How to get rid of wrinkles on the forehead

It is a shame when the first wrinkles on the forehead occur at a fairly young age and each year become more noticeable. But, the good news is: modern beauty formula is able to significantly delay their appearance, the provision of the prevention of aging.

The value of the wrinkles: physiognomy

With each wrinkle of the person concerning my memories and secrets — sounds very romantic. But, in life everything is different: the first hint of a horizontal line on your forehead makes you stress. According to physiognomy, the science of determining personality type of the external facial features, wrinkles, can tell a lot about us.

"Cosmetologists to determine the nature of the wrinkle smiling. But, the concept of a "facial tone" the doctors do not deny". This phenomenon is connected with the location of the wrinkles on the face. Mimic the tone is of two types.

How to get rid of wrinkles on the forehead
  1. The positive is characterized by horizontal wrinkles around the eyes and forehead — they denote the age, but does not change the expression of the face.
  2. The negative is expressed in the form of vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows, nasolabial folds, wrinkles around the mouth. It is these lines that give the person gloomy and sad expression, just harder to adjust.

However, to mimic the human character of the tone is irrelevant. After all the "smile line" can be not only very positive people, but also those who have difficulty seeing. And dull the nasolabial folds — is not always a sign eternally dissatisfied bores, sometimes it is a symptom of malocclusion".

Causes of wrinkles on forehead

Wrinkles on the forehead are formed for several reasons. Some of them depend on us. With the rest we can fight.

Genetic predisposition

"Genetics determines about 20% of the age-related changes. The remaining 80% — the impact of negative external factors. However, the genetics depends on such a function, as well as the shape of the skull, which determines the nature of the changes in face with age". To Russian women for aging when a person "goes" down, forming flews and chin.

Expression activity

Facial expressions — one of the main causes of wrinkles, especially on the forehead. Also tend to frown or to wrinkle the forehead, can be put in the category of harmful.

Bad habits

If you don't count the obsessive expressions and habits to the back side of the temple, Smoking and unhealthy diet is also affects the skin. Smoking impairs peripheral circulation, and this deprives the tissues of nutrition. The person becomes dull, lines appear without fluid, and then completely folds. After an unreasonably strict diets , the skin does not have time to be sitting with the standards of the "new" skinny persons, eventually the eyebrow lowered, the forehead covered with fine wrinkles.

A way of life

Constant stress, lack of sleep, polluted atmosphere, ultraviolet light — all this gradually leads to age-related changes. In addition, the appearance of wrinkles on the forehead contributes to the habit of sleeping face down into a pillow and on a hard surface (own arm or breast men).In this position worsens the blood supply, which affects a full night recovery and leads to deformation of tissues.


The aging process does not cancel and does not stop — but it can be delayed. Here is what you need.

To drink more water

Daily drink at least 2 liters of pure non-carbonated water. Black tea, coffee, juices, soups do not count. The exception is green tea.

For the monitoring of the diet and nutrition

"Lean on fresh vegetables and fruits contain antioxidants. It is important to eat oily fish, a source of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Gym better to fill with vegetable oil, which is rich in omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids". But, the consumption of simple carbs is better to limit the. Be wary of strong tea and coffee — they promote the elimination of fluids from the body and can worsen the dehydration of the skin.

The value of the wrinkles

To establish a night's sleep

Try to go to bed no later than 23.00. A night's rest should be at least 7-8 hours, but not more than 9 hours, according to the latest scientific data.

To avoid stress

This recommendation is difficult to implement, but still. Register for the courses of yoga or Pilates, meditate more often, and in difficult situations to resort to the breathing and relaxation exercises. This approach will teach you how to cope with difficult situations, with the least damage to the exterior.

To play sports and to spend more time in the air

Reasonable exercise is important, simply because they support the metabolism with age inevitably slows down. And don't forget how to walk. The norm is 10 000 steps a day.

To provide quality skin care

The first cream you can buy it at 15-16 years, preventive anti-age — 24-25, as if behind the 30-year anniversary, do not forget about regular daily moisture. Mask with hyaluronic acid two times a week will significantly increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

To do the exercises for the face

"Well strengthens the muscles of the face of the building. The main thing is to exercise regularly. On the Internet you will find many videos teaching gymnastics for the face, in the available form."

Ways to combat wrinkles on the forehead

If the wrinkles on his forehead pronounced yet not too much, you can get cosmetic products with firming and smoothing effect. "In the case, when wrinkles are already very visible, appropriate preventive injection techniques. Cosmetic procedures are performed in two stages: the first botulinum immobilize the forehead, and in a period of 1-2 weeks especially deep defects filled filler".

