnant;
  • A low number of platelets in the blood;
  • Allergy to the drugs;
  • The use of blood-thinning medicines.

A method for the removal of the wrinkles of sorrow

How to remove wrinkles around the mouth without resorting to the solution of the problem in the cabin? As for your skin at home – the simplest and affordable way.

The miracle mask, as a way to rejuvenate the face

With the help of exfoliation removes dead cells that makes your face look younger. After the masks from fruits and berries, and the skin becomes smoother, and the vegetables mask will refresh your face and give the skin a light glow.

The ingredients of the mask Method of preparation The time during which the mask should be placed on the problem area

½ Avocado

1 tsp. honey, in its liquid form

egg yolk

grind avocado pulp;

the mix of the products until they are smooth

15 minutes

2 tablespoons of gelatin

the hot water

of oil decision of vitamin E.

mix gelatin with water and wait for the swelling;

add the vitamin E

30 minutes
2 tsp. honey

one of the raw carrot

grind the carrots;

mix the ingredients

20 minutes ago
banana small size

1 tbsp honey

1 tbsp olive oil

a single egg yolk

finely chop the banana;

beat the ingredients with a whisk until it is smooth

20 minutes ago
Facial gymnastics

Facial gymnastics as a way to get rid of wrinkles

The exercises you can flatten the areas to appearance of wrinkles and improve the muscle tone of the face. Regular exercise and self-massage, after the event, we will provide a result immediately.

  • Bombast (hold the air for about five seconds);
  • The compression of the lips in the tube, (the intense exercise of more than twenty times in a row);
  • The deputy bombast;
  • Pulling at the wrinkles in their ranks

For maximum effect, "charging" a person needs to do after waking up and before going to bed each and every day.

The salon treatment for the correction of wrinkles-puppets

To get rid of the unpleasant defective it may be in the home and in the salon. Cosmetic contouring can correct the apparent deficiencies, without resorting to plastic surgery.

This method is the removal of wrinkles-the dolls have the advantage in terms of the massage, and a mask – instant results. There are special clinics, where one or more of the sessions the folds are smoothed out. However, potential customers are often thinking about what is the procedure you will have the best effect. To the most popular operations include:

  • Botox;

Botox – a drug capable of blocking neuromuscular communication, which promotes relaxation of the muscles. The skin, lines, wrinkles, and does not remain a trace.

The duration of the effect Good Cons

8 months ago

The high-performance

A temporary track marks

Instant results

The use of Botox is safe, in reasonable amounts. However, the need of the drug falling into the hands of an unskilled technician, you may be waiting for something.

  • Contour;

The contour correction of the face by use of the input fuel. The procedure is a result of the filling in the region below the skin, additional. Thus, the amount of the muscle fabric is restored.

The duration of the effect Good Cons
Depending on the density of the drug. The shops are the result of two years of age, the lowest for six months

To get the results

The short-term results, in the possession of an express facial
Security A temporary track marks
  • The hardware procedures.

Hardware cosmetology has an effect on the area of subcutaneous fat layers, you will be more in depth. Specialists are working on the rejuvenation and healthier skin, and to help you get special equipment.

The duration of the effect Good Cons
The effect is increased with each session (you can put in two to eight visits) Speedy recovery In the case of "deep" a wrinkle you may not be that effective
The improvement of the skin
Prophylaxis of folds around the mouth

Prophylaxis of folds around the mouth

And not to be faced with the problem of wrinkles-puppets, you need to pay attention to your own habits, and to take into account a few considerations.

  • Without the strict diets that promise quick results;
  • Complete rejection of the whites, and at least partial abstinence from alcohol;
  • The use of a variety of creams and masks, moisturizing the skin;
  • A regular self-massage of the face;
  • Staying active himself.

Ways to prevent wrinkles-the dolls are highly recommended, and during a struggle with a failure.