The most effective mask from wrinkles 20 best recipes

Every woman wishes for long life to remain a charming, beautiful, and most importantly – young. And as we begin to upset the first wrinkles, it is difficult to convey in words.


In the course of active combat against them, we are ready to visit various beauty salons, which has anti-aging treatments, while some, the bravest, even agree for the sake of the young, more radical measures: aggressive peels, injections of Botox or hyaluronic acid, with the insertion of gold threads, and even surgery.

However, there are many effective, painless and not expensive methods of dealing with wrinkles. One of these effective ways is folk medicine, especially in – home masks for facial wrinkles.

Masks for facial wrinkles - effective recipes

Masks for facial wrinkles - light, but active agents, as well as the salon, have a firming, smoothing and rejuvenating effect.

It is true selected natural ingredients included in the natural mask, we can achieve true miracles.

The only thing that will need to be a woman during the "popular procedures" is the patient, because all of the components of the masks against wrinkles is natural, therefore, their effect will be noticeable after a certain period of time.

But, in comparison with a lot of professional cosmetic procedures, they are absolutely harmless, and most importantly, painless.

How to apply masks for face wrinkles right?

Man is a unique creation, so that in a certain period of life can have an allergic reaction, even the most natural and safe ingredient.

  • Before application of any mask should be its content checked for allergic reaction. To do this, apply a little bit of money on the inside of your wrist for a few minutes, if not the redness and the discomfort does not arise, then the mask can be safely used in the fight against unwanted wrinkles.
  • Masks, no matter how they may be useful, should be done not more often than 8 times a month.
  • Natural masks for the face have a limited lifespan, so it is advisable to apply them on the face just fresh cooked.
  • Before you can make a mask on the facial skin should be clean of makeup and other contaminants, such as sebum.
Masks from dairy products

Mask of wrinkles - recipes application

Today, there are many unique recipes for home masks that effectively fight with age-related manifestations, which are the main enemies of the young: honey and eggs, vegetables, grass, fruits, protein mask, cream and many more.

Homemade masks from milk products against wrinkles

  • Cover of cream from wrinkles on the face

Ingredients: domestic heavy cream.

Preparation: not required.

Application: the cream is a thick layer superimposed on the face where it is 20 minutes.

  • Mask from cream, egg yolk, honey and banana against deep wrinkles

Ingredients:homemade sour cream, banana, honey, egg yolk of 1 egg.

Preparation: 1 tablespoon of the pulp of the banana, crushed into a pulp, mixed with 1 egg yolk, 1 tbsp. the homemade sour cream and 1 tbsp of honey.

Application: the medicinal part is superimposed on the face for half an hour. Mask is course consists of 20 procedures.

Each procedure is carried out 2,3 times a week.

  • Mask of sour cream with parsley against wrinkles on the face

Ingredients:parsley, homemade sour cream.

Preparation: 1 tbsp. minced parsley mixed with 1 tbsp of heavy cream.

Application:the mixture of sour cream and fresh parsley applied a generous layer for about 15-18 minutes, and then its residue is removed with hot water.

  • Cleopatra mask of wrinkles

Composition: lemon juice, blue clay, cream, honey.

Preparation: all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed in equal parts.

Application: the mixture is applied on a quarter of an hour, and then wash away clean, warm, and then cold water. Is the mask a maximum of 2 times a 7 days.

  • Mask of Oriental beauties for skin rejuvenation

Ingredients:cream, egg white or egg yolk, spirulina, rice, flour.

Preparation:1 tablespoon of homemade sour cream mixed with egg yolk (for oily skin) or protein (for normal, dry skin), 3 tablets of spirulina and rice flour.

Application:this effective miracle mask is applied for 25 minutes 1 a maximum of 2 times a week.

  • Cheese and Egg mask from wrinkles and fine lines

Ingredients:egg yolk, cheese.

Preparation:1 egg yolk mixed with 20 g fat cheese.

Application:a generous layer of the mixture applied for 20 minutes.

  • Cheese nourishing mask against wrinkles

Composition: carrot juice, milk, olive oil, cheese.

Preparation:1 tbsp oil mixed with 0.5 tbsp of the juice obtained from carrots, 1 tbsp of warm milk and 30 gr of cheese.

Application:it is superimposed on the wrinkled skin for 20 minutes, and then make a hot compress and the skin is wiped with an herbal infusion.

  • The carrot-curd mask for aging skin on the face

Ingredients: fresh cream, cheese, carrot juice.

