How to remove the nasolabial folds at home

Every woman in any age wants to be attractive, however, to triumph over the impossible age because wrinkles, unfortunately, sooner or later will appear. Unsightly "symptom" of age-related changes are considered nasolabial wrinkles. Unfortunately, they can appear not only among the elderly ladies but also among young girls. Before the reduction of the nasolabial folds at home or in the clinic, you need to know about their cause.

Nasolabial folds
  • The main reasons
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  • How to remove at home
  • Gelatin mask
  • Mask with the addition of a Bay leaf
  • Herbal compresses
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  • Massage against wrinkles, nasolabial
  • Prevention

The main reasons

Some suggest that the nasolabial folds are the facial wrinkles, but not just age-related changes in the body, can lead to their appearance, there are other reasons:

  1. Quite often the girls are trying to get rid of excess pounds, you notice the appearance of the nasolabial folds on your face. This is because intensive weight loss subcutaneous fat layer becomes smaller, and the epidermis is not only enough time to adapt to such changes. Because in the places where not so long ago were thick cheeks, the skin begins to SAG.
  2. The epidermis is under the influence of the external conditions. The poor conditions of environment, temperature changes, UV radiation and wind — all this affects the condition of the skin the opposite effect.
  3. Heredity is another common cause for the appearance of the nasolabial folds.
  4. The consumption of alcoholic beverages and Smoking can also lead to this problem.
  5. Salon services
  6. The beginning of wrinkles can be caused and the rest "face down in the pillow". Sleep better lying on its side.
  7. Incorrect or untimely person, also, can cause the formation of nasolabial wrinkles. For example, excessive stretching of the skin during a massage or over-application of cosmetics.
  8. The appearance of the nasolabial folds may be the result of dehydration. One day in the adult human body requires no less than one and a half liters of water.
  9. Great value and possess anatomical features of the skull and of the face. Of overbite or prominent cheeks can cause the formation of wrinkles at an early age.

Salon services

If your face has shallow furrows, to reduce or to get rid of them with creams, masks, massage and special exercises. However, the deep wrinkles require radical intervention. It is engaged in this cosmetologists. How to get rid of nasolabial wrinkles of the clinic, and what techniques are used for this?

One of the most popular procedures is lipofilling. It is reminiscent of the contouring, but much longer and stronger. Instead of the gel filler is used its own tissue. The fence material is produced, for example, from the abdomen. It is clean and exposed to a special treatment. However, lipofilling can lead to side effects, it is still is a surgical intervention in the body.

Surgical lift also allows you to remove the nasolabial folds. This is the best method, but it is expensive. If the financial situation allows, do not hesitate, because lifting helps you to quickly and efficiently say goodbye to wrinkles.

How to remove at home

Mask with the addition of a Bay leaf

If you have no desire or money for treatments in the clinic or salon, you can use folk remedies that are safe and all natural.

The main thing — to provide the skin regular and proper care:

  • the mask is recommended to prepare two or three times a week;
  • cream formulations should be applied two times a day;
  • before peeling and other procedures of the face should be cleaned with lotion or tonic.

Gelatin mask

In this tool included the following components:

  • 4 dessert spoons of food gelatin;
  • 100 g of hot water;
  • 4 drops of vitamin A ;
  • 7-8 pills spirulina;
  • one dessert spoon lemon juice.

The effectiveness of the mask and is based on the effects of these ingredients. For example, gelatin is a natural collagen, but his task it copes just on the surface of the skin. In spirulina contains many vitamins, amino acids and other essential ingredients. Lemon juice is an excellent antioxidant.

To create a mask, you need to gelatin pour with the water and leave the mixture for thirty to forty minutes to get it swollen. Spirulina should also be put in hot water and infuse, and then add the lemon juice and vitamin A.

Gelatin requires a little warm in the microwave and mix with Spirulina. In the end, the tool should have a gelatinous consistency. The mask should be applied to the décolleté and face skin about 20 minutes.

Mask with the addition of a Bay leaf

This tool has the following structure:

  • 7-8 Bay leaf;
  • 20 g of hot water;
  • one egg;
  • one tablespoon of olive oil.

Bay leaf contains volatile oils, can smooth out wrinkles. In the composition of eggs present protein and retinol that helps with wrinkles. Olive oil provides the skin with nutrients and moisture.

First you need to make a decoction of Bay leaf. Fill them with water and let it boil for ten to fifteen minutes. The mixture should be cooled and carefully drain. The egg should be beaten, and then add the resulting mixture and olive oil. This mask is characterized by a liquid consistence, because it is easier to apply with gauze or cotton wool. The period of validity is from 20 to 40 minutes.