The injection can lift the brow, smooth out the creases, to separate constantly frown or wrinkles on the forehead. Sometimes the beauty shots make even young women with a movable mimic to prevent.

How to get rid of wrinkles on the forehead

All the methods of fight against wrinkles reduces the cosmetic salon and care, as well as plastic.

Beauty care

This formula increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Championship keep creams and serums on the basis of:

  • peptides and sugars;
  • components with botulinum effect (Argireline);
  • vitamin C;
  • retinol.

Usually, the manufacturer supplies the product and a fair dose of the components for the instant facelift (with silicone or Carnauba wax), because the small folds pretty easy to align visually.

Masks for the face

Salon care

In the salon you will be offered for such a procedure.

  • Massage.There are effective methods for lifting massage (buccally) and massage, relaxing the muscles.
  • Injection. If the folds are already quite deep, the area fill the filler on the basis of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid.
  • Hardware methods. For example, fractional thermolysis. Sometimes this procedure is the Enhancement of plasma-lifting. By itself, it is almost not rejuvenating effect, but allows you to maintain and prolong the effect of other methods.
  • Plastic surgery. In extreme cases, remains contoured forehead lift. This operation is quite traumatic, in the hair may remain traces. But, this is the only method that allows you to raise eyebrows and smooth the skin.

How to remove wrinkles with massage

There are some simple movements that you can repeat at home without risking to stretch the skin.

Any facial massage is performed only after the application of cream or oil, but in any case is not for dry skin! Once the tool is absorbed, the procedure must be completed.

  • A small amount of the cream gently spread on the skin of the forehead, from the center to the periphery, and then continue with the detailed design of the desired area.
  • If the wrinkles between the eyebrows, forefinger and middle finger of the left hand, firmly press on the skin of the bones of the skull. So the area of the wrinkles were permanently fixed, but is visible between the fingers and are available for massage.
  • Then, with a finger of your right hand, begin to gently RUB and smooth out glabellar creases, moving from side to side (perpendicular to the direction of the wrinkles). The skin can be easily nibble, gathering the folds (also normally in a timely manner).
  • If concerned about the horizontal wrinkles, fixing them between the fingers of his left hand, trying to perform the movement, so that they do not follow the direction of the occurrence of wrinkles.
  • At the end of the procedure, the thumbs placed under the eyebrows, lift the arches above the eyes (at the same time try to resist my toes, fighting to the reduction of the eyebrows).
  • In conclusion, whether the exercise "Rain": tap the skin with fingertips, paying particular attention to the area around the eyes. It perfectly relaxes the muscles.

The composition of the cosmetics against wrinkles

  1. Hyaluronic acid — one of the best hydro-locks.
  2. Peptides (sugar or special complexes) have a stimulating effect on fibroblasts — the cells that produce the molecules of the proteins within the skin, collagen and elastin.
  3. Retinol is an antioxidant that has a strong keratolytic (update) effect, allows you to fill wrinkles and improve the complexion, intensely rejuvenating the epidermis and dermis.
  4. Vitamin C protects tissues from oxidative stress, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, has a depigmenting effect.
  5. Adenosine prevents micro-contracts muscle fibers in the skin, the lessening of wrinkles.
  6. Polyunsaturated fatty acids — antioxidants are structural elements of cell membranes, often in cream with oil.
  7. SPF filters to protect the skin from uv radiation and free radicals.


Now produce a set of formulas marked "wrinkles", but the real effects are only those who are long-term contact with the skin. What ingredients and types of media you should pay attention to?

  1. For cleaning. Welcome here for the softening of water supplements and antioxidants. But, of peptides and exotic extracts in the composition of these funds may not pay attention.
  2. Deep cleansing of the skin. Suitable peelings based on fruit acids, or low doses of retinol. A good selection of products with a small polymer granules, chemical peels or gommage-Skadi.
  3. Sleep
  4. Creams and serums. In their structure search for peptides, low molecular weight sugars, hyaluronic acid, retinol, Argireline (it has a botulinum effect) and adenosine (promotes relaxation of the skin in areas of the greatest activity of the muscle fibers), as well as vitamin C, SPF-filters.
  5. Fillers. SOS-funds with a "Cinderella effect" give a powerful, but short-term effect, therefore, commonly used before the official exit. In their composition usually consists of collagen, silicones, and Carnauba wax.
  6. BB cream anti-age. The manufacturers develop for them a very plastic texture on the basis of light silicones and antioxidants. The best pigment film will not crack and is not rolled, even if long and in order to twitch.