Exercises for facial wrinkles: a complex of rejuvenating home gym

The products of this rejuvenation, the face is not too many. This and beauty salon, cosmetic treatments, as well as traditional recipes. Every woman chooses what best suits him. But you should pay attention to the practices, the renewal. Performing simple exercises will not a lot of time, but nothing will cost you. The result is the same, if you regularly appear quickly you'll be pleased.

Face gymnastics

General information about exercises for facial wrinkles

The authors of the courses, the gym, the face, the promise that with the help of these exercises, you can create a virtually new appearance without the plastic surgery. This, of course, an exaggeration, but to improve the appearance of your skin condition is very suitable. It is advisable to start the 30-35 years, when the first negative changes. Methods to a lot of negotiation possible, to choose one, or two, or even compile some of your favorite make it to the best effect of exercise.

If the tournament the wrinkles regularly, can significantly improve the appearance of

All system training is worse than if the exercises correctly, you will not be exact. In fact, the same responsible for the organization. As a result, the regular functioning of the muscles, increases blood flow to the skin, aktiviziruyutsya the supply of oxygen and nutrients. As a consequence, stimulates the tissue regeneration, the cellular level, the production of collagen and elastin. Noticeably firmer facial contours, disappear bruising, swelling under the eyes disappear fine facial wrinkles. This is a common effect. But it's possible to focus on a particular problem, for example, the deep folds of the nose, transverse forehead wrinkles, the second chin.

If the exercises correctly, deterioration of the appearance will not be exact

Before training it is necessary to remove the makeup, then straighten my hair

To perform complex should take no longer than 20 minutes. It's very important, relevant psychological support. Starting to exercise, you need to consider that there is no gym doesn't work with Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, fad, fast food, chronic lack of sleep. Pre-review your diet, lifestyle.

Fast food restaurant

You don't exercise, it doesn't help to improve the appearance of the face, without complex changes in lifestyle and avoiding harmful habits

Description of the existing complexes

Methods of rejuvenation of face exercise many. The most advanced abroad, but recently released the Russian. Better more determine to find the suitable for yourself, and not immediately grab one.

Breathing exercises

Plus, the technique, in its simplicity, comprehensive approach. The process is very important for correct breathing. The lung is necessary to completely release the air, then, like a deep, fast, sharp air. Exhale mouth, at the same time a strong pull in the belly. Wait 8-10 seconds to new air.

Breathing exercises to fight against wrinkles provide remarkable results

At the time of the breath hold consistently through the active points on the face, eyebrows, between-the inner and outer corners of the eyes, temples, sides of nose, corners of the lips to the tragus, fixing the lower jaw. During these 8-10 seconds have squeezed my fingers, which is sort of throbbing. Every point will need 10 repeats.

The most known practice is the "Ugly face". Lips should be collected in a tube, eyes to open as widely as possible. And then his lips fell off due to the tension of the muscles of the face, the nose, the eye rises up. In this situation, as far as I could put my tongue to work the muscles of the neck, chin. Keep the position for 8-10 seconds.

"Ugly grimace" — the most famous exercise in the complex of respiratory gymnastics the wrinkles

To enhance the effect, the pose "lion" feet apart, almost shoulder width, hands rest over the knees, the pelvis slightly backwards. Head is kept straight.

The practice at the end of the lower jaw protrudes forward, as far as possible, while slowly his chin raised to the ceiling. Hand pushed back, the feet are not lifted off the ground. In this situation, you have to hold for 6-8 seconds.

Against practices face

"Bulldog" face of a lot of old, both visually, that the face is rough. The exercises are performed standing or sitting. After your workout, preferably within an hour, withdraw the active expressions.