Before and after the massage

Herbal compresses

Cold packs type fine tone and nourish the skin warm and make it smoother. For their preparation are special herbs that are suitable for certain skin type. Often for the preparation of compresses applied to a mother and a stepmother, calendula, st. john's wort or chamomile. Herbs can be combined with each other.

These home remedies, also, to accelerate the synthesis of collagen in the skin. In addition, with the help of them you can turn even every day.

The effectiveness of cosmetics and gymnastics

After reaching thirty years of age, all women need to ensure that your skin regular and proper care — they know all. And here comes to help cosmetics. It is clear that even an expensive cream formulations will not be able to solve the problem of the nasolabial wrinkles, but they will keep the good condition of the skin. The composition is good cosmetic products should contain the following substances:

  • collagen;
  • retinol;
  • amino acids;
  • protein;
  • hyaluronic acid;
  • coenzyme q 10.

In addition, the cream should be selected depending on the type of skin and age. For example, for ladies 60 years of age is unlikely to be suitable drug "20+".

Nasolabial wrinkles is a very insidious enemy, because to fight it you will need to use all the ways. Masks and creams is not a complete list, it is also necessary to use special exercises, the purpose of which is to increase the tone, and normalization of the circulation of the blood.

  1. The "tube". Take your lips and briefly stay in that position, then relax your muscles. Exercise needs to be repeated no less than seven times.
  2. "The ball". Buy a balloon and inflate every day, this will strengthen the muscles of the face.
  3. "The bottle." Pour in the bottle (soda or juice) a small amount of water. Try to raise her, grasping for the lips from the side of the neck. Fix this position for fifteen to twenty seconds. If the gravity is too great, and then pour a little water from the tank.
  4. Standing before the mirror, clearly speak all the vowel sounds of the alphabet.
  5. Pull your cheeks and linger in this state for fifteen to twenty seconds.
  6. Dial the air in his cheeks and rolled him from one to the other.
  7. Wide open oral cavity, the formation of the symbol of the "o" of the lips. Stay in this position for a few seconds.
  8. Try to reach the chin, the upper lip.

Doing these exercises is very simple. In addition, it does not need a lot of time. If you repeat it regularly, positive changes can already be noticed in ten to fifteen days.

Massage against wrinkles, nasolabial

Massage also helps to get rid of this type of wrinkles. Its use is particularly noticeable in old age. To reduce nasolabial wrinkles, it is best to use the Japanese technique.

  1. Whether the wrinkles in different directions with the pads of your fingers. 6 repeat will be enough. However, some specialists recommend a for wrinkles until then, until the burning sensation. This massage technique called Shiatsu and is considered to be one of the simplest.
  2. Stretch your fingers the skin from the corners of the mouth, and then begin to massage.
  3. Stretch the palms of the skin from the center. This must be done carefully to avoid damage to the skin.
  4. An excellent remedy is massage, complemented by skin treatment oils.

Remember that wrinkles appear because of the lack of moisture in the skin. Because of this, it can often be treated with special creams. This is especially true after the tan.

The lightest massage is friction of the skin with ice cubes decoction of herbs.



Do not forget that wrinkles are a lot easier to prevent than to get rid of them in the future. In order to stay attractive, you need to follow some recommendations for prevention:

  1. Do not drink much water before going to bed. Daily rate of fluid should be consumed before 18-20 hours.
  2. Try to get some sleep. Night stand or the lack of sleep has on the condition of the skin are very harmful effects.
  3. Refrain from sleeping on stomach. It is clear that in a dream you can't control your situation, but you should try to sleep on your back or on the side.
  4. A healthy diet is also important for the health of the skin. Refrain from junk food and smoked. It is better to replace fruits, fresh vegetables and fruits, which contain many vitamins and minerals.
  5. Use a sunscreen before going in the street.
  6. Do not resort to too rigid diet, as a quick reset of the lose weight immediately will cause wrinkles.
  7. Every day moisturize and clean the skin. At least once a week to do treatments in the salon or at home.
  8. Clean wrinkles every day ice cubes.
  9. Use quality cosmetics according to your age category.
  10. Take regular exercises for strengthening and improving the muscles of the face.

If you are a firm decision to say goodbye to wrinkles, you need to have patience and not to stop on half way. Only the regularity and analysis, along with proper care will give your face attractive and fresh.