The rejuvenation of the face massage: useful information about the procedure

Body massage is practiced by many. But for some reason do not think that this procedure can have a similar impact on the person. Maintenance of muscle tone and the skin — effective protection against aging. Massage can be done yourself, saving of the salon cosmetic procedures and expensive care. But, first you must be familiar with the technique of its execution is inept action will be at best useless, and can cause significant damage.

facial massage from wrinkles

General information on facial massage from wrinkles

The condition of the skin depends on many factors. It mostly suffers from the bad environmental conditions, poor quality or incorrectly selected cosmetics, the lack of hygiene. For many reason, it is obvious that the muscles of the body to keep the tone in need of regular training and of the person in relation to this question, a few people think. In the end, the skin which is not able to maintain muscles SAG, oval face floats, the formation of deep wrinkles.

The effectiveness of massage for facial rejuvenation due to the following:

  • muscles, regularly receiving the load are constantly in a tone, swelling disappear, sagging skin;
  • improves the flow of blood and lymph, consequently supply the skin with oxygen and nutrients;
  • aktiviziruyutsya the body's production of collagen and elastin, providing skin elasticity, stimulates the regeneration of tissues;
  • in the process, the skin is relaxed, smooth and fine wrinkles;
  • normalizes the sebaceous glands, the disappearance of the inflammation, pimples, blackheads.

As a result, the facial contour is visibly clear, the color of the skin improves, it gets a healthy glow, returns tone and elasticity. The positive effect is visible already after 2-3 weeks, if you do the massage of the day. In the future, to prevent, rather than to enforce it with an interval of 3-4 days.

Proper massage of the face, in principle, can not hurt. It is as a daily morning exercise. And massage of wrinkles can be carried out independently, saving on visits to the beautician. The procedure lasts not more than 15-20 minutes. She has a "side" effect of relaxation — normalizes sleep, mental state. After a noticeable improvement in the appearance lost complexes, psychological discomfort. The procedure has no age restrictions.

Of course, we must remember that it is not a cure. Even professionally done massage will help to return the youth, if not to combine it with a reasonable diet, a healthy lifestyle, avoiding harmful habits, and proper care.

It is scientifically proven that 20 minutes of facial massage has on the muscles the same relaxing effect as 4-5 hours of good sound sleep.

massage of the face readings

That shows massage

Facial massage cosmetologists recommend in the following cases:

  • flabby, loose skin that has lost elasticity;
  • unnatural dull yellowish or grayish tan;
  • fine wrinkles and folds;
  • the second chin and a "bulldog" cheeks;
  • the blurred contours of the face;
  • problem skin, pigmentation and stagnant spots, acne marks, post-acne;
  • swelling and bruising under the eyes;
  • "amorphous", increased oiliness or dehydration of the skin, pronounced pores;
  • discomfort after some cosmetic procedures (eg. Botox injections).

Contraindications and possible side effects

Despite the obvious benefits of face massage, he, like any cosmetic procedure, there are contraindications. You will have to find alternative ways to rejuvenate in the following cases:

  • all skin diseases (eczema, herpes, acne), mechanical damage, allergic reactions;
  • the presence of large moles, birthmarks, warts;
  • low blood clots and the need for continuous reception of diluting its medications;
  • located too close to the surface of the skin or in a very fragile capillaries;
  • the increase of temperature of the body;
  • problems with the heart, kidney, liver;
  • cancer at any stage of development;
  • any chronic diseases in the acute stage;
  • problems with the facial nerves, any neurological disease accompanied by seizures;
  • increased intracranial pressure;
  • recent (within one month) to perform a deep chemical peel, any cosmetic injections;
  • scars after any surgery.

Complications occur only in cases of wrong procedure. For example, as a result of too much stretching, the skin can SAG. The most serious negative consequences — disturbance of the circulation of the blood, the defeat of the facial nerve.

preparation of a person for the procedure

Preparation of a person for the procedure and safety measures

Preparatory procedures help to improve the effectiveness of anti-aging facial massage:

  • Cleaning the face from make-up, to fully open, and hair removal.
  • Half an hour before the procedure, warm the skin with a steam bath or hot compress. Instead of plain water you can use a decoction of medicinal herbs.
  • Hands should be washed thoroughly, treated with antiseptic. It is also desirable that the short cut nails not to accidentally scratch the skin.
  • Apply a cream or oil massage.
  • To relax, to calm down. Even involuntarily reduced muscle to nullify all the positive effects.

During massage, strictly follow the lines of flow of the lymph. Chaotic haphazard the impact can only increase the wrinkles, to provoke the development of edema. All manipulations are carried out without undue pressure, gently and carefully. This is especially true of the eyelids. When you switch from one line to another requires a circular motion and light pressure of the fingers on the temples is the "Central point" of metabolic processes.

The direction of massage lines:

  • from the center of the chin along the lower jaw to temples;
  • from the center of the lower lip to the temples;
  • from the corners of the mouth, across the cheeks to the temples;
  • from the area of the "third eye" to the temples;
  • the lower and upper edge of the eye socket from the inner corners of the eyes to the temples;
  • from the top of the nose to the bridge of the nose and the eyebrows to the temples.

Different types and techniques of massage

Techniques and methods of massage, a great selection. Better to not immediately grab for one thing, and to try several methods for the determination of the most effective. It is useful to consult with a beautician and getting his opinion. Take into account the client's age, skin condition, the size of the problem and other factors.

Massage of the eyes

Of the eyelids is the thinnest skin, the layer of fatty tissues under the practical is absent, the capillaries are located very close to the surface. During the massage need to be especially careful, the skin is easily stretchable. Finger movement should be smooth and soft. To prevent the procedure is implemented consistently, every 3-4 days. When there are significant problems with the treatment for one month, once in two days. Courses repeated after 3-5 months. As a result of the disappearance of shadows under the eyes, eyelids (especially overhanging the top) are strained, the eyes are "open".