Sagging of the face many older women, and they are obvious at an early age

  • Imagine that you gonna cry. The application of power, lower lip corners as low as possible. After reaching the limit, the fixed position for 5-7 seconds.
  • Open your mouth, revealing the teeth. Attach them to the tips of the index finger. Try to to together with them, the varying muscles of the face.
  • Mouth, drag pipe, drag your face a lot. Keep your mouth immobile, loosen up a little bit.
  • Squeeze a pencil or other object of similar shape just to the lips without the teeth. Within two minutes constantly to draw, write in the air nothing.
  • Hug yourself in the hands, the shoulders, the lips compressed to a line. Slowly inhaling, at the same time pull the back of the head. After reaching the limit, pull it from the mouth of a tube closed position for 4-5 seconds.
  • Open mouth, close to teeth, lips. Thrusting out his chin rest in the palm of your hand. Move your lower jaw back and forth, and resistance overcome.
  • Maximum inflate in the face of increasing mouth air. Attach them to the palm of your hand, press down. Resistance as a consequence of the muscles of the face, the air left his mouth.
  • Press with your fingers nasolabial folds. The mouth open, but cover my mouth the upper and the lower teeth.
  • Put your finger under the cheekbones. Smile as widely as possible. Fixed in this situation for 5-7 seconds.
  • Raise your head, stick out the. Upper lip cover the bottom. Slowly turn your head.

Practices face a lot, you can choose for themselves the most effective 3-5

If you are running as the face of choose 4-5 exercises a day for 10-12 repetitions. Maintaining muscle tone is enough three times a week, repeat them 5-6 times.

Tibetan gymnastics

Critical run-time complex — approximately six in the morning. Practice doing strictly daily, in the specified order. Can be pre-applied to the skin oil or cream massage. Starting position — back straight, legs tight to each other. Each exercise should be repeated 8 times.

In the case of the Tibetan exercises is extremely important for the body movement

  • The Phoenix spread its wings. Brush vigorously rub, warming. Then, with an effort, bring together, raise your eyebrows. Cover eyes with palms, 8 times easy to click on. Without your hands, open your eyes, look up-down-left-right to rotate in both directions.
  • The Phoenix of the sky. The first three fingers driving in a pinch, grab the skin, in the middle of the eyebrows. Slowly going through, which is a "wave", moving first one, then the other side.
  • Phoenix retired. Thumb pressed to the outer corners of the eyes. Slight pressure on the lead to the temples and back.
  • Phoenix cleaning of pens. Brush punk, warming. Then press the palm to the face, leading down along the face, chin to the center of the chin.
  • The song of the Phoenix. Palm folding boat, he closed his mouth, his nose, so that the thumb was the cheekbones, the index was the wing of the nose. Open your mouth as widely as possible, and then pull out the tongue to rotate in both directions, knock the mouth.
  • Phoenix jade drinking water. Starting position — the same as in the previous exercise. Lips folded tube is pulled in both directions, up and down. Then tighten the thread.
  • Phoenix meets the enemy. The palm of your hand rub placed at level of the solar plexus. For a moment, lightly tapping his face, the fingertips.
  • Phoenix preening. Finger comb your hair from front to back to your temple and forehead to crown and nape.

Japanese gymnastics

It is also known as the "massage Asahi". Is divided into two types — full body massage, shiatsu (effect of the specific points). The amateurs the second practice is strongly advised against. To perform the exercises, just the index finger, middle finger. To use massage oil or hand cream. You don't have to perform a defined completely, select the individual practices the most problematic areas. Starting position — lying or sitting. Push — noticeable, but not painfully.

Japanese gymnastics from wrinkles would be to focus on one or more of the problem areas

