Patch of wrinkles, the types and methods of use

The opposite of wrinkles – a great alternative to Botox and other injections. The patch, as injections, relaxes the muscles, preventing their contraction, but in contrast to Botox, it acts mechanically, and does not harm the health.

The appearance of wrinkles is facilitated by several factors:

The application of the patch
  • reduction of collagen;
  • the loss of moisture;
  • the impact of the negative factors (bad habits, environmental factors);
  • improper diet and more.

The first wrinkles sometimes occur in young women (20-25 years). The reason lies in excessive emotionality and facial expressions. Mobility of the facial muscles over time leads to the appearance of the first wrinkles.

There are many methods of fight against wrinkles. The use of supplements to correct aging changes of the epidermis may seem like a novelty. But this method for the prevention of wrinkles was used even in ancient times. Young girls to be placed on the forehead patches, so that they would not be able to twitch. Many women have confirmed the high efficiency of the transmission lines in the fight for young people.

How the patch helps to get rid of wrinkles

Patches for facial wrinkles can be purchased at online stores and conventional pharmacies. But, some women are hesitant to purchase, because they do not understand how it works. The principle of this method is very simple.

The main cause of facial wrinkles is too great mobility of the muscles of the face. When the patch is glued to the problem area, repairs the muscles and prevents their movement. Saved on the forehead, it is difficult to make eyebrows. Because of this, the muscles relax and accept the correct position. The result is wrinkles spread (small almost immediately, and a deep need time).

Patches of wrinkles on the forehead and bridge of the nose

The varieties of plasters from wrinkles

In pharmacies sell special plasters for the fight against wrinkles.

Sometimes women use the normal patches, but it should be done with great caution. Each type has its own characteristics.

The most popular patches from the American manufacturer, as they will allow you to effectively get rid of facial wrinkles. Their proper use allows you to get rid of fine and deep depressions of the skin. Course restore smoothness of the skin depends on the condition of the skin and depth of wrinkles. For the smoothing of small wrinkles enough 2-3 treatments, but to get rid of the serious signs of aging, you will need about 2 weeks.

Patches has many advantages:

  • easy to use;
  • visible results after the first treatment;
  • safe;
  • refer to the different areas of the face;
  • an affordable price.

Used for the production of unbleached Kraft paper and adhesive based on starch.

This method of removing wrinkles never causes side effects, irritations of the skin and other unpleasant consequences.

Can be glued on the forehead, the area around the lips and so on. To combat wrinkles around the eyes medication is recommended to mount the temporal part of the face, because the skin around the eyes is very delicate and thin, they can be easily damaged.

How to apply patches?

To use this method against wrinkles is not a big deal. The whole procedure comes down to a few simple activities:

  1. Cleaning of the skin with the help of special tools. Before the determination of the "bandage" apply a moisturizing cream. Wait until the cream is absorbed.
  2. Easily massage the problem area to relax the muscles and improve blood circulation.
  3. Remove the patch from the protective foil and lightly moisten with water.
  4. Gently straighten the wrinkles (do not pull the skin) and glue "the holder of the muscles".
  5. Swipe a few times with the cloth or cotton pad that it is well stuck.
  6. After some time, remove the patches, but first dampen with water. Do not remove it by force, because it will stretch the skin even more.
A veil for the eyes

It is important to apply the adhesive along the entire length of the wrinkles. If necessary, use multiple pieces. Harmonization of the procedure, the wrinkles should last at least 3 hours. If you have deep wrinkles, for strengthening of gypsum in the course of the night. The procedure is repeated on a daily basis.

On account of the Japanese cosmetologists also have the unique development. Its main characteristic is the basis of Aqua-metal – a combination of precious metals with water. When using a plaster facial muscles relax and wrinkles are smoothed.

The adhesive can be used from wrinkles under the eyes and above the eyes, unlike other types of such products. Thanks to the combination of metal particles (gold, titanium, silver and so on) with water, does not damage the tender skin around the eyes.

The use of this kind of spots is not different from the above-described instructions. Glue the documents of wrinkles, pre-clearing person. The duration of the procedure and of course in General depends on the condition of the epidermis.

With the purchase and application of plaster is important to note that they differ depending on the applications (for the lips, the forehead, around the eyes and so on). When the removal of the plaster try not to tear off the nails. Moisten and carefully remove them without stretching the skin.

The use of conventional patches

For wrinkles women use all the available methods. Some of the ladies to eliminate the signs of aging, apply the normal patch. If you want to check on this method, do it in the following sequence:

  1. Before treatment clean your face. It is recommended to use special cosmetic products (lotions, scrubs, etc.).
  2. Be sure to apply moisturizer in a thin layer. Wait until it is registered, but does not dry out completely.
  3. Patch for eyelids and cheeks
  4. Conventional plaster cut in small pieces. Apply it on the problem areas, exercise the fingers straighten the wrinkles.
  5. The light massage the problem areas with your fingers before determining to improve the circulation of blood.
  6. After a few hours to carefully remove the "bandage" to avoid damage to the skin.

If after removal of the patch to the skin of the traces, don't worry, in a few minutes, they themselves will disappear. Common supplements that it is forbidden to be used on wrinkles around the eyes, but on the forehead it can be glued.

Experts do not recommend using this method more than once or twice in a month. The skin under the "sticker" do not breathe, so frequent treatments may do more harm than solve the problem.

The function of the use of plaster from wrinkles is to relax the muscles of the face which helps to smooth muscles. Moreover, with the regular use of cosmetics to the facial muscles to remember the correct position, which prevents the appearance of new signs of aging. This method of fighting wrinkles is safe if you follow the simple application instructions.