Wrinkles. Reasons and to fight against wrinkles

15 000 times a day. This is the average number of contractions of the muscles of the face. Of those around 60. They help move the lower jaw.

About 40 facial muscles. They react to emotional experiences, a change of facial expression. I wonder what the skull muscles are almost there. All 40 are concentrated on the face. Here goes the facial nerve.

It connects the facial muscles with the Central nervous system. This interaction leads to the appearance of wrinkles. How they differ from the usual, how are you? Get answers.

Those wrinkles are called mimic

Wrinkles are not so much aging, as a very frequent contraction of certain muscle groups of the face. They still contact the skin. Other muscles of the human body are called the skeletal.

Wrinkles on the forehead

The second starts from the bones and are attached to them. Mimic the same muscles, starting from the skull, are attached to the skin. Therefore, the reduction of muscle fiber pulls the lids, a change of facial expression.

Some appear wrinkles on the forehead. Other concerned, "crow's feet" around the eyes. The third pass the nasolabial folds, and the fourth network of wrinkles in the mouth area.

According to it, one of the most commonly shorten the muscles on the forehead and the eyes and the lips. Pulling the skin, the muscle fibers form that folds. This is the wrinkles on the face.

Apart from age, they are not associated with loss of elasticity of the tissues. The elasticity provides a scaffolding of collagen and elastin. Fibers, these fibers are intertwined between themselves, filled with moisture, sources.

With age, collagen production is eroding. However, the skin loses its elasticity and falls in places of the greatest lack of protein.

Wrinkles on the lips, the forehead, the nose or the eyes can occur even in 14 years. It all depends on the activity of the gestures and settings of his skin. The fastest creases are formed on the thin covers.

For Europeans, they are typical. The skin of Asians and blacks is denser, thicker. So, how to remove wrinkles in young people thinking, mainly the Europeans.

While physiologists explain the reasons for the emergence of mimic wrinkles due to the muscle and nerve function, specialists who recognize the qualities of people from their faces, find the reason for the changes in the characteristics of the character. View and those of its features that change the face.

Reasons for the emergence of wrinkles on the face

Wrinkles around the eyes, according to the experts who recognize the qualities of people, faces, is a sign of care and a great memory. Features are pleasant, but are a personality until the beginning of wrinkles. First, they appear when you smile, and then laid on a regular basis.

"Crow's feet" around the eyes can go up or down. The second option is typical of pessimists, the suspicious areas. Dash from the corners of the eyes up talk about the joy of life. It becomes a reason for facial folds. Internal aggression is manifested in a corner wrinkles near the eyes.


The scientists give to the vertical creases between the eyebrows. Facial wrinkles of this type says that the second characteristic of the personality – stubbornness.

The holders of the wrinkles in the area between the eyebrows can not give, even knowing the fallacy of their actions and beliefs. Understanding this is a consequence of thinking. People with wrinkles between the eyebrows are inclined to analysis. This tendency and to change the face.

Wrinkles on the forehead, usually horizontal. The horizontal lines indicate the self-sufficiency and intelligence. However, small and occasional horizontal folds are a consequence of the love of gossip.

Not everyone likes that the face is written: — "I Want to wash people bones". The aim is the correction of facial wrinkles. For how to spend it will be discussed in the last Chapter. In the meantime, we continue the analysis of personality and wrinkles, an understanding of the reasons for their emergence.

Vertical lines on the forehead are rare, characterized by an open and good-natured. Obviously, such people are few. We hope that the citizens on the streets was spent smoothing of facial wrinkles, hiding kindness from prying eyes.

Though, to hide better longitudinal lines between the eyebrows. In contrast to the vertical, they are not talking about intelligence, but about shyness and insecurity.

Are on the nose and curved folds. They tend, mostly, to men. Curves are given jealous. Their nature are unstable. Especially should alert the deep wrinkles.

They can be placed on the external edges of the eyebrows. Go up, these folds give unreliable figures. True or not, but the experts to read people have created a stereotype. To match it, and lose youthfulness, you want a few.

So, by popular demand the "cream for facial wrinkles". If he can be effective, to consider, again, in a separate Chapter.

