The most effective masks against wrinkles around the eyes

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The woman begins to think about her age, and the action of inexorable time, and when the first signs of aging found on the face. This has been going on close to 30 years of age (some earlier, some later), when you will begin to appear in well-known crow's feet. A network of wrinkles, that is, diverging from the corners of your eyes, making you look older, it makes you look like you no longer are so bright and attractive. After 30 the skin in these areas, the DISTORTIONS, and the more clearly manifest to the real the wrinkles.

the wrinkles around the eyes

Causes of wrinkles under the eyes

A lot of home screens are versatile: put them in a cream for the face, refresh your skin, mix honey with the egg — feed her. Quite another thing with the tools that are used for the care of the skin around the eye area. This is the face different from all the others in its structure, so that the products will suit to remove the wrinkles. You can find out why here appears the first warning signs of ageing, it is necessary in order to prevent their occurrence. Some of the reasons for this is because of the psychological, regardless of the female factors, the others — inadequate care:

  • The person has no sebaceous glands, which moisturize, so that gradual dehydration (loss of moisture), leading to the formation of unpleasant folds;
  • Around the eyes is the tiny muscles that are the embodiment of every emotion being experienced by the people are: so — the inevitable facial wrinkles, it can not be avoided no one.
  • With the passage of time, the cells lose the ability to produce these essential for the elasticity of the skin, compounds such as elastin and collagen, which results in the formation of folds, bags, and small wrinkles;
  • Without extra care, this area of the face to suffer first from the adverse atmospheric phenomena (heat, ice, rain, wind, uv radiation, etc.). you may be harming the delicate, thin, delicate skin around the eyes: it is therefore recommended to use all kinds of protective covers;
  • Abuse of decorative cosmetics to actively promote the elimination of the moisture out of the cells and the skin starts to grow old and wrinkled;
  • Spending long periods of time on the computer, it is still an indirect cause of which, may cause the appearance of wrinkles in the facial area;
  • The broken regime of the day, (chronic sleep deprivation) is also at the end leads to the fact that the first wrinkles under eyes are appearing in their twenties for girls;
  • An improper diet does not provide the body with all the necessary nutrients and lose their skin, as a result, sagging and creases.

The characteristics of the structure of the skin around the eyes to make a closer and more careful in this part of the face. The elementary rules of protection apply to the implementation of the mask, cleanse the skin of make-up through the laundry every day before you go to sleep), helping to extend the young people and to prevent early appearance of wrinkles. In the long seat at the computer in the morning, and a day of junk food, soda, you also need to remember, however, in order to bring their appearance in order.

The characteristics of the skin around the eye area

Unfortunately, you cannot reverse the process of aging of the skin around the eyes is next to impossible. However, it is possible to significantly slow down and can completely prevent the situation when it is the best skin to lose its elasticity and becomes saggy, it appears the bags, eyelids droop heavily from the top, and the corners of his eyes fall.

Any way to hide this unpleasant picture is not all of the make-up, even a lot of expensive and cost-effective. This is the reason why the skin around your eyes needs the proper care that needs to be done, even in a very young age. So, it is a very effective mask for the face, around the eyes, the best of the recipes, which are set forth below.

how to get rid of wrinkles

The dryness is a major problem for the skin around the eye area

The eyelids are constantly in motion, because the eyes are moving the bodies to the face. The man squints, I closed and opened it, showing the expressions of a person's feelings, the eyelids are stretched.

At a young age, the skin of the eye is elastic and does not lose its shape, the eyelids perform to the agenda of the fifty-thousand different movements. However, with the passage of time has changed, and there is no special equipment for the care of the skin is necessary.

Of course, it is imperative that you buy cosmetics for your eyes, to walk in beauty and to apply a variety of homemade masks for the skin around the eyes, which, for the proper and timely use, and will help to significantly slow down the process of aging is to get rid of puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles.

Swelling, and how to fight with them.

