Mask with gelatin for your skin is a recipe for getting rid of wrinkles

For the possibilities of the use of gelatin in cooking, familiar to almost every woman, but the fact that this component can be used as an effective cosmetic product, know far not all.

mask of gelatin

The gelatin used in the preparation of cosmetic masks to help promote cleansing, whitening and rejuvenation of the skin, and actively resists the aging process of the skin and excessive oiliness.

In addition, the mask from the gelatin from wrinkles can be prepared independent of the easily available ingredients, making it simple and cheap homemade beauty.

How useful masks based on gelatin?

Gelatin – split collagen, the primary protein that affects the elasticity and firmness of the skin. With age, women are faced with the lack of this ingredient, which is manifested in the process of aging and withering of the skin.

Many experts insist that the gelatinous mask against wrinkles is more effective than the newfangled collagen creams. The fact that produce collagen are present as large molecules, able to exert only a superficial influence.

The molecules of the collagen in gelatin is able to penetrate into the skin for more effective problem solution.

Gelatin face mask against wrinkles is a common choice for owners of aging, wrinkled, sagging and inelastic skin. The result of applying the mask is a brightening areas with age, pigmentation and freckles, and pores.

In terms of regular use of the product will be able to achieve smooth out wrinkles, improve the complexion and skin condition in General.

The most popular recipes gelatin mask

Mask on the basis of gelatin against wrinkles can be cooked using different recipes, which combine the need to prepare a gelatin basis.

For this dry gelatin for 1 tbsp mixed with water of room temperature in the amount of not more than half of the glass. You will need to wait until the swelling, after which the mixture must be heated in the water bath until a homogeneous mass without lumps.

Mask of milk and gelatin

This mask is very soft and has a nourishing and moisturizing effect on the skin. Mask of gelatin against wrinkles, cooked with milk, can be used not only for solving the aging problems, but also, on a regular basis by the owners of dry skin type.

The recipe of this mask is pretty simple. For this dry gelatin, pour milk, not water, following the above proportions. After dissolving the gelatin, the tool should be applied to clean skin and leave for half an hour.

To prepare this mask instead of milk you can use cream, for strengthening of the skin food in the vehicle, it is advisable to add honey or melted butter in the amount of not more than 1 tsp.

gelatin mask

Face mask of glycerin and gelatin

Quick solution for excessive dryness of the skin loses its elasticity and smartness will be the use of masks with glycerin and gelatin from wrinkles. The first step is to prepare gelatin-based, which after cooling it is necessary to add glycerin (1 tbsp).

This component can be easily found in almost any pharmacy. Then thoroughly whisk one egg white and mix with the gelatin basis.

Apply the resulting tool is recommended to cleanse the face and neck for about half an hour. After this time the mask should be washed, and to moisturise the skin with a nourishing cream.

Mask of cucumber and gelatin

An excellent tonic effect is known after the mask with gelatin from wrinkles, cooked with the addition of cucumber. Reviews of many of the holders are the best proof for it. Regular use of this tool contributes to the freshness of the skin, improving the complexion and getting rid of the sagging.

To get cosmetics to large cucumber and use a cheesecloth to separate the liquid. The gelatinous basis of the need to prepare using 2 tbsp. of the main component, the diluted milk in the amount of 3 tablespoons.

Mix dissolved gelatin should be warmed in a water bath and after cooling dilute with the juice from the cucumber. On the face remedy it is recommended to keep at least half an hour.

Mask of honey, lemon and gelatin

Cream with gelatin, honey and lemon is more effective in the fight against the changes of the skin, starting from the character of the age. This is due to the tonic effect of lemon, as well as the nutritional properties of honey. In this regard, the mask can be used on all women, regardless of skin type.

In this case, for the preparation of the gelatinous basis it is better to use water. Warmed honey and lemon juice in the amount of 1 teaspoon added to slightly cooled gelatin-based. The resulting mixture should be applied on the face for 20 minutes.

Mask with activated carbon and gelatin

Quite popular is another mask from the gelatin from wrinkles. His recipe includes the addition of gelatin-based activated carbon tablets. Thus, depending on the characteristics of the skin for the cultivation of gelatin, you may prefer the Apple juice or milk.

Thus, oily or combination skin, it is better to treat of an Apple or orange juice, and in the case of increased dry skin is more suitable milk.

In the process of preparation of the gelatinous bases should be guided by the established proportions, and after cooling the mixture you need to add the 2 crushed tablets of activated charcoal. Thoroughly mixed components should be applied to the face and are kept absolutely dry.

This mask is unique in that it not only slows the aging process of the skin but also actively fighting the black spots and acne. With regular application can significantly improve the condition of skin prone to oiliness, dirt, clogged pores and inflammations.

And for greater effect it is recommended to apply the funds to a pre-steamed facial skin.

mask of gelatin tvoroga

Mask of the cheese and gelatin

For intensive nutrition and hydration it is recommended to use a gelatin mask on the basis of the cheese. For this dry gelatin must be mixed with milk in a ratio of 1:2 and wait for 20 minutes to swell the mass. After heating in a water bath and cooling to produce a unique basis should be added to the curd in the amount of 1 tbsp.

Thoroughly mixed mass is recommended to keep the person for not more than 30 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly under hot water.

Gelatinous mask from wrinkles: important tips for using

Gelatin mask for the face against wrinkles recommended for use when:

  • the absence of clear contours of the face;
  • the problem of double chin;
  • the gray shade of skin and the outbreak of yellow;
  • a high content of fat from the skin.

But, in the process of using this effective tool should not forget about safety precautions and existing contraindications. Also, attention should be come to the use of assets for owners of dry skin type, as there are cases of the occurrence of peeling and deterioration of the skin.

Mask of gelatin from wrinkles, not intended for application on the eyes. Also, it is not recommended for use on the skin with lesions that can cause irritation, allergic rash.

Today more and more used the mask from the gelatin from wrinkles instead of Botox. And this popularity is not surprising, because the efficiency of such an affordable and inexpensive way to face age-related changes and proven with the preparation of the mask with the help of the above simple recipes, it is easy to make.