The horizontal line from the outer edge of the eyebrows – a sign of sincerity and commitment. Although not moving at all. Horizontal wrinkles above the eyebrows end, the testimony of nature, which are constantly wondering something. When a large part of the world is amazing, it speaks to his deep perception and a willingness to learn new things.

Above the eyebrows meet wrinkles the corners. These folds indicate the anxiety of the individual and, as a rule, belong to the people prone to stress and depression, panic States.

Cream from wrinkles to buy and creases around the lips. Extending from their ends and to the – sign of an optimistic, easy going and good-natured.

Descending lines – a sign of the predominance of negative emotions. Suffering and frustration, are also reflected in the nasolabial folds.

From the point of view of physiologists, they are not the sign of the smiling people. This view is controversial. But, the aging effect of pronounced nasolabial folds is obvious. Become younger by choosing the best way.


Ways of dealing with facial wrinkles

How to remove facial wrinkles at home? The question is not ready to spend money on salons, do not trust them engaged. The answer applies to all.

If the root of the wrinkles – the facial expressions caused by emotions, you need to learn how to control it. In the first place is to get rid of t.n. clips.

Met people who have always lifted his shoulders? Often, this is caused by a kind of muscular spasm. They not only are often reduced and do not relax.

This is a clip. Causes or physiological or psychological. The first is, for example, myopia. In this case, the eye muscles relax by a choice of lenses, spectacles, surgical interventions.

Psychological reasons clips of the muscles to fight harder. You need to understand shyness, or fear that they will be misunderstood direct nerve impulses.

An attempt needs to relax a tense area, and to do so at any time, once again, to notice the tension. The work is hard. However, to really get it together to knit his brow, many to raise eyebrows, at the corners of the mouth down.

Another thing, healthy emotions, is expressed with a frequency of, for example, joy. It results with a smile. There is no reason to abandon them. How then to deal with facial wrinkles?

You can buy cosmetics, for example, masks of facial wrinkles. They contain active moisturizing complexes. It is said that the face creases are formed faster on the thin skin.

But, even faster wrinkles are formed when it is dry. The lack of resilience literally breaks cover in the course of contraction.

Dampened skin, it turns out to slow down the formation of facial wrinkles. Reviews of cosmetic products is not indicative of the disappearance of the folds, only partly smoothing and braking of further education.

In cosmetics for the care of skin added hyaluronic acid, unsaturated fatty acids, the juice of aloe Vera, essential oils and hydrolysates of elastin.

All components are safe and really need the skin. The problem lies elsewhere. Cream to mask penetrate only the epidermis. This is the top layer of the skin. In the meantime, the irreversible processes occurring at the level of the dermis is its middle layer.

There can only penetrate with a needle or by microwaves, beams. The latest help people with age-related aging, because they stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

The needle is the same – a method for combating facial expressions. To block it not only professionally, but with botulinum toxin. This is the same poison which causes the disease botulism.

Deadly in the overall scale and large doses, it is useful in the local application. Point introduction in the muscle blocks. Fibers are unable to cancel 4-5 months.

Accordingly, at this time is blocked and the development of wrinkles. They are smoothed by a relaxation of the muscles. To achieve full volitional effort only possible units.

Wrinkles Botox is not able to fill. It is the mission of the hyaluronic acid. Unlike agent-blocker, it is a natural part of the skin against the moisture in it.


The addition of acid from the outside never hurt. Moisture in the molecules of the substance smoothes wrinkle but does not block the activity of the muscles. You need to focus on the frequency of factors in nature, the appearance of creases.

Nasolabial folds, for example, it makes no sense to block it. How, then, to talk, to smile? Need filling hyaluronic acid. In the upper part of the face often work with botulinum toxin. Combining methods are possible and even necessary.

The use of the injections, you need to take into account their temporary character. Acid and botulinum toxin are absorbed. Of the skin, as well as previously, fails to produce the desired amount of fillers and are not able to deal with the activity of the muscles of the face, revived from the Botox.

Requires repeat treatments. If Botox is updated once every six months, the hyaluronic acid is carried out at least once every 8 months. Sometimes, the acid lasts for one year.