  • Face. Tight to the chin, opened the lower teeth. Upper lips don't move. To fix the situation, slowly count to five.
  • The chin. Lower your chin to your chest, to count to ten. Slowly turn your face. Keep your head straight, move to the side protruding lower jaw.
  • Never. Close eyes, slightly pull the skin in the outer corners to the temples. Rotate your eye balls in both directions, 10 times to "look" up, down, side to side, hitting the ground in the extreme position for 5 seconds.
  • Lips. Open mouth, close to teeth, lips. Hold the position for 15 seconds. Lips, to put down the pipe, pull it forward. Try as widely as possible, to open the mouth as much as possible, keeping them stationary.
  • Forehead. A effort of your fingers to your temples, close your eyes, slowly rotate them. As widely as possible, to open eyes, raise your eyebrows, simulating astonishment. In the upper position have to stand still for 5 seconds. Put your fingers on your forehead, try to raise the eyebrows, overcoming the resistance.
  • The nasolabial folds. Press your fingers to the wings, the nose, the effort is further described, which describes a face, to the corner of the mouth. Press your finger under his nose, slowly circle the lip contour.
  • The oval face. To compress the jaws, the corners of the mouth to the hands, to the greatest extent possible. Slowly lift your head, tilt to the side. The push to trace fingers, the contour of the face, moving from the bottom up.

Point tournament

Biologically active points on the face very much. The effect of shiatsu is just wonderful, but without proper training it is better to apply the procedure to the specialist.

Massage also involved only a specialist in this field, the layman is also easy to hurt

General rules point the tournament:

  • do not stretch the skin;
  • position your finger perpendicular to the point where the affected;
  • don't press too hard, just until light pain;
  • do not exceed the recommended exposure time (up to 5-7 seconds);
  • to move from the top down, the forehead to the chin.

Basic massage can be filled regardless of:

  • Three fingers of each hand pressed to the region of the "third eye". Move approximately 0.5 cm on the page, and then press the button again. Describing a smooth arc to reach the temple.
  • Press your fingers to the middle of the eyebrows, a little squeeze. Team through the first eyebrow outer corner, then inner.
  • Press the upper eyelid. Bottom through the light Pat starting from the inner corner of the eye.
  • Press the index finger with the wings of the nose, in an arc down to the corner of the mouth, outline the contour. That works the jaw in the center of the line along the lower jaw to the ear.
Exercises for wrinkles

Articulation gymnastics

Articulation gymnastics is widely experienced professionals in the kindergartens, but the women loan a exercises

  • Strongly pressed fingers to the corner of the mouth, pull them, as if blowing something hot, pronouncing "U".
  • Put your index and middle finger in the nasolabial folds, to stretch the mouth, slightly revealing a flash of teeth, uttering something between "and" , "S".
  • Deep breath, type in your mouth more air. Closing, breathing out short, sharp shocks through the right and the left corner turned, saying, "Oh."
  • The fingers are put on the forehead, palpable pressure. Try to raise your eyebrows as high as possible, the resistance is overcome, and stated that "A".
  • Big fingers to squeeze the wings of the nose, to try to inflate them by saying, "hmm".

Exercises on the complex to help visibly smooth is also visible nasolabial folds, and to cope with the other pronounced problems

The yoga of the face

Yoga is not just exercise, but also special state of mind, so before starting to try to relax, get rid of the strange thoughts, the inner harmony is reached. Basic exercises only four, before everything it takes to be a low prolonged sound of "om-m-m-m". Back to the whole class to keep it perfectly straight.

The yoga of the face

The yoga of the face is widely practiced abroad, in Russia, the author of the complex are many

Occupation is always preceded by a warm-up.

Warm up squeeze fists, the rotation movements of the shoulder, massage the ear. The basic package is very simple.

  • A lot of zazhmurte eyes. The index finger, middle Paley press the between the eyebrows, not to wince. The neck is not tense. Fix the position 10-15 seconds, relax sharply.
  • Your fingertips massage the head, starting from the temples to the crown, then moving back to the head, and the end — face.
  • Almost touching the skin, first massage the lower eyelid to the inner corner of the eye to the outer, and the upper — to-face.
  • Close your eyes, drive eyeballs up, down, sideways, and around in circles.
  • Press the finger to the center of the eyebrows. However, the gaze at the tip of your nose, cover your eyes for 10 seconds. Open them again, turn your gaze forward.
  • Enter the mouth, like a lot of air, move it closer to the face. A little beat up face.