Swelling is the most common problem to a lot of people, and the experts say that your eyes may swell up due to the violation of the lymph circulation in this area. To reduce the severity of the swelling, and to remove them permanently, incapable of a variety of special masks. They use completely different ingredients, including the bananas, stir in the sour cream, spinach, parsley, cucumbers, pumpkins. A mask for the skin around the eyes is known to a very effective recipe.

Another simple and common mask is made up of Apple pulp. For its production you need to grate the Apple and put the result in the slurry of the swelling. Alternatively, you can take the thin Apple slices for fifteen minutes to keep the problem areas. This is the mask to be happy with an effective in dealing with edema, such as the substances contained in apples, you can quickly eliminate them.

Dark circles under the eyes, and as a means of dealing with them.

Another common problem is dark circles under the eyes. In fact, they are even more swollen, and the main reasons for their occurrence may be of a completely different nature. So, for example, that if a little bit of sleep, and are often subjected to stress, and, in the case of the arrangement of the capillaries close to the surface of a very thin skin.

The right way is, of course, is a strong and healthy sleep, daily walks and exercise. However, if at the same time it can be applied to many different folk remedies, including masks for the skin around your eyes (at home), then those circuits can be significantly reduced, and then disappear.

A mask against wrinkles around the eyes — best recipes

Those women who regularly use a mask for the skin around the eye area, domestic, expressive, shining eyes. Don't spoil the little bit of light on the wrinkles stemming from the corners of their eyes in a variety of ways. If the fact of their presence is already obvious, between the covers, you need to select the ones that have a lifting effect and a high degree of humidity. These two qualities will enable them to cope with the evil. Choose, try on a variety of different recipes, I found a tool that suits you.

how to use the mask against wrinkles
  • The yeast + milk. The conventional yeast (25 g) is mixed with warm milk to the desired consistency: the mask does not need to be too thick, so that, after drying, it is attracted to the skin, and it should not be too much of a liquid to flow down, go into the eye. In this mask it is possible to replace the milk with olive oil.
  • Potato + cream. Fresh, raw potato to RUB on a small grater. 1 to the masses. a tablespoon of resulting puree, add 1 tea spoon of oil (25-30%) etc. This mask can be used from 18 years of age.
  • Apricot + cream. The grinding of the pulp apricot, puree, whip equal amounts of fat (30%) stir in the sour cream home.
  • The lemon + salt. The mask is very effective at fighting wrinkles around the eye area, but be careful: salt can be an irritant effect on the delicate skin in this area. However, if the mixture gets into the eyes, which can cause prolonged redness. Cut a ripe lemon in half. One of the halves to manually squeeze the juice (you get about 1 or 2 tables. spoons). Beat until airy foam, raw protein, add the juice of a lemon. At the last moment, add a very little bit of salt (about 1-2 Gy). Before applying, stir thoroughly, and don't forget to check out the reaction on the skin.
  • Oats + milk. Finally, the skin around the eye area and use oat flour. But, in its absence, you can grind regular oatmeal in a grinder for a coffee. To fill (the 2 tables. tablespoons), the same amount of the warm milk and leave for half an hour to swell. Slurry is best applied warm.
  • Honey + protein. The honey in the warm, liquid form (a 1, there. a spoon to whip it with a fresh egg, add to the density of the wheat flour (1 tea spoon), well-known for its tightening and rejuvenating properties.
  • Banana + oil. The best cure for facial wrinkles. Mash the pulp of a banana with a fork, mixed (1) of the table. a teaspoon) in with the butter to a melted liquid state (1) of the table. with a spoon).
  • Camphor oil + pork fat. If you are not deterred by the smell of camphor, and you are still to treat the visceral fat, the mask is able to meet your expectations in getting rid of wrinkles. Mix camphor oil (3 table below. tablespoons with the same amount of visceral fat, the lard, previously melted in a water bath.
  • The bread + milk. A piece of stale white bread without the crust, pour a small amount of the warm milk. You are waiting for the swelling to stretch and warm impose on the skin around the eye area.
  • The honey + milk products. Since we pour the milk in equal quantities (a 1, there. a spoon), stir. Add the honey into the warm and liquid, and cream (1 tea spoon). Pour 1 tea spoon of vegetable oil (can be olive). Of dairy products must be very high in fat.