Preparation:the ingredients are mixed in the same quantity of 1 tablespoon.

Application:apply to neck and face for half an hour, then rinse with clean water, and the skin is wiped with a cube of ice.

  • Fruit and cheese, a mask against wrinkles

Ingredients: cheese, strawberry, banana, avocado.

Preparation:knead, RUB on a small grater or grind in a blender fruit, then they should be mixed with 1 tbsp homemade fat cheese.

Application:cheese, fruit, and a mask is recommended to be applied on the face 1 of every 7 – 10 days.

Mask from a banana

Home mask of wrinkles vegetables

  • Potato mask of wrinkles

Ingredients:potatoes, glycerin, cream, milk, sunflower oil.

Preparation: 2 tbsp. softened potatoes previously boiled in their skins, mixed with 1 tsp. sunflower oil, 5 g glycerin, 2.5 tsp homemade sour cream and milk.

Application:apply in 15 minutes, are washed away with the residue of purified, warm water.

  • Onion mask against wrinkles

Ingredients:onion, honey, milk.

Preparation:1 tablespoon of onion pulp mixed with 1 tbsp natural milk and may honey.

Application:mask of the mask on the face 15 minutes, and then remove the residues with warm water.

  • Carrot-potato mask

Ingredients:potatoes, carrots, yogurt.

Preparation: 20 ml of sour milk mixed with 1.5 tablespoons of the softened potatoes and 10 grams of grated carrot.

Application:the mixture is superimposed on the problem areas (neck, face) for 20 minutes, and then rinse with cooled, boiled water.

  • Mix vegetable mask

Composition:beet, carrot, cabbage.

Preparation:make a puree from the potatoes, mix in equal parts of the cabbage, beet and carrot. Then soaked in the resulting mixture a gauze bandage.

Usage: gauze bandage is applied to areas with wrinkles on the quarter of an hour, then the remains of the mask wash off with warm water.

Homemade masks from fruits anti wrinkle

  • Mask from banana and avocado from wrinkles

Ingredients:banana, egg yolk, avocado, olive oil, honey.

Preparation:1 egg yolk mixed with 1.5 tsp of honey, 15 g of mashed avocado and banana and 1.5 tsp of oil.

Application:apply mask on skin for 20 minutes, and then its remnants are removed with a cotton pad and warm water.

  • Strawberry mask of wrinkles

Ingredients:honey, strawberry, peach oil.

Preparation:5 strawberries should knead, then add 10 g of peach oil, and 15 g of honey.

Application:mixture to apply on face and neck for 20 minutes, then remove with a cotton pad soaked in milk.

  • Lifting the mask of juicy cherries

Ingredients:cherries, olive oil, wheat flour.

Preparation: the pulp of 10 cherries mixed with 25 g of wheat flour and 2.5 tbsp oil.

Application:the paste applied on the face for 25 minutes, and then its residue is washed out with water.

  • A homemade mask of egg and honey against wrinkles

Ingredients:egg, honey, olive oil.

Preparation:1 egg yolk need to connect with 10 ml of oil and 1.5 tsp.of honey.

Application: the mask is superimposed on the loose skin for 20 minutes, the remains washed with water.

  • A homemade mask of honey and oats anti-wrinkle

Ingredients: honey, glycerin, bottled water, cereal.

Preparation:a small amount of cereal you need to grind into powder, after which they need to add 5g of honey and glycerin, 10 g water and mix.

Application:the mask is applied to the light layer for 20 minutes, are carried over in the course of the month (1 – 2 times in 8 days).

  • Homemade face mask of pink clay anti-wrinkle

Ingredients:pink clay, olive oil.

Preparation: 20 grams of clay are mixed with 10 grams of oil.

Essential oils and vegetable oils

Application:the mask is superimposed a generous layer of the décolletage and face for 35 minutes, then the skin should be washed with boiled, hot water.

Herbs, essential oils and vegetable oils effectively fight against wrinkles

Plants such as calendula, chamomile, lavender, sage, hops, yarrow and st. john's wort – well-eliminate the signs of aging and loss of elasticity.

In plants, essential oily extracts effective opponents of wrinkles are: camphor, fir, rose, grape, almond, burdock, flax, castor, orange and peach oil.

Generous nature gives the opportunity to use their natural healing gifts as a rejuvenating, healing, anti-aging, the established means by which a woman can long to be beautiful, blooming and young!

Make a mask of wrinkles regularly and to stay longer young and beautiful!