The correction of vertical wrinkles: Botox, fillers, and other methods

The most pronounced age-related changes are manifested in the form of a person. The fences around the eyes, on the forehead, vertical wrinkles above the upper lip are the main signs of aging who wants to get rid of the woman in the first place.

The correction of the purse-string wrinkles

Why are the vertical lines

The wrinkles on the upper lip, the height of which increases with age, is referred to as the horizontal lines. The main reason for their appearance is the loss of skin elasticity and muscle tone in the mouth area.

In his youth, the muscles and tissues around the mouth, it is constantly in good shape. Starting at the age of thirty, the skin starts to lose particles of natural, collagen, and elastin, which leads to the formation of nasolabial folds (vertical wrinkles), the discharge at the mouth.

The severity of the pathological process is determined by a number of factors:

  • the individual characteristic gestures;
  • bad habits (Smoking, alcohol consumption, drug use);
  • the control of the hygiene and health of the skin.

Also, the formation of vertical wrinkles above the upper lip due to the constant pressure of the circular muscles of the mouth. The muscle fibers are in a constant tension in the diet, and in the talking, laughing, and expressing other emotions.

The bundles of circular muscles, which is not attached to the bone tissue, causing small stresses, they are stretched.

The most vulnerable at the beginning of the appearance of the vertical wrinkles above the upper lip of the patient, whose professional activity is connected with the active operation of the circular muscle (artists, musicians, and teachers). The risk group also includes:

  • of the patients, which drastically reduced the weight gain of the body weight with no fat in the area a contributes to the thinning of the tissues and formation of wrinkles;
  • patients with a hereditary predisposition;
  • the people who are living in adverse environmental conditions;
  • patients with diseases of the thyroid gland, disorders of the central nervous system.

To speed up the process of the formation of the vertical lines is often night shift (lack of sleep), insufficient care of the skin (due to the lack of moisturizing, and cleansing), overactive facial expression, and abuse of alcohol and Tobacco use, poor diet (lack of vitamins), living in environmentally disadvantaged areas, and prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays, often with the use of a chewing gum.

Methods in order to eliminate the purse-string wrinkles

Methods of correction

The methods of elimination of horizontal wrinkles are different, but they all have one common goal — the elimination of the root causes vertical wrinkles, and the prevention of the worsening of the problem and its occurrence in the future.

Important: only a systematic approach to problem solving will help you to achieve the positive effect of the correction of the vertical lines quickly, and to fix the result for a long time.

In the initial stage of the formation of wrinkles around the mouth and you simply bring with the help of cosmetic products and formulations, created by the recipes of traditional medicine. In the later stages of the development of the folds of the mouth of the arc with respect to its elimination, is used by more and more radical methods of cosmetology.

A quick return to the tone of the muscles of the face, smooth out the vertical wrinkles of the lips will help in the following cosmetic techniques:

  1. Mesotherapy, biorevitalization, contour correction — supports the manipulation of subcutaneous injections of hyaluronic acid, vitamins and microelements. Also, to fix the problem areas according to the skin type of fillers, based on hyaluronic acid. The end result of this technique is the filling of small wrinkles, normalization of the circulation of the blood, the nutrition of the tissues, improve the tone and elasticity of the skin on the face.
  2. Injections of a drug designed on the basis of a botulinum toxin And a neurotoxin . Botox for the vertical wrinkles on the basis of the relief of nerve impulses to the circular muscle of the mouth; alleviate the spasm in the muscle. As a result, the skin around the mouth is smoothed, the vertical lines go away.
  3. Fraxel — procedure-the measurement and processing of the laser beam to certain areas of the skin. The laser treatment stimulates the regeneration of skin cells, the synthesis of the particles of the collagen and elastin in the deeper layers of the skin.
  4. The "ELOS" is a combination of the two types of energy: the laser energy and radiofrequency waves.
  5. Amplification — increasing the strength of the skin above the upper lip separate strands (meso-strands). They are introduced to the line between the lip and the nose. In the first, the elasticity of the muscles that attach to the masonite, and then, on the basis of the collagen, which will grow. The method of reinforcement — the procedure is repeated. Periodicity — every three to six months.

The types of used drugs

Depending on the type of procedure, for the correction of the vertical lines of getting the the specific medication:

  1. The vertical contouring wrinkle filler.
  2. Botox.
  3. Mesotherapy.
  4. Bioreinforcement allows you to achieve the maximum effect of rejuvenation.
  5. The preparation of the PRP, have been made on the basis of the patient's own tissues.
The injections of the medication

Indications and contraindications

The vertical lines above the upper lip, to not only add age, but if the expression on her face now, tired, a little irritated. The aesthetic side of the problem, the vertical lines around the mouth, it is the main indication for manipulation of the correction.

Contraindications to the procedure are the elimination of horizontal wrinkles are:

  • the state of pregnancy, lactation period;
  • individual intolerance to the administered drug;
  • chronic diseases in acute form;
  • the sensitivity of the skin;
  • inflammation of sites to the skin of which it is possible to carry out the correction procedure;
  • blood diseases, cancer pathology;
  • antibiotics;
  • procedure-chemical or laser peel done the day before.

Side effects and complications

In the majority of cases, the correction of vertical wrinkles did not cause the patient any side-effects and serious complications. Very rarely, in exceptional cases, it may be increased pain of the treated skin, headache, a feeling of anxiety. In the injection of filler can cause swelling, bruising. After the seven days, these unpleasant symptoms will pass.

A technique for correction of the procedure

The positive effect of the correction of the horizontal lines depends on the strict adherence to the priority of all the processes:

  1. The patient receives a physician consultation, the results of which shall be determined by the type of repair procedure, preparation for its implementation.
  2. The skin on his face prior to the procedure, it is ready, cleaned up the cosmetics. The skin smeared with a special applicative anesthesia. Cream is processed into the desired areas of the skin, and then cover it with tape. After a while, there is an anesthetic effect.
  3. The cure-filler (on the basis of hyaluronic acid) is injected under the skin using a fine needle or flexible cannula.
  4. All of the activities you need to be very clear. First and foremost, it is processed by the shape of the lips.

Important: if the contour of the lower lip does not change, it is to be treated as a preventative measure.

The whole procedure, the correction does not last for more than an hour.

A couple of days on the face of the patient can be swollen, painful palpation of the injection of the filler. If the drug is injected with a needle into the injection site can bruise.

The expected effect of

The expected effect of

Remove the vertical wrinkles above the upper lip can be provided the comprehensive approach that is based on three basic principles:

  • regularity (all these procedures were carried out according to a specific schedule);
  • the correctness of the action (the skin above the upper lip is very tender and thin), was a careless move, the wrong medicine can not only improve a pre-existing problem, but also cause a number of side-effects.
  • gradualism (the drug is chosen according to the principle of the increase of the influence of the active components). During the process of correction, under the control of the dynamics of change. If necessary, the patient is able to provide a more efficient, aggressive corrective action.

Only a comprehensive approach to the problem of the vertical lines will help you to achieve the best results, the complete elimination of the creases and wrinkles around the mouth, the improvement of flexibility the skin on the face, promote regeneration of skin cells.