The wrinkles will gradually become less clear, not-so-well-known and stark, the emergence of a new stop. If you continue to the chronically sleep-deprived, and do not provide your body with the vitamins and other essential nutrients, the mask can be a complete fail. The only across-the-board solution to this problem, we can provide the desired result.

The rules for the application of a mask of wrinkles

The special structure of the skin around the eyes requires a proper application is made according to the recipe of the mask. This will enhance their efficacy.

the effectiveness of the mask
  1. If the wrinkles don't prematurely also suffer from what has happened, and as a prophylactic agent to use these tools. Select any other of the nutritional substance, or a moisturizer, but without the lifting effect. Otherwise, the result will be the opposite.
  2. The mask of wrinkles under the eyes, is denied to any experimentation with the recipe. If you have indicated that, for its preparation you need to take the cream, you can use this product instead of kefir, yogurt, or a yogurt.
  3. You will be able to find it to make a mask from eggs and dairy products, the effectiveness of the mask will be increased by several times.
  4. To the excess moisture in this area of the face, and use of dairy products very high content of fat.
  5. The prepared mix is first checked for the presence of an Allergy: a small amount of fat at the wrist, rinse off after about 15 minutes, for 3 to 4 hours and observe the response. The lack of itching, and hives - an indication that the mask can be applied to the sensitive areas around the eyes.
  6. Before applying, carefully clean the eyelids and lashes from cosmetics.
  7. It is recommended to be applied easily with your fingers as you drive the vehicle into the skin.
  8. While the mask is not recommended to walk around the house to do something, to show emotion. It is better to lie on your back with your eyes open, relax, think of a good one.
  9. Make sure that the mixture gets into the eyes, but in the case of any of the ingredients it can cause irritation, and they have a lot of red.
  10. Don't keep these masks on for more than 15 minutes to complete. The optimal time — about ten minutes.
  11. You need to rinse with water at room temperature or a cotton pad soaked in a decoction of herbs.
  12. Regular attendance is the key to the effectiveness of any mask. And don't forget to do it a couple of times a week for a bath or a shower before going to bed.
  13. A change in the composition of the mask, so that it will not cause your skin getting used to the same ingredients. He sat on one of the recipe of the month — it's time for you to use it on the side. Then, if you need to, you can go back to the old way.

Wrinkles under eyes appeared first, and can be used to look at the beautiful young face. To eliminate them, you don't need to ask for the help of the latest beauty procedures — to do this, you will always have the time. To get started, try the folk remedies tested by time and experiences of our ancestors.

If you are over 40, and about you, to be given not more than 30, then it can be considered to be an extremely lucky woman. Usually, after the age of 40, a woman begins to take in private systems. Everyone is trying to deal with it in a variety of ways, but it is the only way to deal with the evil in nature is to its benefits. We are talking about the use of natural resources in the struggle against age changes of a skin.

Useful tips to preserve youthful skin around the eyes:

how to use the mask
  • For washing use only cool clean water for drinking, you can also use the melted water (not water from the tap and not boiled!). This water will enhance the circulation of blood. You can also use a cosmetic ice.
  • Apply the cream to the area around the eyes should be small portions, the distribution of the point moves on the pads of the ring finger (as a ring, on your toes were less developed, they are not able to deform the skin).
  • In the morning, apply the nourishing creams or gels, and make-up with a lifting effect in the evening. On the contrary, you can get a severe swelling.
  • In any case, do not use the cream on the eyelid skin.
  • Make sure to use cosmetics for skin care with spf.
  • Cosmetics should be replaced every three to four months, in order to avoid dependence, or allergic reactions.
  • In winter and autumn, periods of time, you need to take a multivitamin complexes.
  • The more a walk in the fresh air, to lead an active life-style.

The beauty and youthfulness of the skin is as a result of regular and careful maintenance. So, to learn how to take care of yourself and your skin as early as possible, and to carry on its young and youthful appearance.