In preparation for the procedure helps in stimulating the circulation difference compress. To face alternately for 5-10 seconds apply towels soaked in hot and cold water, covering the area from the cheekbones to the middle of the forehead.

The optimum time to get a massage 2-3 hours before bedtime. Contraindications are permanent very pronounced swelling (a clear evidence of the serious health problems), a high content of fat from the skin.

facelift massage

Massage for women face oval

Depending on the severity of the problem, in order to the contours of the face became more clear, it is a classic (supports the skin tone, strengthens muscles), relaxing (removes tension on the muscles), lymphatic drainage (removes excess fluid and eliminate edema) or myofascial (smoothes the skin, eliminates deep wrinkles and folds) massage.

In the home can be carried out exclusively classical massage. It is enough to restore skin elasticity and healthy color. At the same time disappear swelling under the eyes, equalized micro-relief (small wrinkles disappear, the small dark spots, redness), and restores natural shine. The course is 10-12 procedures 2-3 times a day. Follow the two weeks break.

Massage the area above the upper lip

The appearance of wrinkles around the lips — the result of overly active facial expressions. It is important to refrain from too habits hard to compress them, if possible, keep the face light smile. A very negative impact on the skin around the lips Smoking — and smoking cigarettes, and efforts to make the puff.

It is not necessary to smooth out wrinkles above the lip, like iron — from this, they appear even stronger. In addition to massage in throughout the day is helpful to give lips a non-standard position — pulling a tube, fold a bow and so on. And in the morning and in the evening) — to trace the contour of the lips with the ice cube of pure water, herbal infusion or frozen juice.

Massage the contour of the lips to restore clarity, skin is hydrated, visually they become obese. Smoothes fine lines, lifts sagging areas.

Massage wrinkles between eyebrows

The vertical crease between the eyebrows is often seen quite early, even before 30 years. This is a consequence of the habits often frown. Wrinkles are quite deep, so the massage effect is not immediately manifested. To accelerate positive change, one hour after the massage, apply on the crease of the solution of vitamin C and tape with plaster. Leave it on all night, remove in the morning.

Each time, noting that will frowned, raise the eyebrows up, the simulation of extreme surprise, and hold them in that position for at least one minute until you feel a slight burning sensation. This is a very effective addition to a regular massage.

Massage from mimic wrinkles around the mouth

Circular muscle of the mouth is one of the most "involved" front. This is because at least hate speech. So massage this area is of vital importance not only when it is clearly visible wrinkles, but also for prevention. In addition to the useful daily wash it off with cold water for at least minutes.

The first results of massage happen very quickly, within 2-3 weeks of daily treatments. Best noticeable effect, you will need to wait 4-5 months. Very effective after massage the area around the lips nourishing masks and creams.

How to choose and use the massager

The facial massager is a simple and effective device which you can use at home. In the shops they are presented in a wide variety. Tumblers are:

choice of facial massager
  • Mechanical (including jade). Extremely easy to use, cheap. The device only needs to drive along the massage lines. In such devices the effect is enhanced with the medicinal properties and energy of the stone. Contraindications for use has not.
  • Ultrasonic testing. The result can be achieved by exposure of the skin to oscillations of high frequency. The massager provides a pronounced lifting effect, helps to smooth the skin, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. But its effects of the skin causes some discomfort.
  • Pulse. Acts by microcurrents. This procedure is very popular among professional beauticians. Usually, the device has several modes, depends on the result. You can tighten facial contours, restore skin elasticity, cleanse, to get rid of imperfections to enhance the tissue regeneration at the cellular level and their power, narrowing the pores.
  • The pulse massager is a versatile instrument, allowing to achieve different results
  • Oxygen. Of the emitting particles with negative charge contribute to the oxygen saturation of the skin, stimulate metabolism, and blood flow. In the end, the skin is smoothed, returns elasticity, improves the complexion. The effect is noticeable immediately. Such a device is essential, for example, before an important event.
  • Vacuum. Due to the lack of air creates a negative pressure. Effectively cleans the pores, tightens the facial contours, while "starting" the process of regeneration of the cells. There is a long list of contraindication — any disease, and mechanical damage of the skin, rosacea and so on.
  • Infrared. Due to the deep impact is the effect is not just on the surface, but also in the deeper layers of the skin. The muscles stimulated intensely, but gently. The device is suitable for the fight against swelling and dark circles under the eyes. It also helps to get rid of imperfections to enhance the flow of blood and lymph.
  • Laser. Especially recommended for the fight with pronounced age-related changes. Wave radiation activates all processes in the tissues, including the supply of oxygen, the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. A few sessions to wrinkles are visibly smoothed, the oval became more fit. Home is quite rare, in demand mostly by professional cosmetologists

Each device must be accompanied by a detailed manual. Before you start with the massage, make sure to check it and make sure to understand everything. The movements must be soft, do not stretch the skin painfully. First, it is quite enough for five minutes sessions, and then gradually increase the time of duration of 10-15 minutes. Not an area that is not subject to continuous exposure longer than one minute.

The procedure is performed 2-3 times a day for prevention, a week. In the presence of various problems duration of treatment — 15-20 procedures, and then pause for one month.

Facial massage together with the competent care of the skin is a very effective prevention of aging. There are many methods and ways of its implementation. Empirically you can choose the one that gives the best results for you. If you are not sure in own forces, the first 2-3 times the procedure is better to spend in the salon to ensure you understand the technique and not hurt yourself.