How to remove wrinkles under the eyes quickly and effectively

The fight with the first symptoms of aging for women starts with the most delicate zone around the eyes. The skin around them, a bit stretchy and thin. Here you can see the first years of the transformation – the formation of the swelling, the skin loses its freshness. And the question is, how to remove wrinkles under eyes.

wrinkles around the eyes

As the first wrinkles appear

In the eyes of the top layer of skin is extremely thin – about 0.5 mm. Around the eyes a little muscle, which maintains the elasticity, and a small amount of sebaceous glands. Eyelid skin is easy to be stretched and subjected to moving – we blink, laugh, talk, build grimaces. As a result, the skin around the eyes are large, sometimes excessively.

Reasons for the emergence of wrinkles in this area can be improper diet, hormonal disturbance (reduced estrogen levels), bad habits (Smoking, alcohol, sleep deprivation), metabolic disorders, poor quality of care or the lack of it.

All this leads to the fact that the skin around the eyes is from 25-30 years is the appearance of bumps, folds and wrinkles and lines. How to remove wrinkles under eyes? Using the proper size, the systematic care, exercises, massage, salon, and other procedures.

The care of the skin around the eyes

As the skin of the face, the areas around the eyes need comprehensive protection. It includes 3 stages: cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition, toning.


Remove eye makeup every day should be a firm rule. Two cotton swabs moistened with milk or any other liquid makeup remover (oily, biphasic) and covered their eyes for 40-60 seconds, then remove make-up trends from top to bottom. Movement does not need to lead to harm to the skin.

Hydration and nutrition

For this purpose there are special gels and creams approved by ophthalmologists. You can use the eyeshadow cream intended for other purposes. In composition they differ greatly, and can be irritation and flaking.

Eye cream you need to put the point in a small amount, from outside of the century to the nose. In any case, it can not be spread.


Extracts of various plants in the form of tonics and lotions freshen and soothe the skin. So moisten cotton pads and attach them to the eyes for 5-10 minutes. The effect will be noticeable immediately.


beauty treatments

Cosmetics from wrinkles round eyes have to be active, to work, quality. In its composition has to be moisturizing ingredients and ingredients that affect the production of collagen and regeneration of the skin. An important component of such cosmetics is hyaluronic acid. It keeps the humidity inside the skin and moisturizes it.

Useful are extracts of silk and plant ceramides, vitamins a, E and C, allantoin, peptides, essential oils and other substances. The creams need to avoid the hormones, glycerine. In day cream for the skin around the eyes should also be sure to sign in to sunscreens. Cream for this sensitive area may not be cheap.

It is applied in the morning and before going to sleep, but in small amounts to avoid swelling of the eyelids. Very useful as masks, serums and concentrates that are actively fighting against wrinkles. Substances included in their composition, give the skin elasticity and firmness, increase the protective properties and smoothing it.


Gymnastics for the eyes is needed to strengthen the eye muscles, strengthen the ability to quickly focus and improve your eyesight.

All exercises are done sitting with a straight back. The movement is carried out only with the eyes.

Folk remedies

Folk remedies for getting rid of this problem has long been known. They can't replace primary care, but will be a great addition to it.

Here's what properties have the most popular and useful substances:

  • Aloe Vera juice moisturizes perfectly. Apply it undiluted with a padded ring finger with gentle movements.
  • Parsley smoothes fine wrinkles and gives the skin elasticity. You need to chop in the mash, to impose the gauze napkin on your eyes for 20 min.
  • Olive oil makes the skin supple, moisturizes and contains collagen, allows you to remove even old wrinkles is a natural antioxidant. It should apply a thin layer for 15 minutes before bedtime fingers, then remains dry cloth.

You can still make a hot compress before you go to sleep. To do this, heat 1 tbsp olive oil (preferably in a water bath) to 40º C. Then moisten it with a cotton swabs and apply them to cleansed skin around the eyes for 40 min. The face wash it off with cold water. Repeat 14 days, then 1-2 times a week.

  • Coconut oil reduces wrinkles and prevents new ones. Apply it on the skin around the eyes in a small amount in circular movements, without stretching the skin.
  • Cucumber relieves puffiness, refreshes and combats the first wrinkles. Thin plates layered over 15-20 min.
  • Potatoes moisturizes, nourishes, tightens skin, removes bags under the eyes. Grate the raw potatoes on a fine grater. 1 tbsp the resulting mass add the heavy cream. Spread on a gauze napkin and apply on your eyes area for 30 minutes, and Then wash with warm water.
  • White bread good fight fine wrinkles, tightens the skin. A piece of bread soak in the milk. As a result of the slurry are applied equally to the skin around the eyes for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. If you add the cover with the olive oil, lemon or castor oil, the effect is amazing.
  • Banana moisturizes and nourishes, smoothes wrinkles. The pulp of the banana for grinding into a pulp, mixed with 2 tsp of melted butter. The mixture is mixed thoroughly and apply on eyes for 20 min. Rinse with warm water.
face massage against wrinkles


An effective way to get rid of wrinkles around the eyes and extend the youth of the skin is massage.

To fulfill his need for purified skin with a small amount of cream. Effective massage the Japanese technique. All the movements should be light and smooth, for to not slip and pinch the skin to avoid injury and strain.

Proper nutrition in the fight against wrinkles around the eyes

The basis of nutrition for supple and beautiful skin without having wrinkles should be foods with a rich content of collagen, vitamins and minerals:

  • meat, especially Turkey;
  • fatty fish;
  • algae;
  • salads of fresh vegetables (carrots, cabbage, tomatoes) with herbs;
  • foods rich in vitamin C (blueberries, rose hips, citrus);
  • soy products.

To get rid of wrinkles hardware methods

Sometimes, having tried all the home remedies to get rid of wrinkles, we resort to salon procedures. What are the methods of modern cosmetology will help you to cope with this problem?

  1. Mesotherapy – introduction under the skin with a special nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, which help to produce elastin and collagen, smoothing out wrinkles.
  2. Photorejuvenation is the use of special pulsed light radiation, contributing for the restoration of natural processes and the production of collagen.
  3. Botox – the introduction of a special medicine which reduces the activity of facial muscles.
  4. Contour – the introduction of special fillers of natural or synthetic origin (hyaluronic acid, acrylate, silicone).

Prevention of wrinkles

To prevent the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes are important for prevention and self-care, which includes the following measures:

prevention of wrinkles
  • A healthy 8-hour sleep.
  • Mandatory refusal of bad habits.
  • The reduction of the time spent in the sun.
  • Reduction of facial activity (inhibitions).
  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, washing your face with cold water.
  • Correct regular care.

The fresh and rested eyes the best ornament of the person. They Express our emotions and feelings, emotions, our inner world. And we need to take care, that they long remained young and beautiful.