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Goji Cream - New anti-wrinkle cream

Goji Cream is a New anti-wrinkle cream

Goji Cream is the modern, anti-aging face cream from the company Hendel's Garden. Its effectiveness is due to the perfect balance between the natural components and innovative achievements in the field of cosmetology. The active ingredient of the cream — juice of the Goji berries. In one drop of the extract of the fruit Goji contains more than twenty amino acids, vitamins C and E, iron, complex B vitamins and betaine. This product does not contain hormones and is completely safe. This is confirmed by clinical tests and was awarded certificates for quality control.

Use the juice from fresh Goji berries — an innovative method, aimed at the prevention of aging of the skin. Before the arrival of the Goji Cream the fruits are used in cosmetics only in the dried form. But the way that they lose most of their useful properties. For example, the high content of vitamin C, which in the fresh fruit Goji 500 times more than oranges. This gives the maximum nutrition of the epidermis and nourishes with vitamins.

In the period of using the cream, you will not feel any discomfort — it absorbs well and does not feel on the skin. With the active dampening the effect is noticeable after the first application. After restoration of appropriate water balance of the skin becomes smoother, and not flaky and red spots, narrowing of the pores. This allows all active components of the cream is quickly absorbed and begin to work on the epidermis. After a few days you will notice how wrinkles and expression lines are beginning to flatten. Such a quick effect due to the presence of betaine, a substance that retain water and promote regeneration of the cells.

Price Goji Cream one order of magnitude smaller than the faculty of anti-aging tools. You only need one jar of this cream instead of the usual set of three to five products from the line of anti-aging cosmetics. You can forget about visiting salons and spas — just use the cream.

The principle of the thing Goji Cream

The principle of Goji Cream

To achieve such an impressive anti-aging effect Goji Cream from Hendel's Garden provides a unique composition. Each component has an important role in the process of repair and renewal of skin. The aging of the epidermis due to the reduced production of collagen — the connective protein that gives elasticity to the skin. Water loss and lack of vitamins contributes to flaking, appearance of red spots and deepening wrinkles. All the key aspects of the aging of the skin.

Goji Cream actively fight and heals all those nasty age-related changes. It is much more efficient cleansing and massage, because such events only fight with the consequences. Goji Cream the same affects the cause of the aging process.

Amino acids contained in the Goji berries, to keep the epidermis the necessary liquid. Because of this, the skin looks young and fresh. The moisturizing effect lasts for a day after application. Betaine and hyaluronic acid stimulates the production of new molecules of collagen and elastin. In this case, the active component to protect against the destruction of those which are useful for skin substances that our bodies produce on their own.

Talk antioxidant complex Goji Cream: it is used to protect the skin from negative external influences. Poor environment, polluted air, heavy water, hot sun — all this negatively affects the appearance of the epidermis. The antioxidants of Goji berries excrete the whole "trash" and minimizes the number of free radicals. Because free radicals also slow down the metabolism and hinder the skin to recover from air pollution or ultraviolet rays.

A positive effect Goji Cream

The positive effect of Goji Cream

The effect of application of the cream is noticeable within a day. Its regular use allows to achieve such results:

Are going out, you can be sure that the cream will protect you from the adverse effects of the external environment. Living in a region with poor environmental conditions or subjected to continuous irradiation of sunlight you and your skin will still be Shine. Don't be afraid and stress with its consequences fighting antioxidants!

Composition Goji Cream

It is worth noting that in the Goji Cream does not contain hormones, dyes and preservatives. It is a natural product which causes no fear:

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The only original Goji Cream (Hendel Garden)

On the territory of Croatia and in the countries of Europe to buy Goji Cream only on our official website for a price . Only we can guarantee that you will get the original cream. We are not responsible for the originality, the composition and the performance of the products purchased in other stores. To make a purchase, use the handy and easy form on the web-site.

Shipping Goji Cream

Our website allows you to order Goji Cream (Hendel's Garden) delivery. In large cities, delivery is done within a few days. Zip in other regions will take 7 to 14 days from the receipt of the order. To clarify the terms of delivery, leave your number on the warrant — a consultant will call you back to confirm all the details.

The only original Goji Cream (Hendel's Garden)

Buy Goji Cream in the original, only with us, on our official web site for the application of this cream ensures that you will only be able to purchase the real Goji Cream. We are not responsible for the products purchased on other sites. And we cannot guarantee the originality of the same name creams purchased on third party web-sites. On our web-site price Goji Cream corresponds to the declared — you pay exactly as much, as it is stated on the website.

The opinion of the doctor

Prof. dr. Dermatologist Mladen Mladen
14 years

The doctors of our profession in Croatia is often faced with patients who are concerned about premature aging of the skin. This is due to the environmental conditions and the high level of stress, characteristic of the rhythm of the modern life. To look young and healthy, it is not enough just to exercise and to eat right. It is important to be able to cope with stress, in fact it is the main cause of premature aging and the appearance of deep wrinkles. Not all people have the opportunity to devote time to a hobby or sport. This does not mean that people should accept their appearance and to let go. Educated skin care with the help of modern cosmetics is the answer.

As a doctor, I can attest to the beneficial effects of Goji extract to the skin of the face and neck. They, in fact, contains large quantities of vitamins and minerals, which do not enter into the body with food. In support Goji Cream from hendel's garden you want to notice the presence of betaine and hyaluronic acid — has long been scientifically proven that these substances promote the production of collagen and elastin. These proteins are responsible for elasticity and youthfulness of the skin.

To use Goji Cream strictly in accordance with the guidelines. But, if you have already had some significant skin problems (fungus, psoriasis, frequent hives), before using the tool, you need to consult with your doctor. In the cream there are no dangerous preservatives — it is suitable for Allergy sufferers. This tool is a great replacement for the expensive injections and surgical interventions. Goji Cream not only will help to slow down the process of aging and improve the skin appearance, it will help you to cope with the consequences of poor environmental.